Writemypaper4me Review

Writemypaper4me Review

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What are your worries when you are looking for an essay writing company? Quality of your writer, so you won’t get embarrassment at college? Privacy, otherwise the end of your academic career will come soon? And obviously plagiarism – the biggest fear of all students. Professors became skilled in plagiarism checks and after all what if your mate delivers exactly the same paper. All this can be sorted out with our writemypaper4me review. At least, when it comes to writemypaper4me specifically.

Writemypaper4me Overview

Writemypaper4me is a platform providing academic writing services. The thing which usually makes students good at research worry about is that there are a few ‘brother’ sites here. Besides write my paper 4 me, there is also a write my essay 4 me, pro essay writer and just buy essay. All the four websites are owned by the same Tallinn based company – Learnify OU. You should understand that generally all the four websites are looking similar and have almost the same portfolio. That’s why we are starting our writemypaper4me review with this detail.

Besides this point, the rest seems to be very professional with write my paper 4 me – they guarantee ENL writers, refunds and high quality papers. In our writemypaper4me review below we will uncover their pros and cons together.

Writemypaper4me Review: features

Write my paper 4 me is first of all an expert in straightforward pricing. Once you enter their website you will see clearly how much you are going to pay thanks to categorized prices. The price in reality depends only on two things – the academic level you look for and the deadline. Talking about the deadline there are some disappointments. The minimum deadline is 6 hours which leaves you without a solution once an urgent essay comes up. However, at the same time their price range for 10+ days assignments is very tempting. You would prefer to remember about your essay well in advance for that.

We want to highlight the most important things to know about the company in our writemypaper4me review:

  • They hire on native English speakers. Not only language is important though. The most decisive thing is that your writer will have extensive hands-on experience in your field. And write my paper 4 me guarantees that. The company offers you even to turn for advice to their writers in case you don’t know how the final version of your paper should look like.
  • Just as being very customer friendly while you place your order they also protect you afterwards. Under no circumstances the company disclose customer data.
  • Write my paper 4 me provides only handcrafted essays according to your instructions. Therefore any plagiarism is excluded.

Let’s leave some room for price discussions in this writemypaper4me review. The company is neither expensive, nor cheap in their offerings. Of course, you’ll pay the most in case you need the highest quality writer and very fast. The essay total cost will be determined based on the academic level of yours:

  • High school
  • College
  • University
  • Masters’
  • PhD

These are the academic writing services write my paper 4 me offers. However, there is also a proofreading and editing service they can do for you. As well as preparation of a presentation according to your instructions.

There are two other interesting things to mention in this writemypaper4me review. The first one is that the company helps you out with their blog, full of tips and tricks on how to write a successful essay. The other thing is that before placing an order you should definitely navigate to their Sample Papers page. Here you can view and even download various essays written by their staff.

Writemypaper4me Guarantees

There are numerous writemypaper4me org reviews. At the same time, here and there you can spot a very frustrated writemypaper4me review. Due to this matter, lets focus on the company’s guarantees for a while.

The money-back guarantee is very strict. Write my paper 4 me now almost obliges you to go through its’ policy once placing an order. Perhaps, because there were so many complaints from students who never read it. However, the company describes all the scenarios very clear.

Full refund is given in case:

  • Payment errors occurred.
  • No writer was found to match you with.
  • The paper was delivered after the deadline. At the same time, you have no write to use any materials which you already may had received.
  • The writer didn’t meet your original instructions.
  • Plagiarism in your paper exceeded the 10% level.

Any other cases are reviewed individually and there is no perdition on what percentage of your payment you are entitled to receive back. If your paper is less than 30 pages long you have to claim your refund within 14 days after receipt. If it’s more than 30 pages you have a month to do that. Every case takes 48 hours to grade and decide on the percentage of the refund. We think it’s a necessary detail to mention in this writemypaper4me review. Unfortunately, if a company speaks so much about percentages, it seems unlikely to receive your money back in full.

With revision policy everything is strict again:

  • After 14 days they won’t accept your revision but treat it as a new order.
  • You can’t modify the copy received from your writer. If you did you cannot submit it for a revision.
  • The duration of the revision depends on your original deadline. In case the paper was due 12 hours – leave 12 hours for revision, 24 hours requires another 24 hours. Any paper with a deadline of 48 and more hours will be revised in 48 hours.

Well, you can easily understand that the company has strict policies from this writemypaper4me review. We hope, that it’s as strict towards the final work your writer will deliver to you. Despite the negative writemypaper4me reviews the majority of clients are still happy with the service. And such an attention to detail with their policies may prove that they care a lot to foresee any force majeure situations.

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