Unemployed Professors Review 2022: Should You Use It?
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Unemployed Professors Review 2022


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Is Unemployed Professors legit? Yes, it is. Is it worth your attention? We do not think so. The company offers average quality at an incredibly high price. More than that, the customer service is poor. The website cannot warrant security for your data. You cannot reach the support staff either. If you have trouble with your writer, you can lose all your money.

A lot of negative Unemployed Professors reviews prove it. We cannot recommend this service. You can find many other academic writing companies that offer more services at a much more reasonable price.


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Hey, guys! Today, I’m going to review Unemployed Professors, an essay writing service that claims to help students get superb papers in the shortest possible time. In this review, you will find the truth behind fancy claims this company throws at students. But first, let’s begin with the general information about this company.

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About Unemployed Professors

Unemployed Professors is an essay writing company that hires former college professors as academic writers. In other words, a real professor with years of academic experience will write an essay for you. But the question is, why would a college professor swap $100,000 a year and academic recognition for the fate of a nameless freelance essay writer?

Here is the company’s reasoning for this issue: a “talented, yet pathetic academic has-been” is eager to help students. He can’t land a job and finds a perfect solution: to become a practically anonymous essay writer at one of the thousands of essay writing services on the Internet.


Why is a professor “pathetic” and unemployed? Is it because he thinks outside the box but demonic academia rejects his ideas? It sounds like a fairy-tale only a 10-year old child can believe in. Is it due to ignorance or professional incompetence? Most likely.

The company portrays its workers as individuals who failed a perspective career and chose to do a less responsible job. Are they serious? Adding insult to injury, the company claims that their writers will “voraciously” bid on your assignment, earning pennies to buy “ugly clothing.”

unemployed professors - how it works?

Well, I get that. These guys attempt to sound “cool” and casual, marketing themselves as your buddies who know how daunting writing essays might appear. Yet, these descriptions simply discredit their business.

Company Details

The agency has been present in the market since 2011. At least, this is what Crunchbase reports. If you want to read the company story on its official page, you are expecting too much. There is no meaningful information out there. Meanwhile, let’s get into more details and statistics about this company I’ve managed to collect:

  • Years in operation – 10 
  • Location – no physical location is available. UnemployedProfessors is an entirely digital business.
  • Staff – from one to ten employees.
  • Minimum deadline – three hours.

Unemployed Professors Specialization

According to the information on their website, UnemployedProfessors specializes in paid academic assignments on 90+ disciplines. It offers over 30 types of assignments across all academic levels, from essays and lab reports to case studies and dissertations. 

But there is nothing special about this writing agency except for its “catchy” descriptions and ridiculous marketing strategies I mentioned above. This service is a mediocre essay writing platform. 

The Business Model of Unemployed Professors

This service uses a bidding system as its business model. It’s a common practice some agencies use to cut corners on management. In this case, the service puts the burden of customer management on you, the customer.

You have to post an assignment, choose a writer based on their ratings, explain your task to them, and track the progress of your order. At this point, the company becomes an intermediary between students and writers.

Unemployed Professors Cost

Since UnemployedProfessors use the bidding system, you will see both cheap and pricey bids under your project. But due to suffocating competition, most of these writers have to lower the costs of their offers. So do the Unemployed Professors prices bite or lie within the industry average? Even considering reduced bids, these “professors” charge higher prices than writers on other platforms.

Thus, at this service, you will pay $20-$30 per 225 words most of the time, while the industry average is $11-$15 per 275 words. So, Unemployed Professors services are costly. If you have a limited budget, you may want to address more affordable writing companies.

No Available Discounts: Only Price-Ups

The service doesn’t offer any discounts either to new or returning customers. No referral program is available either. So, you don’t get any benefits from the start or in perspective. Instead, this company will attempt to rip you off with some extra services.

uemployed professors bids

Therefore, if you want to get assistance or make sure that your paper will show 100% originality, please pay an extra $30 over your paper price. So in practice, Unemployed Professors average cost reaches about $50 per 225 words, which is ridiculous.

Prices Mark: 2/5

Do Unemployed Professors Provide Any Guarantees?

The company provides standard guarantees, like money-back warranty, revision policy, and plagiarism-free guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee

The company mentions that it will provide you with compensation if you’re dissatisfied with your paper. For this, you have to address the dispute team. But you can do this only after many revision rounds. Afterward, you will receive a partial refund if the dispute team resolves the case in your favor (which may not happen).

UP payment conditions

Plagiarism-Free Zone

These guys guarantee that your paper will be 100% unique under their plagiarism-free policy. But at the same time, they require YOU to follow some plagiarism rules. They request you not to distribute the purchased essay to any third party.

For what reason? I have no idea, and, to be honest, my university professor falls under the “third party” definition. What the heck is that? If I pay money for a thing, it becomes my possession, and I can do ANYTHING I want afterward.

unemployed professors plagiarism

Is Unemployed Professors legit? Considering their shady policies, I don’t think so.

Guarantees Mark: 3/5

My Experience with Unemployed Professors

Okay, perhaps I’m just biased about these guys, and they might be great writers in practice. So I ordered a short task. Here is a bit of context: I was assigned a 250-word discussion post.

I had no time to do the assignment myself, so I decided to delegate it to professionals. I registered at Unemployed Professors, placed an order, and selected the top expert writer (based on their ratings). Well, saying that I was disappointed is an understatement. Want to know why? Read up.

Registering an Account

I will start with the registration process. First and foremost, this service wants you to jump through so many hoods that you will begin sweating. Why so? To register an account on their site, you have to indicate your country, state/province (why do they need this info in the first place?) and go further through a lengthy sign-up process.

By the way, you can input an Unemployed Professors promo code during the registration process. But the problem is that I had no idea where I could get that bloody promo code. I could not find a single word about coupon codes on the website. So why do they mention promo codes? It’s a mystery.

Placing an Order

Placing an order and getting a finished assignment involves a lot of head-scratching. Here are the most critical issues of the Unemployed Professors’ order form and the whole process of buying essays there:

Insufficient Order Type Categories

As I mentioned before, I planned to order a discussion post. But there is no such category. Do these people really know what assignments students write? This issue only illustrates the total incompetence of this service.

Writers’ Profiles Are Extremely Vague

You are expected to review professors’ profiles and choose people with experience that matches your needs, aren’t you? That’s how a reliable bidding system should work. But Unemployed Professors is a whole different story: the writers’ profiles are all fake. These “professors” have generic pictures on their profiles. Butterflies? Are they serious? It smells like a fraud. I want to know who will do the job in the first place.

writers at unemployed professors

Professors’ Ratings Are Invalid

Each unemployed professor has a performance rating. I stumbled across a top-level writer who has nine stars out of ten. My question is, does this company display any believable customer reviews? If I see a perfect rating, I need to know how it is formed. I highly doubt that these ratings are plausible. Assuming all the weird things I came across before, I suspect that these guys just “painted” those stars, and no real professors stand behind those ratings.

unemployed professors rating

They Provide “VIP Services” That Should be Available by Default

Just take a look at their “VIP” services that include follow-up questions and further assistance. So does this mean that I won’t get any help from them without paying an extra price?

unemployed professors services

I believe assistance and follow-up questions MUST be included in a standard package, as they are in other essay writing companies. It is a well-established practice. But what do Unemployed Professors know about industry standards if they don’t know what a discussion post is?

Inconvenient Deadline Selection

This company works from the Eastern time zone, and all deadlines are set accordingly. I have already done so many things just to register an account on this site, but they want me to perform many more time-consuming actions. What else will they want? I think time zone conversion belongs to Unemployed Professors’ duties, not mine.

unemployed professors time zone

Aggressive Advertising

Fun fact: Unemployed Professors blamed me for buying only one page.

unemployed professors order

Pay attention to the font color of this message: it’s red. I was instinctively embarrassed about my choice because we humans associate the red color with something bad (like errors) within the writing context. So it was nothing but aggressive advertising. Unemployed Professors blatantly demanded more money from me!

Bids Are Tailored to Your Country

You have to reveal your country of residence because bids are tailored to your country. What does that mean? I can’t find any reasonable explanation for this except that Unemployed professors decide how much money they can rip off you based on your country.

unemployedprofessors bids

No Deadline Countdown

Once you accept the bid, your project is listed in progress. But there is no deadline countdown. So do these “experts” really think I have to track my order myself? Okay, I would monitor my order progress anyway, but it would be nice for an essay writing service to make this part of the customer experience convenient.

deadline at unemployed professors

Website Instability

Oh, here comes my favorite part: lags and log-outs. Each time I tried to request a revision and complain about an incomplete order, I was redirected to the homepage. Whenever I wrote something like “complaint” or “bad,” literally anything criticizing in meaning, the system kicked me out five times in a row! It looks like malice rather than a coincidence! Nice try, Unemployed Professors.

No Revision Form

I suppose there is no revision form on the website. So the company’s workers are so skilled that they don’t even grant their students the possibility of sending papers for revisions.

unemployed professors revision

Delivery Grace Period

My paper was delivered severely later than expected. I doubt that anyone would accept it. But it turns out that many Unemployed Professors reviews complain about their assignments being late for exactly three hours. So there might be an unspoken “3-hour grace period.”

unemployed professors review

Chasing the Writer and Having No Idea What’s Going On

How much does Unemployed Professors cost in practice? I paid $25 for 225 words, which is roughly $0.11 per word. To put things into perspective, most writing companies, charge $0.07 per word on average for much more professional services.

Things got worse right after I accepted that bid. I reached a writer I thought was capable of doing my assignment (they had a 9.5/10 rating), but they contacted me back in almost an hour! That’s how this company strives to help students. If you need an assignment from them, you have to literally chase their “professors.”

unemployed professors support

Furthermore, I couldn’t even figure out to whom I was talking. So I texted one writer but got a reply from another expert. My question was, “What the heck is going on?” I asked the person about this, but they ignored my question. The “professor” at the other end was hard-selling their writing services instead.

unemployed professors support

After that, the writer responded in roughly one and a half hours. That’s nonsense. It turns out that the unemployed professor whom I paid money to do the job shows less care and interest than a random girl on a dating site.

unemployed professors support

How I Got My Paper

I received a notification about the delivery of my paper. Once I got to my dashboard, I noticed a bunch of uploaded files. Which one is the finished paper? That’s super inconvenient. I had to stare at those files for a while to realize which one I needed.

unemployed professors message

What about the quality of my paper? I was shocked when I opened the document. Read further about this below. Believe me, I have A LOT to say!

User Experience Mark: 2/5

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Quality of the Received Paper

In short, the finished paper appeared to be a barely readable piece. The quality was substandard and unacceptable. Check what my instructions read:

“For this week’s discussion post, I want you to remember the whole range of readings and discussions we did over the last couple of weeks and tell me what you think about this prompt:
People should be allowed to cross the street at the red light.
Please remember what I told you: conventionally, in such assignments, you would read that there is no right or wrong answer; in this case, there is a correct answer, and I want you to carefully think through what we discussed before you give me one.”

What an unemployed professor threw at me didn’t match a single line of my instructions. Just take a look at this “masterpiece”:

unemployed professors quality

Virtually every aspect of my paper was flawed. Here’s why:

A Cacophony of Grammatical, Punctuation, and Spelling Errors

Just think about it: 261 words of text contained at least 13 errors. It’s quite a lot! Writing a discussion post is not rocket science, and I had no idea why my “professor” didn’t proofread their work. It’s only 261 words after all. Is it that difficult to proofread 261 words, which is a bit more than a single double-spaced page? Besides, I ordered 250 words, while my writer delivered 261.

The Writer Didn’t Follow My Formatting Guidelines

I doubt that my “top professor” was familiar with the APA 7th edition. Here are the mistakes she made:

  1. The title on the title page differed from the one on the second page.
  2. The title was not marked in bold.
  3. The title on the second page was capitalized improperly. According to APA 7th edition, all words must be capitalized in titles. Yet, only three words out of ten were capitalized in my title.

The Writer Didn’t Clarify the Assignment

I forgot to upload important readings, but the “professor” didn’t request them, nor did she clarify anything. She didn’t understand what I wanted and pretended as if everything was okay. As a result, my assignment mismatched its purpose.

My Paper Contained Plagiarism

Lastly, my paper contained an unconfirmed claim. These so-called “experts” don’t even know that conceptual plagiarism also exists. An academic writer must provide proper evidence for their claims. Otherwise, their claims can be considered untrue or plagiarized.

unemployed professors order

I couldn’t expect anything even close to C for this piece if I delivered it on time. Since my assignment was severely overdue, no one would accept it. But I wanted to submit the revision request anyway: I wanted justice to be served!

Ready to facepalm my writer’s excuses? Then read further.

How I “Requested” Revision

As I mentioned before, there is no “revision” button on the dashboard. So I “requested revision” by messaging my “professor” and explaining the point of my dissatisfaction. Sure, she started painstakingly defending her ignorance with long messages. If only she put an equal effort into actual work! That would be awesome.

unemployed professors writer

Afterward, she accepted her failure and agreed that my readings were necessary, and she should have asked me about them. Then, she delivered yet another barely readable piece of junk. At that point, I realized she was hopeless. Check my feedback on her work in the screenshot below:

unemployed professors order

So will I come back to this service ever again to waste my time and money explaining to their writers how they should do their job? I suppose you already know the answer.

My Summary on the Quality of My Paper

My quality evaluation was quite long, and I want to separate the main points:

  1. The overall writing quality was awful. My paper contained a full spectrum of writing errors, and the writer didn’t follow my instructions.
  2. My paper contained a plagiarized fragment. So the company’s plagiarism-free policy doesn’t work. You will receive a plagiarized piece anyway.
  3. My writer didn’t know how to format a paper and cite sources correctly.

The good thing is that I received a partial refund. The Dispute Team resolved the case in my favor. Frankly speaking, they surprised me. Refund was the only positive part of my experience with this service. So is Unemployed Professors safe? I don’t think so: I was lucky to be compensated for the poor-quality paper.

unemployed professors dispute

Quality Mark: 1/5

Quality of Customer Support

I wasn’t surprised when I realized that there was no customer support at Unemployed Professors. This “service” doesn’t provide any functional communication channels. No live chat is available as well, which is already a reason to avoid this service. The service “answered” only four FAQs that have nothing to do with challenges their customers face in practice. Lastly, there is a broken report form. 

unemployed professors FAQ

So, you can forget about any assistance from these fraudsters.

order from at unemployed professors

Don’t you bullshit me? You have already done this to me, and you will do this to every unfortunate student who trusts you.

Customer Service Mark: 0/5

Online Reputation

I scrolled down the Unemployed Professors homepage and noticed that this company is featured in some popular media channels like Reddit, the Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc. “Wow! It’s a reputable and recognizable writing agency,” someone might guess. An excellent trick! However, I have already ordered an assignment from their writer, and I know who these people are. There is nothing extraordinary about these publications. Worse yet, I barely withstood the unimaginable level of cringe these publications contain. Take a look at the Huffington Post’s publication:

unemployed professors mistakes

The post language suspiciously copies the style of these fraudsters. So, I guess this post is nothing but a miserable self-promotion attempt. Also, take a look at the Business Insider post:

unemployed professors mistakes

Nobody proofread this piece. Just imagine how ironic this whole thing is: these cheaters discredit themselves and show how unprofessional they are while desperately trying to appear better than they are.

Review Platforms

I found only 21 reviews on this service at Trustpilot. Surprisingly, 90% of users rated Unemployed Professors essay and paper services as excellent. But considering my experience, I wouldn’t trust those poor and average reviews.

unemployed professors trustpilot

Social Media Presence

These fraudsters have pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I can say for sure that these pages are dead since they show no user activity: no likes, comments, or shares.

Wrapping Up 

Unemployed Professors is an unprofessional writing bureau on its last legs. Their essays and papers are overpriced pieces that will hardly bring you a C grade.

Every stage of my experience, from registering an account to receiving my paper, went wrong. This service failed at everything. Their writers don’t even know how to write academic assignments. The fact that I received a partial refund was the only glimpse of hope that these people haven’t lost the remains of moral integrity yet. I strongly recommend you to avoid this cursed company at all costs.

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What is Unemployed Professors?

It is an online academic assistance company. Its writers craft academic papers for students.

Is Unemployed Professors Legit?

It is legit. You can use the writing service lawfully.

How much does Unemployed Professors Cost?

The price depends on the writers’ bids. You can spend from $20 to $30 per page on average.

Is Unemployed Professors Scam?

Yes, it is. It posts fake testimonials, lies about writers, and applies fraudulent pricing policy.

Is Unemployed Professors Safe?

It is not safe. The website does not meet digital security standards.

Is Unemployed Professors Plagiarism-free?

The company states 25% of plagiarism is acceptable. You can receive papers with matching content very often.

Are there Unemployed Professors Discounts?

The service provides $10 off on your order within the referral program.

Chief Editor
Diane Lee
Is a professional editor, an English professor at Stanford University, and the current chief editor of EssaysRescue. Diane received a Ph.D. in English at Stanford University in 2001.