Grademiners Review 2022 - Evaluation Of Their Services
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Grademiners Review 2022 – Evaluation Of Their Services


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A major problem with using essay writing services comes in the form of reliability. You cannot tell if a particular company can deliver on its promises. Moreover, no one wants to waste money on ordering a paper only to find out that the quality is far from expectations. A lot of reviews provide some information without going into detail about the company. So, this Grademiners review will go through all the aspects of the writing services they offer in this company. This article will also provide you an unbiased opinion of what it is like working with them.


Advertiser Disclosure

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While the compensation may influence the order in which links and information appear on our platform, it does not affect the way we analyze and review writing services. Please, do not consider the order in which we publish links and information on our website as a promotion. The site does not and cannot provide reviews of all writing services in the industry. There are other services you can use alongside those examined by our team.
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Features of the Appearance and Design of Grademiners

The official website of Grademiners is On this website, you can find all the necessary information you need to know about the services they offer. Also, you can learn what the company is about and what their customers are saying about them. The design of the website is aesthetically appealing. There are no issues with the overload of vectors and illustrations. All the necessary buttons are in plain view to the user. Also, you do not have to wait for ages for the entire page to load. The page runs smoothly. While surfing the site, you will enjoy smooth navigation from one page to another. The color scheme of black and yellow is something their mostly young clientele will appreciate. The only problem is that some of the graphics can be distracting to the users. All the different animations on the webpage do not give off the impression of an academic site.

Writers’ info

Grademiners’ staff includes over 1200 professional writers. All of these writers are required to have an outstanding command of written English to become Grademiners employees.



When you go to the reviews page, you can see the assessment of some of the writers. You can also choose one of those writers to work on your order specifically. This idea is great only if you have the extra funds to pay for these ‘top’ writers. If one of these top writers is not available, you will have no other choice than to choose randomly from the rest of the field. Moreover, the uncertainty of the qualifications of the writers will make it impossible for you to relax after you have placed the order.

What Can Grademiners Do for You – Main Services of the Site

The professionals at grade miners offer a wide range of essay writing services. They do not focus solely on academic papers; they also work on other non-academic orders. However, a large crop of their clientele comprises college students. The reason for this disparity is because college years are some of the most challenging times for young adults all over the world.



Here are some of the academic services that Grade miners offer to their clients:

  • simple essay writing
  • high school assignments
  • coursework writing services
  • research paper writing
  • research proposal writing
  • case study for researchers
  • PowerPoint presentations 
  • book report/review writing
  • dissertation writing for post-graduate students
  • term paper writing for college students
  • lab report for scientists and researchers
  • math problems and solutions
  • proofreading and editing services
  • movie review writing
  • thesis writing for doctoral candidates
  • cover letter writing for job applicants
  • resume writing for job applicants

Apart from these services, you can also make use of some of the advanced features on their website. Some of these services are free of charge, while you will need to pay for the rest. These are the additional services available at

  1. Free Papers – you can view sample papers to know what to expect. Also, these free papers can even help you if you decide to write your paper yourself.
  2. Blog – The blog will help you stay in touch with the latest tips that might be useful for your academic and general development.
  3. Citation Generator – You can generate citation without going through the stress of manually typing out the entire citation in the References page.
  4. Title Page Generator – The title page varies depending on the formatting style.
  5. Plagiarism Checker – You can check the uniqueness of your paper using this feature. An advantage of this feature is that it provides credible evidence for revision requests.
  6. Earn $50 – Users that invite their friends have a chance of earning up to $50. This money will go to your Bonus Balance for future use. So, the more friends you refer to this service, the more you earn.
  7. Grammar Check – This feature will help you to check the grammar in the final paper.
  8. Spell Checker – With this feature, you can check the spelling accuracy of your paper for free instead of paying for this service.




Ways of Making Payments on the Site

After placing your order, you will need to go to the checkout page to complete your payment. This system is risky because most clients would prefer to pay when a writer has accepted your request to complete your order. Furthermore, this checkout form accepts standard cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. These payment methods are secure and reliable and make it easy for refunds to happen without a hitch. There are no options for other payment methods like PayPal and Payoneer though. The absence of these alternatives erases the promise of anonymity by Grademiners. If you are a minor, your parents can monitor your spendings.

Pricing Policies at Grademiners

The minimum cost of ordering a paper a Grademiners is $14.03. However, the prices can get as high as $53 for just a page (Ph.D.). High school papers might cost as much as $42.78 for a simple one-page essay. This price range is not what most high schoolers can afford. They would rather spend the money on something else and risk writing the paper on their own. The price list on their website does not include additional services, like the list of sources. By the time you add all the other necessary services like full text of sources and plagiarism report, the total cost can rise to 135% of the original price.



What are the Delivery Times and Deadlines for a Customer?

The deadlines at directly correlate with the price of the order. So, it is impossible to specify a custom deadline. This issue might not be favorable to most clients, but it is not critical. The deadlines on the website usually fall within what most people ask for. On the other hand, it is a good thing that the deadlines are not flexible. It signifies that you can find a writer that can complete the order on time. Also, this fixed schedule reduces requests for extensions from the writers.

What are the Revision and Refund Policies at Grademiners?

If you feel that the writer did not follow the instructions you provided for the paper, you can request a revision. Also, if you feel that the paper quality is below academic standards, you can apply for a full refund. You have the privilege of requesting multiple revisions for free within two weeks since the order’s completion. Beyond this period, any revisions will count as an essay editing service. More so, your revision request will have to go through a decision process from managers to determine if your complaints are valid. Safe to assume that by the time you are done with this process of going back and forth, you will be late on submission.  If you are eventually lucky to get a full Grademiners refund, the company will return your money to your card directly or add it to your Bonus Balance. It is a good thing that they are refunding the cash, but the time you wasted will never come back to you.

Customer Support 

In case you have any questions or complaints, you can get in contact with the customer support team. They are available any time of the day. So, the time zone does not matter if you need to make any urgent inquiries or changes. You can contact the support team directly on the site. Also, you can call them if you prefer to communicate your ideas verbally. There is also an option to contact them on Facebook Messenger. However, this option is a risk for people who want to protect their identity. If you do not care about anonymity, then you can use this method to contact them.


Moreover, all their customer service agents know how to communicate with clients of different ages and backgrounds. The problem comes when you are not a native English speaker. It might take some time for you to get your point across, and this can be frustrating.

Main Pros and Cons of Grademiners

In general, there are a lot of positive as well as a few negative aspects of the services they offer. Here are the pros and cons of using Grademiners essay writing services:


  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • Timely delivery
  • Free revision and refund
  • Discounts for first-timers
  • User-friendly interface
  • No hidden costs
  • 24/7 support
  • Top-quality papers.


  • Very expensive service
  • Some writers need close monitoring
  • Cases of plagiarism and other writing tricks like rephrasing


In conclusion, Grademiners offer quality writing services. But the fact that it all depends on luck is a huge worry, especially for those who need assistance with time-sensitive documents. Also, if you are looking for a professional touch in your paper, you will have to pay extra cash just for this privilege.


What is Grademiners?

Grademiners is a company that provides essay writing services. The range of their clientele covers all levels of education. 

Is Grademiners legit?

Yes. is legit. The company seems to focus on providing the best services possible to the customers. However, you have to be careful with the writers. Rough drafts of your order will help you avoid disappointment. These rough drafts will show you if your writer is on the right track.

How much does Grademiners cost?

The lowest price of writing a paper at Grademiners is $14.50. This price is quite high when compared to other companies offering the same quality of service for lower prices. If you need to submit the paper within 24 hours, you might end up paying more than $30 for one page. 

Is Grademiners a scam?

Grademiners is a good service since it offers legitimate essay writing and editing services. However, the user reviews on their official site seem a bit phony.

Is Grademiners reliable? is safe because it has a lot of writers in the team. If you get one of the top essay writers to work on your paper, you will be satisfied with the final result. Yet, some of their new writers are not so reliable. They will often ask for deadline extensions and clarification on the most basic issues.

Is Grademiners cheating? provides services for students who cannot complete their academic papers by themselves. College life can be challenging for a lot of students, especially in the first years. So, their paper writing services will help students through these tough times and alleviate the stress of life on campus.

Is Grademiners plagiarism-free?

Yes. In most cases, after checking the final paper for plagiarism, customers did not detect any sign of copypaste. Nevertheless, while going through the paper, multiple cases of ‘strange’ vocabulary were present. This is usually a sign that the writer tried to rephrase instead of citing the source.

Are there Grademiners discounts?

Right from the moment you place your first order, you get access to a 10% discount on your first paper. After that, all subsequent orders come with a 5% discount. Also, you can use the money in your Bonus Balance to pay. This feature makes it possible to save more on every order.

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