StudyBay Review

StudyBay Review

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Study Bay is a popular freelance marketplace for students and writers from all over the world. Like other similar services, implements a bidding system, allowing students to select writers with the best bid. The service specializes in academic writing only: they do homework, essays, research papers, term papers, thesis papers, and dissertations. So, if you’re looking for a business plan, resume or some editing help, this StudyBay review won’t do much for you.

What do we know about The first thing we noticed was an alarming amount of mistakes on their website. Such poorly-written content is always a bad sign, at least from our experience. But, well, it’s not enough of a reason to consider StudyBay scam right away, right?  Let’s give them a chance and get to our StudyBay review!

StudyBay: Prices & Discounts

As any other bidding platform, StudyBay essay writing service doesn’t have any fixed prices. The bidding starts at only $5 per page though, which must be one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen in the industry. But don’t get too excited – you can’t choose a starting price, which means that bids will be all over the place. In almost every StudyBay review we’ve seen, customers complain that actual bids are drastically different from the approximate price you’d expect. Moreover, a lot of StudyBay reviews warn customers about hidden charges. It seems that Study Bay charges extra as a processing fee at checkout. While the actual fee is just a couple of dollars, the fact that they don’t warn you beforehand is concerning.

Quality of Papers & Deadlines

According to the majority of StudyBay reviews, low quality of the papers is a given with this service. Many writers state they are Americans, with degrees and years of experience. However, StudyBay reviews confirm that the majority of the writers are ESL speakers from the Middle East, China, and India. Papers are so poorly-written they are practically unreadable, and you can’t even use them as a draft. It seems StudyBay essay writing service doesn’t care about quality at all as they hire writers who don’t even speak English. Still, an occasional StudyBay review leaves a positive rating, confirming that you can, in fact, find a good writer there. Frankly though, it would probably take way more time and effort than actually writing that same paper yourself.

As for the deadlines, at Study Bay, you are not limited by any deadline delivery ranges. All you have to do is simply reach an agreement with your writer. But again, it depends only on the writer whether they will deliver your paper on time or not.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

As you might have already guessed, the overwhelming majority of StudyBay reviews out there are negative. The main issues with the quality of papers include poorly-written unreadable papers and astronomically high plagiarism rates. Moreover, almost every Studybay review on plagiarized papers confirms that the writers somehow cheat the plagiarism checker on the website. It seems they intentionally misspell words and put extra spaces in-between so that the Study Bay checker can’t read them. But as soon as you proofread the finished paper, it shows a 90% plagiarism rate!

What’s even more, every single Studybay review states that you won’t get a refund for a heavily plagiarized paper. On the contrary, you’ll probably get harassed, both by the rude writer and by customer support. We’ve even seen a Studybay review from a student saying the customer support threatened to call his institution to get him expelled!

It’s time we sum up this StudyBay review. Of course, we did have our suspicions from the very beginning but know we can call StudyBay scam for sure. Even though you do have a chance to find a good writer there, all the numerous drawbacks outweigh the low price of this service.

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