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Advertiser Disclosure

EssaysRescue.com is an independent review service. We provide detailed reviews of academic writing companies available in the market. With this information in mind, you have more chances to make the right buying decision.
As we receive a commission for posting links to our partners’ services, we don’t charge our users. We also get compensation every time you follow the links on our website. Please keep in mind that our cooperation with writing companies has nothing to do with promotion. Consequently, it doesn’t affect the quality of our work. We do care about our reputation and we operate to solve students’ most complicated academic problems. This is why we try to be objective while writing every single review. At EssaysRescue.com, we cover reviews of most academic writing companies, yet we can’t review all of them. So, if you didn’t find a review of your chosen writing service, you can check for alternative companies along with those reviewed by our team.

Best Essay Writing Service:
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Top 5 Essay Writing Services of 2023

Based on popular demand, we've compiled a list of some of the best essay writing services in terms of speed, price and quality and reviewed them here for you — all at one website. Real customer feedback included!

grademiners review


from $12 per page


GradeMiners is an academic writing service that offers excellent writing assistance to its customers. It checks all the boxes of the right custom writing help for students, providing a comfortable platform, caring operators, expert writers, and on-time deliveries. The company is worth considering if you lack the time or sufficient language skills.

Attention: 4.8
Quality: 5
essaywriter overview


from $10 per page


EssayWriter.org is an essay writing company that matches students with professional academicians. Though it is a new entrant into the industry with a decade of experience, its services are becoming more popular. The company has established a professional network of certified writers who offer quality writing help to students across the globe. It claims to provide premium services with strict professionalism and unmatched reliability. My EssayWriter review will reveal more about this company, showing whether it lives up to the claims mentioned on the website.

Attention: 4.9
Quality: 4.8
MasterPapers Review


from $13.28 per page


MasterPapers.com is a top-rated writing company offering exceptional academic help online. It is among the most popular agencies with professional writers providing top-quality services. With almost two decades in the industry, the company is at the forefront, delivering the best writing services that meet the academic needs of students. That is why my comprehensive MasterPapers review will disclose whether the firm offers excellent services as it claims.

Attention: 5
Quality: 4.8


from $11.93 per page


PayForEssay.net is a trusted essay writing company offering professional academic assistance to many students across the globe. It has a vast network of certified writers on standby, willing to write stellar academic papers at reasonable rates. This extensive PayForEssay review is honest and covers fundamental aspects like services, writers, and company policies.

Attention: 4.9
Quality: 4.7
essayusa overview


from $10 per page


According to everything we have seen so far, we can definitely recommend the ordering of essays on EssayUSA. Unlike a lot of other writing platforms, this is the service you can rely on. In addition to a personal approach of qualified and experienced writers, students are offered a full range of guarantees and perfectly written papers.

Attention: 4.8
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How We Review Writing Services

Below are the stages our team goes through when testing each writing service.

  • Quality Examination
  • Website Testing
  • Guarantees and Policies Overview
  • Reputation Evaluation
  • Customer Support Examination

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Students that have utilized essay writing services even once can attest to their unquestionable usefulness and practicability. Every week, thousands of students struggling with academic projects look for side help with essays, case studies, research papers, and other assignments. Furthermore, there is no sign of the demand for writing help decreasing. As a result, more student-friendly services offering similar assistance appear daily. However, since not all adhere to strict academic requirements, the academic integrity of some students may be put at risk. So, how can you locate the best paper writing service to help you succeed academically? You’re not alone. Read on to find out the answer to this and other important questions.

What’s the Best Essay Writing Service Online?

With an abundance of reputable, affordable essay writing services (some of which were created in the 1990s!), it is hard to select a single service. In our list above, we included the five academic writing services that won’t let you down. Each of them has unique qualities that can make it an ideal option for your specific case. Some allow you to get a completed essay within 1 hour, while others provide free plagiarism reports. While some services exclusively hire natives of English, others have more diverse teams. But what makes these essay writing services legal is that they deliver flawless, Turnitin-safe papers and deserve your trust, so check them out now in case you’re pressed for time and need a quick solution to your academic issues.

How Do Essay Writing Services Actually Work?

The best essay writing services work by pairing you with qualified subject-matter writers who will write your essay or any other type of work by the specified deadline. Once completed, it can be submitted under your name.​​

While the ordering procedure differs slightly from service to service, it always entails choosing a subject, determining the word count and the deadline, and uploading detailed assignment instructions for the essay writer to follow.

Are All Essay Writing Services Legit?

Due to the growing demand for essay writing services, it is essential to know whether these companies are legitimate. Generally, the legality of a paper writing service is governed by its business model and the legislations and laws of the country in which the service is located.

Companies that provide custom essays authored by experienced essay writers are considered legit in 96% of cases. However, some jurisdictions still regard essay writing services that deliver pre-written papers to be illegal.

Bidding vs. Automatic Writer Selection: What Option Is Better?

There are three categories of the best essay writing services. The first lets customers pick writers to work with, which is a bidding system. The second personally selects writers for customers, while the third category offers both options. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, so only you can decide which options are gold.

The foremost benefit of bidding is that it allows customers to speak with multiple essay writers and assess their professionalism. However, problems arise when it comes to payment. Writers make their bids. Many students new to essay writing services accept the lowest one hoping to save money. Although paying only $6 per page is tempting, the quality of writing will most likely suffer. There is no such problem when managers choose writers for customers. The responsibility rests with them. Therefore, they always assign the best-qualified essay writers. Most democratic services offer both options but have a disadvantage: in our experience, these services charge more in case customers prefer automatic writer selection.

What Are the Safest Payment Methods at Essay Websites?

You’ve read the best essay writing service reviews and finally decided to hire an essay writing service to write that complicated paper for you. You reach the payment step as the ordering process gets underway, see available options and start questioning yourself, “Which payment option is the safest? Which should I choose?” For your convenience, we have listed the most secure payment options below:

  • MasterCard & Visa

Undoubtedly, Visa and MasterCard are the first options that come to mind when making online payments. Paying with a Visa or MasterCard has a number of advantages. They safeguard against illegal charges in the first place. Second, they give users the ability to transfer money safely. Both Visa and MasterCard provide the highest level of security to shield users from fraud. Last but not least, they offer reward points.

  • Apple Pay

The majority of the best paper writing services let customers pay easily using Apple Pay, which has many advantages. In most cases, it is much quicker and simpler than using a credit card to make a payment. It is accepted on countless websites and has a built-in security feature that safeguards all transactions. Apple Pay’s high fees are its main disadvantage.

Are All Essay Writing Services Safe?

Generally, yes. However, there are certain exceptions, as with everything in life.

Some of the best paper writing services provide free samples, for example. This will give you a general idea of what quality of writing to expect. The others offer a money-back guarantee and have a plagiarism report option. Plagiarism is a serious crime in academia, so make sure you opt for a paper writing service that does deliver original, plagiarism-free work.

In terms of safety, finding a website that accepts Apple Pay or offers secure payment methods will safeguard your financial information so that you can be sure it won’t be misused. You will be completely safe if you utilize one of the five essay writing services we’ve listed above or at least read essay writing service reviews before settling for any option.

It is also important to pay attention to the following features:

  • Availability of High-Quality Samples

Nowadays, writing websites without available samples stand out negatively. We seldom review such websites. Samples demonstrate the expertise of a particular essay writing service, and students need to understand that their papers are in safe hands. If samples are absent or of poor quality, it spells trouble for the service.

  • Professional Essay Writers

So, what’s the best paper writing website? Of course, the one with certified, experienced writers. They should have doctoral and master’s degrees in addition to having a lot of writing experience. Sadly, it is impossible to ascertain this fact, but we conclude from the correspondence and output of hired professionals.

  • Confidentiality

Privacy is of vital importance. Students always worry about their information being revealed or used for blackmail purposes. That’s why the best paper writing websites should have clear confidentiality policies explaining how businesses utilize and preserve customer information to eliminate such concerns.

  • Quality of Papers

What is the distinctive feature of essay writing services legit? Such businesses should deliver flawless, Turnitin-safe papers. We place orders to check just that. Typically, we order papers of around 5 pages and assess how quickly they are delivered, whether academic standards are upheld, and whether the material satisfies our requirements.

  • Order Placement Process

Customers should be able to order their papers from a writing agency quickly. That’s why the order form should contain a few simple steps that can be completed in a few minutes and should be intuitive. Optimum efficiency and minimal fuss — that’s what our experts always keep an eye out for.

  • Types of Services Provided

There are many different demands among students nowadays. They want to make sure they can get the help they require. Therefore, the best essay writing website must provide not only essay writing services but offer proofreading, paraphrasing, and presentation design services and cover all types of papers — from essays to dissertations.

  • Direct Communication with Staff

The more communication channels, the better. High-rated writing businesses must have an email address, phone number, and human-powered online chat for customers to contact them directly. Support agents should answer the customer’s questions within 20 seconds to 1 minute maximum.

  • Extra Features

Apart from providing high-quality services, the best writing agencies should provide their customers with useful extras such as on-demand plagiarism reports, an initial draft, full text of sources used when writing the paper, simple language for international students, etc. Our experts always rank agencies offering these and other extras higher.

How to Detect a Fake Review Platform?

Most essay writing services are well-aware that when students want to purchase any paper online, they look for essay writing service reviews first. It is, therefore, not surprising that shady businesses attempt to mislead students by posting fake reviews.

These businesses occasionally produce fake review websites with links to affiliated essay writing services, always having the best ratings. Also, to harm the reputation of reputable writing services, they can publish false information about them. That’s why you should know that not all review websites are safe. Moreover, fake review websites frequently have some characteristics in common that can be used to identify them. These are as follows:

  • They typically don’t give enough information about themselves.
  • Their reviews are general and lack information regarding specific orders.
  • All services other than those affiliated with them have low ratings.
  • All reviews are frequently posted from fake accounts, with just one review available.

How Can I Make Certain That Essay Writing Service Reviews Are Real?

When choosing a custom essay writing service to take care of their papers, students often rely on customer reviews posted on websites. However, the question of whether they should trust these reviews arises. How can one tell whether a review is genuine or fake? By focusing on the following points, you will be able to tell a fraudulent review about an essay writing service from a legitimate one:

  • Too good to be true

Many reviews for essay writing services you can stumble upon online will sound too good to be true. Many of such reviews are fake, though. Real users typically discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using the paper writing service, not just praise it.

  • Short, poorly-written reviews

The other indicator of fake reviews is poor writing. Such reviews typically use ambiguous language and bad English (e.g., What nice service! JUT WOW).

  • No information about the reviewer

Genuine reviews reveal a little something about the person. But the review is 100% fake if you can’t identify the reviewer by name, gender, or academic level.

  • Sounds like a commercial

There is a good likelihood that the review of the essay writing service is produced by someone the business employed if it pushes you to order something. Reviews that solely compliment the essay writing website without elaborating on one’s feelings are sponsored advertisements.

  • Very fast & high-quality

You must have seen numerous reviews that emphasize prompt delivery and excellent quality. It might be an intentional attempt at attracting students. Don’t be misled by such reviews. Instead, always conduct in-depth research on the essay writing website before trusting it with your paper.

Remember, you must have a critical mindset to distinguish a fake review from a genuine one. Alternatively, you can use a reliable review platform like EssaysRescue.com to have 24/7 access to genuine essay writing service reviews.


General Criteria: How Do Our Experts Choose the Best Paper Writing Services?

According to a recent survey, our readers are curious about how we chose the services we recommended. Knowledge is the power that brings trustworthiness, confidence, and credibility. That's why now we'll share our criteria for selecting the best essay writing services. We developed these criteria to ensure that only a professional essay writing service can receive the maximum points possible in each category.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Every expert on our team begins evaluating every website with a general overview. Most stars are given to essay writing services that have a polished design, paper samples, clear explanations of their policies, and offer extra tools for their customers (for example, citation generator). The best essay writing service won't have grammatical errors on the webpage. However, points will be taken in case layouts are outdated or the content is flawed.

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Revisions & Refunds

The best writing websites should always offer quality assurance to their customers. Even with the most qualified paper writers on a team, mistakes still occur, and they should face the consequences. Customers must have the option to seek free unlimited revisions and receive a refund should the assigned essay writer fail to deliver on time, meet their instructions to the fullest, or provide a paper that doesn't comply with high academic standards.

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Online Reputation

While the best essay writing service should have a solid reputation, it should also have negative reviews. There will always be at least one dissatisfied customer because miracles are rare in this world. Reviews that are excessively positive or read as if written by a sales manager are indications of marketing gimmicks. It's a typical occurrence. We keep a careful eye on it to see if the writing agency actually has satisfied customers.

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Prices & Related Data

One page of academic content for college with a deadline of 24 hours should cost $20 to $25 in 2023. Many writing agencies set this price as their benchmark. Prices either too high or too low are suspicious, and we don't give such agencies high ratings. However, we do give extra points if the agency offers special rates or beneficial promotions to new and returning customers.

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