XYZ Homework Review 2022: a Real Solution or Just a Waste of Time?
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XYZ Homework Review 2022

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Money-back guaranteed

XYZ Homework copes well with helping students and teachers with math assignments. This service may turn out to be a brilliant option for those struggling to boost math skills and trying to organize their workload effectively. However, XYZ Homework does not do anything else. You will need to hire a tutor or find additional services to solve problems which are not related to math. So, if you are looking for a math helper, XYZ Homework will work for you. Otherwise, it is rather a wise decision to turn to more advanced services.

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These days, probably every student is well acquainted with studying issues. It is common knowledge that nobody can master every single subject ideally, so finding support is critical at this point. Of course, you can always hire tutors and spend hours working with them. However, multiple e-learning services have made it easy for you to improve your skills and knowledge without even leaving the house. XYZ is a service that targets learners and their instructors. This is an online platform for helping teachers organize their courses as well as assisting students in getting some thorough understanding of math. Most importantly, XYZ is not a place where you will get all your homework done by other people. And as long as there are no real writers, this website might probably not serve everyone. Take a look at the review below and see if XYZ Homework is what you have been looking for.

Interface and Website Design of XYZ Homework

The interface is the first thing you come across when starting to work with a particular website. Appropriate interface, in fact, matters as much as the quality of the company’s services does. First things first, it gives oneself a general impression of how responsibly developers approach communication between the service and the customer. Additionally, it determines how easily you will be able to find what you need. And, needless to say, a good-looking, user-friendly website is usually associated with reliable services and top-notch products. xyz homework After having taken a quick glance at the XYZ Homework home page, we can conclude that it does not actually desire to distinguish itself from competitors. However, the company has managed to place all the necessary content blocks in a way that you can see them all. Additionally, you do not even need to scroll down for more info. However, placing all the buttons on the left below each other appears to be a bit distracting. And the website does not reveal any information about the company’s history and mission. Such data is often useful in terms of acknowledging oneself with the company and its goals. Nevertheless, the website looks well, since you can access everything you need problem-free. 

A Critical Statement Regarding the Quality 

XYZHomework, in the first instance, is a company that strives to help students with their Math homework. And, of course, it makes every effort to facilitate the studying process and assist both learners and teachers. Therefore, one should expect outstanding quality as a result. Let us discover what can be the potential quality indicators and whether the quality meets the expectations.  First of all, XYZ Homework supplies both learners and instructors with numerous video tutorials, useful books, and unlimited practical tools. Drawing on multiple XYZ Homework reviews, as well as customer’s feedback, the outlined tools and services are helpful for improving knowledge in math. But still, some books are unavailable, and particular tutorials are not clear enough.As for the downsides, there is yet not enough feedback from instructors. This is so due to the specific interaction between both. In particular, your homework receives a grade automatically, depriving you of an opportunity to get accurate feedback. An instructor, in their turn, cannot observe your thinking process and make corrections straight away. So, it is yet unclear whether XYZ Homework will suit students who need an individual approach and the instructor’s attention to succeed. 

What can you find in the range of XYZ Homework services? 

As you may have already understood, XYZ Homework is oriented at students who want to practice math and boost their own skills in this subject. Moreover, it focuses on teachers who are not indifferent about how well their students understand math. So, below is an overview of the main tools XYZ Homework has crafted for both students and instructors. 

Communication with students 

As long as online classes become more and more popular, XYZ Homework tries to take advantage of it. So, the company has created an easy to use email system and a discussion board to help students better communicate with teachers outside of the class. Instructors can use the tool to send emails to particular students or inform the entire class. Besides, teachers may attach their handouts and other useful resources, thereby saving a great deal of time. 

Collaboration with other Faculty Members 

XYZ Homework also supports a platform for maintaining sound communication between colleagues and other faculty members. In particular, XYZ Homework helps to share assignments, questions, or even entire courses with other members of the faculty.

Ready-to-use Assignments 

Ready-to-use assignments imply 4500 different random math tasks, organized beforehand. Such math exercises are continuously helpful for those who want to understand math algorithms and to boost the chances of scoring high during tests and examinations. xyz homework

Video Lessons

Video lessons make it easier to create class vibes and easily understand the main concepts. Such sessions provide for good practice through randomized questions. The latter are useful for practicing and obtaining sufficient feedback from an instructor. 

Automated Grading System

This system is represented by a gradebook that allows students to track their progress in real time. What is more, it turns out to be a flexible solution for teachers who want to keep a record of all the grades. The system instantly grades the results, thus facilitating the instructors’ workload. However, an automated grading feature is somewhat a dubious feature, since it grades only final results, preventing students from getting sufficient feedback and analyzing their own mistakes. 

Compliance with Accessibility Standards 

The XYZ Homework developers make every effort to make sure that disabled students or instructors can use the platform as well. The service uses the MathJax JavaScript display engine so that users can better see mathematical tasks and terms. Additionally, XYZ Homework uses MathPlayer to turn the data into spoken language. Thus, math becomes accessible for all students, including those with disabilities.

How Can You Pay for the Services?

The XYZ Homework website does not reveal any explicit information regarding payment methods. Judging from what we saw, we may conclude that you can pay with Visa or a Mastercard. Currently, it is not clear whether XYZ Homework accepts Apple Pay and PayPal. Hopefully, XYZ Homework will take such secure payment methods into account and implement them.

The Price You Will Need to Pay for XYZ Services

Services like XYZ Homework often offer multiple pricing plans, depending on specific preferences you have. However, this one is somewhat different from the rest of the relevant services. What is meant in particular is that XYZ Homework does not include any flexible subscription plans. In essence, there is a fixed price, regardless of what your purpose is. Additionally, the price does not depend on how often you are planning to use the platform. To get instant access to XYZ Homework, you will be asked to make $45 yearly contributions. It is impossible to make monthly payments or buy a lifetime subscription to save some money. Even though such an amount does not seem to be too much for the entire year, it is quite expensive for one subject exclusively. Unfortunately, you need to pay this sum if your teachers decided to switch to XYZ Homework. The good thing is that you can use a 15-day free trial before making your initial payment. If using XYZ Homework is your voluntary decision, you can take your time and then decide whether this learning platform is worthwhile. This is rather a good point, considering that most relevant sites either have only some days of free trial or none at all. 

A few words about the deadlines and course creation

As long as XYZ Homework is a platform for bringing students and instructors together, there are no preset deadlines. Teachers, in the first turn, add a new course for all students to access. Afterward, they can make individual or group assessments with flexible deadlines. Each instructor sets deadlines according to his or her teaching plan. Yet, you will definitely get informed in advance. Another point regarding the deadlines implies setting the so-called Time Limit Multiplier. This tool is designed to change time limits and make them vary among different students. In particular, such a feature may be especially useful for students who have dyslexia.  xyz homework review

Guarantees and Refunds: is there a respective policy? 

Most likely, XYZ Homework does not offer any refunds policy. Practically speaking, a refund, in this case, implies requesting to give money that you paid for the entire year back. This can be the case if you have realized that the system is not helpful enough or if the teachers have switched to another relevant platform. In this case, it might be especially pertinent to get your money back. However, it looks like XYZ does not process such inquiries, even if the customer does not use the platform anymore. As for the guarantees, XYZ Homework promises to keep up with modern requirements and provide its users only with the top-quality services. In particular, it claims that it complies with the following points:

  • The automated grading system distinguishes between accidental mistakes and a real mistake so that you will score the fair grade. 
  • You get a minimum of two attempts to answer a particular question correctly.
  • You can track your progress and see how much of the course volume is already left behind.
  • You can take as much time as you need when you work on solving a particular practical problem. Also, you may solve it as many times as you want. 
  • You may contact the support department any time, regardless of whether you are a student or a teacher.

We cannot know for sure whether such guarantees indeed work. Additionally, it is somewhat unclear what to do when the system fails or when the website does not meet your expectations. 

Customer Support 

Whenever you feel like you need clarification regarding some aspect of XYZ Homework activity, you may join a discussion board. If you don’t find it helpful enough or have a more detailed inquiry, you can contact support directly. A support department representative can be reached via email. xyz homework review Additionally, you can always address a FAQ section. When you want to get some clarifications regarding the process of getting started, a pdf guide is available online. Finally, for teachers who need help, there is also an Instructor start-up page. There you can find all the essential information to launch your courses. If the latter is not the case, feel free to message customer support via email. The significant drawback is that you can access the support department only during particular hours.

A Couple of Pros and Cons For You to Consider

We have come up with several advantages and drawbacks that will probably help you while making your final decision:


  • Substantial help with math 
  • A right place for students and teachers to cooperate 
  • Access to a multitude of books and study materials 
  • The flexible task assignment system
  • You may track your progress and better plan your time


  • Too expensive for one subject only
  • No refund policy
  • Suits only a limited number of purposes
  • Automated grading system may lack clear and objective feedback
  • No human interaction during the studying process
  • It is not that easy to reach a support department


What is XYZ Homework?

XYZ Homework is a website that works as a solution for both math students and teachers. It serves as a place for teachers to organize studies and assessments better and for learners to improve their skills. 

Is XYZ Homework legit?

XYZ Homework is a tool that serves as an online platform for facilitating the math learning process. So far, there is no illegal activity captured throughout the existence of this service. 

How much does XYZ Homework cost?

There is a single fixed price of $45 that one needs to pay in order to make use of XYZ Homework. This tool does not imply any other plans, such as a monthly or yearly subscription. Additionally, they offer you a 15-day free trial so that you can acknowledge yourself with the service prior to making a payment. 

Is XYZ Homework a scam?

We believe that this service is not a scam. One reason for this is that XYZ Homework provides all the necessary materials and tools for the money you pay for it. 

Is XYZ Homework safe?

XYZ Homework is a risk-free place to get your supportive math material. 

Is XYZ Homework plagiarism-free?

As long as XYZ Homework deals with mathematics only, there is no reason to associate it with plagiarism. 

Are there XYZ Homework discounts?

XYZ Homework does not offer such a feature. The price of using this online platform does not seem to change.

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