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If you have been a student for several years and are an active user of the internet, then we probably don’t need to explain what custom writing is and how helpful it can be when you are struggling with academic assignments. Thousands of students spend money every week on custom essays, research papers, presentations, and other papers, and the demand for essay writing services shows no signs of slowing down.

At the same time, the number of inferior writing services who provide a questionable level of writing, deliver your papers several hours to several days late or don’t deliver the order at all also continues to grow. So is it still possible to find the best essay writing company for your academic needs? 

Here at EssaysRescue, we are focused on providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to make your quest for the best essay writing service successful. With our essay writing services reviews, tips, and overall industry insight, you will never run into questionable paper writing services and will always be able to make the best choice for your academic success, budget, and personal satisfaction. We prepared this guide to help you separate the good essay writing services from the bad ones and allow you to get the best results you deserve.

If you type “essay writing service” into Google, your search will bring back hundreds of paper writing companies who all make bold claims to write you a paper that will earn the highest grade and the praise of your professor. However, it doesn’t always happen like that and when you don’t have any experience with academic writing, it’s very easy to come across a writing service that will bring you nothing but disappointment.

That is exactly why we founded EssaysRescue. Our goal is to give you the information you need to have a successful experience when ordering an academic paper. We know what a top essay writing service should look like and what it needs to offer to its customers, and we are prepared to teach you everything we know. Stick around for helpful tips for customers, detailed guides to ordering academic writing services online, and honest guides to the most popular paper writing companies with their best and worst features, prices, and bottom lines.

How Do We Find And Expose Essay Writing Scam?

Custom academic writing is one of the fastest growing online industries, and it’s undeniably very attractive not only to honest companies and writers, but also to scammers. Here are the three most popular kinds of scam you can run into when choosing a service to do your paper:

  • Subpar quality of writing. This usually happens when the service employs inexperienced writers who speak English only as a second language and are often students themselves. In that case, you will pay a substantial amount of money for a paper that is hardly usable and will only bring you a bad grade.
  • Late delivery. When a custom writing service only employs several writers, it’s not surprising that they are always overworked and often miss deadlines. While in this case, the service may deliver your paper after all, it will often do it without any respect for your deadline, which will result in a lower grade than you actually deserve.
  • No paper and no money. The worst kind of scam is when you pay the full price for the paper and then don’t receive the order at all and cannot even request a refund because no one is responding to your claims. Sometimes the site will respond and give you false promises but will never do anything to resolve the situation.

We are working hard every day to inform our readers of the potential risks of the essay writing industry and how to avoid them. When reviewing different writing companies, we always check to see whether they are legit. We look at their success records, guarantees, and essay writing services reviews they received from former customers. After putting the pieces of the puzzle together, we are able to tell you whether a particular writing service has a high probability of being a scam or you can safely order your paper without the fear of being scammed.

How Essay Writing Services Work

Most essay writing services have a similar procedure for placing customer orders, but some of them make it even more convenient even for inexperienced users. If you want to order your first custom essay online but don’t know how to do it, this is what the whole process will probably look like.

Place the order for your paper

Once you have already chosen the writing service that will do your essay, you need to place the order on their website. In most cases, you will need to do it via the order form, but some services will gladly take your order via customer support chat. To make the process as effective as possible, make sure to provide as many details about your paper as you can. If you have additional files you would like the writer to use, there will be an upload button in the order form. Make sure you agree with the price of the order and that it’s final, so that you don’t run into any additional expenses when your paper is completed.

Enjoy life while the writer is working

As soon as you place the order in the system, the support team will assign your order to the most suitable writer. The writer is usually chosen based on a few factors, such as writing experience, special subjects, and availability. Some services allow their customers to have a say in the writer selection process. For example, if you want a specific writer to work on your assignment, you can include their ID in the order form. Another common feature is having the customer pay up to 25% over the order price to have one of the top writers to complete the order.

When the writer accepts your order, he begins working on it. You will probably have the opportunity to contact the writer via live chat or mail to find out how your order is progressing, but it also works the other way: if the writer wants to ask you follow-up questions about your order or wants you to provide additional information or files, he will also be able to reach you via chat. Plus, some services provide a partial delivery feature, where your paper will be delivered to you chapter by chapter and you will be able to make timely changes.

Download and review the paper

When placing an order for a custom essay, you will always be asked about the deadline. Top essay writing services always respect the deadline and will deliver the paper exactly on time or even slightly earlier. You should immediately download and review the paper to assess it and decide whether you are completely happy with it. If yes, put your name on it and submit it with confidence, and if not, refer to the company’s refund and revision information to find out about your options.

Service Features
essaybox review
ExtraEssay best service
  • Papers are free of spelling errors and plagiarism
  • Delivery of papers before the stipulated deadline
  • Enticing discounts for first-time customers
HandMadeWriting best service
  • ENL writers
  • Сlear and flexible refund policy
  • Free from plagiarism
EssayUSA best service
  • The user-friendly interface of a website
  • Qualified and experienced writers
  • High-quality technical support

What Can Online Essay Services Do For You?

The best essay writing services have everything you could ever need to succeed in your academic life and even career. So what exactly can a typical essay writing company do for you and how you can benefit from their services?

Types of services you can get from paper writing companies

Despite the name, essays are not the only thing you can get from an essay writing company. Here are the 5 most common types of services you can find there:

  • Written academic assignments. From essays and book reports to dissertations and courseworks — top essay writing services have everything it takes to relieve your burden of writing papers and help you enjoy being a student slightly more.
  • Homework. As a student, you probably deal with a fair share of homework that takes a significant chunk of your day, and this is where paper writing services can help you. They can do your math homework, multiple choice tests, lab reports, and more!
  • Presentations. Many professors now require their students to be proficient with presentations, but what if you don’t have the time to master the art of PowerPoint? Simply ask an essay writing service for help with your next presentation.
  • Editing and rewriting. If you have written your own paper and now want someone to take a professional look at it or change it so that you don’t encounter any plagiarism claims, the editing department of an essay writing service can do it all for you.
  • Applications. When you want to get into your dream college or obtain a prestigious scholarship, a good application essay accounts for 50% of your success. Don’t take any chances — hire a professional essay writer to write your application and increase your chances of getting where you want.

Who writes your papers at essay writing services?

When ordering a paper from an essay writing company, you will probably be thinking: who will be working on your order? This is an absolutely legit question, as you want someone with enough knowledge and experience to do your paper and get you one step closer to your excellent grade. So what kind of people typically work for essay writing companies?

During our time spent researching and comparing various paper writing services, we discovered that there are two main categories of essay writers. The first and biggest category is legit essay authors. These are usually men and women over 25 who have at least one degree, outstanding qualifications, and years of experience doing other people’s academic assignments. They often have one or two specialty subjects that they know perfectly and rarely accept orders for other subjects because they fear they may not deliver the required quality of writing. When a writer from this category works on your paper, you can rest assured the quality of paper will satisfy even the toughest professor.

However, there is also a second category of writers who are only partially legit. They may be recent graduates, but they are often still students themselves. Many of them live in non-English speaking countries, and while their command of English and various subjects may be adequate, they simply don’t have enough experience in dealing with assignments in US schools. These essay services and writers usually offer temptingly low prices, but their quality of writing is disappointing in many cases and can have a negative effect on your grade and academic reputation.

Can you expect any freebies and discounts from a paper writing service?

The competition among top essay writing services is getting stiffer by the day and they are looking for new ways to attract customers. In addition to promising an excellent quality of writing and other benefits, paper writing companies often offer various freebies and discounts to their customers. Here is what you need to know about them.

  • Freebies may include everything from the title page to bibliography. Typically, it’s the pages you can find in any academic paper. Most writing services include these pages into the final price of the paper and claim to provide them for free.
  • Discounts are designed to help customers save some money on their orders. The most popular type of discounts is the first-time discount, which allows you to save up to 20% on your first order. Some services also publish promo codes for existing customers, which is why you should always check their websites and social media profiles for those codes.

What kind of customer support can you get at essay writing services?

The most reputable essay writing services want you to have a great user experience when placing the order. They organize the ordering process in a convenient way, constantly improve the quality of their writing, and make their prices competitive and budget-friendly. However, sometimes you will need to get help from a real person, and this is where a company’s customer support team comes in handy.

The customer service department at an essay writing service is equipped to answer any of your question about the services, help you place the order, get you in touch with the writer, allow you to make amends to your order, or assist you when you are not happy with the quality of the paper you’ve received. If there is no customer support to address your questions or concerns, your trust in the service will be irreparably ruined.

The best essay writing services always offer a variety of ways to get assistance when you need it. The most popular service channel is a live chat, but you can also get help via email or a phone number. It’s important that customer support is available around the clock because students often do homework at irregular hours and may need academic help at 2 a.m. or early in the morning. And it goes without saying that the company’s support team should spend as much as time as needed to help you resolve any issues.

How To Order Your Essay Online

Even if you have never ordered academic papers before, there is nothing to worry about. The procedure for placing the order is designed to be quick and comfortable even for students who have zero experience with these services. This is how to make your first ordering experience as smooth as possible.

What to do before you order your paper

You may be surprised to hear it, but it takes some preparation to make sure your first custom essay order is a success. Before you place your order, you need to know exactly what kind of paper you want to get in the end. Carefully read the instructions given by your professor. If the professor suggested any additional sources or gave oral tips, write them down and include them in the order description. That way, you will provide the writer with all the information he may need to do the best job with your order. You also need to know the precise word or page count, number of sources that have to be used in the assignment, and the deadline for the paper.

The typical ordering process at an essay writing service

All in all, the process of ordering a custom paper from an essay writing service takes just four easy steps:

  1. Place your order. Be as specific as possible and give the writer a lot of information to work with. You can use the price calculator to find out how much your order will cost and whether you need any additional paid services. If you have a specific writer you want to do your order, make sure to include this information when placing the order.
  2. Your order is assigned. Whether you work with a standard or bidding essay writing service, your order will not be assigned to one of the company’s writers. If you didn’t have any specific requirements regarding the person working on your order, the paper will be assigned to the best available writer with extensive experience in the required field.
  3. The writer gets to work. At any stage of the process, you should be able to get in touch with the writer and find out how the work on your assignment is going. If necessary, you can make the amendments to the original order, but if they are significant, you may be asked to pay an additional fee.
  4. The paper is completed. Once the writer has finished your order, it is then checked by the in-house editors and polished if needed. Some writing services will also run your assignment through a plagiarism checker for free, but others will require you to pay an additional price for it. If you are happy with the paper, you can submit it without hesitation and expect a decent grade for your efforts.

How bidding paper writing services work

Normally, most paper writing companies have a similar procedure for placing and assigning the orders: after you place your order, customer support assigns your order to the best available writer who has the necessary qualifications to work on your assignment. However, there is a smaller group of essay writing services who work on a bidding system. If you have never worked with the bidding system before, here is how it goes:

  • You place the order on the site, including as many details as possible. Some writing services may give you a price estimate at this stage, but most of them don’t display any prices on the site. There is often an option to enhance your order by having only the top-tier writers view it.
  • After your order is uploaded into the system, it becomes visible to all writers who are currently available for orders. They begin placing bets on your order and it’s only up to you who to choose for your assignment. Naturally, you will check their proposed prices first, but you should also look at their profiles if they are available and see how many papers they have already completed and what rating they have.
  • While the writer works on your order, you should always be able to communicate with them directly or through customer support. Be wary when the writer requests additional payments for the services you have already paid for — this is not legal at all and you should contact customer support if that happens.

Overall, while the bidding system has its benefits for the students — most importantly, it gives you some flexibility and freedom of choice when choosing the writer for your order — papers done through the bidding system are often more expensive than the ones completed by the services with a fixed price system. If money is not an issue for you, then you may as well give the bidding system a try.


Whether it’s your first or twentieth time ordering a paper online, we understand this experience can be nerve-wracking. At the same time, we want you to have the safest and most satisfying experience when placing an order for your important assignment. Using our tips and knowing the difference between various kinds of essay writing companies, you will easily make the right choice and pick the writing service that fits your needs and expectations. There are only a few clicks separating you from your personal freedom and academic success, so you can stop worrying and begin the journey to your bright academic future today.

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