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Affordable Papers initially attracts customers with some of the lowest prices we have seen in the essay writing market, but upon closer inspection, the quality of writing turns out to be very disappointing. And considering the reported problems with late delivery, we believe it’s best to slightly increase the budget of your project and go for a trusted writing service.

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Affordable Papers Review 2020: Can You Safely Order There?

About Affordable Papers

Affordable Papers is far from being the best-known or most popular essay writing service, but it does have its share of fans who primarily love its low writing rates. We are going to be perfectly honest and admit that we were also fascinated by the prices offered by AffordablePapers. Is it possible for an essay writing company to maintain such long prices and still be able to deliver high-quality papers on time? That’s exactly the question we want to answer with our Affordable Papers review.

First, we wanted to know how old Affordable Papers is, and this is where we found the first inconsistencies. On the website, it is clearly stated that the service was launched in 2005, but on the same page, it is mentioned that it’s 13 years old. Given that it’s nearly the end of 2020, we suspect that the website hasn’t been updated for a while. Still, Affordable Papers seems perfectly alive and enjoys a moderate level of popularity among the customers.

My Experience with Affordable Papers

The main reason why founded EssaysRescue in the first place is to give the struggling students an insight into the world of academic writing and help them separate the good sites from the bad ones. This process always includes placing a test order on the site we are currently reviewing, and AffordablePapers was no exception. We filled out the order form with a 2-page college essay with a maximum 14-day deadline. We did not opt for any additional features and our order came to $30.

After we received the confirmation that our order was accepted, there wasn’t any communication between us, the customer support, and the writer, which already seemed slightly suspicious. When the deadline has passed, we inquired with the customer support about the state of our order. The paper was eventually delivered approximately three hours after the deadline, and we later realized that we were actually in luck, as it could have arrived even later.

As for the paper itself, it was by no means an outstanding piece of writing. The formatting was good and the paper looked rather neat. However, the choice of words and the occasional awkward phrasing made us strongly suspect that the writer did not come from an English-speaking country and instead was an ESL writer. In our opinion, no matter how well an ESL writer can know English, they will never be perfectly familiar with the writing requirements at US schools, which is why their work will almost always be inferior to the work of ENL writers.

Usability is supposedly 15 years old, but the old age doesn’t show in the design of the site, probably thanks to a recent redesign. However, we still found the homepage to be overcrowded with information. Luckily, the menu on the top is there and will help you quickly navigate the site and get to the necessary destination.

Perhaps, the most important feature of all the best essay writing services is the order form, since this is where the magic happens. We definitely liked the fact that you can launch the order form without signing up for the site first — that way, you can quickly assess the conditions and, if you don’t like anything, you can quit the process without wasting too much of your time.

The order form at Affordable Papers is super detailed and allows you to specify your order using numerous parameters, including the type and word count, the number of the source cited, the preferred formatting style, and the deadline. AffordablePapers claims to be able to complete your order in as little as 4 hours, while the biggest deadline is 14 days.

Services Offered by Affordable Papers

As you have probably guessed by now, Affordable Papers is not the world’s most innovative or groundbreaking essay writing service, so its selection of services is fairly standard and something we have seen in dozens of writing services before it. Here are some of the most popular services you can get at AffordablePapers:

  • Essay (all types)
  • Research paper
  • Coursework
  • Term paper
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Dissertation
  • Personal statement
  • Speech
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Book/movie review

We did like the fact that AffordablePapers also offers to write your resume, but we were disappointed by the fact that the company does not offer any homework services. In fact, there is a special section in the site’s FAQ regarding homework and test assignments. Affordable Papers claims that they find it unethical to do the homework of their customers, but we found this statement to be slightly hypocritical. After all, that’s exactly what AffordablePapers is doing with essays, so we don’t see a reason why homework should get a different treatment.

Writers and Paper Quality

From our own experience with AffordablePapers and from many Affordable Papers reviews we studied while preparing for our own research of the service, we had a strong suspicion that the company doesn’t exclusively employ native English speakers as its writers. It’s no secret that hiring freelance ESL writers from foreign countries can significantly cut the costs of the papers, which is exactly what we are witnessing at Affordable Papers.

After checking the FAQ section on the site, we confirmed our suspicions. AffordablePapers indeed hires both ENL and ESL writers, and if you want to get your paper written by an ENL writer, you will need to pay extra for your order. And don’t get us wrong, we think ESL writers can do nearly as great of a job as an ESL writer, but if the company believed it too, they wouldn’t charge you extra for having an ENL writer on your order.

These unclear writer policies are probably what made the quality of writing at Affordable Papers so uneven. There are Affordable Papers reviews claiming that the work done by them is some of the best the customer has ever gotten from an academic writing service, but you can also frequently spot an Affordable Papers review complaining the quality of writing leaves a lot to be desired.

Customer Support at Affordable Papers

Affordable Papers provides several ways to contact customer support. You can get in touch with the support team via live chat, Facebook Messenger, email, or a phone number. However, there are several catches. There are two phone numbers, one for the USA and Canada and one for the UK. The catch is that only those three countries can call the phone numbers for free, while customers from other parts of the world will be charged exorbitant amounts of money if the call lasts for a long time.

The other catch is that while claims that you can contact customer support 24/7, it is not entirely true. The working hours of phone support and live chat are from 12 a.m. on Monday to 8 p.m. on Saturday, which means there is a day and a half where you cannot get fast help at all. In our opinion, this is a major inconvenience, as Sunday is often the day when students realize they have an assignment pending.

The response speed of customer support during working hours is also not ideal. We tried contacting the support at AffordablePapers three times, and each of those times, we had to wait for a response for 5 to 10 minutes. Those minutes can be very valuable when you have an urgent assignment to finish. Plus, some writers take even longer to reply after you’ve placed your order.

Prices and Payment Methods

The good news is that Affordable Papers works on a regular payment basis instead of a bidding system, which means you can learn the price of your order right away. In fact, there is a convenient price calculator on, so you won’t need to go anywhere to find out how much your order will cost.

The prices at Affordable Papers are some of the lowest ones we have ever seen in the essay writing market. A high school essay with a maximum 14-day deadline will cost you just $9 per page, while the highest price we found on AffordablePapers is $42 per page for a university-level essay with a 4-hour deadline. 

However, as we found while working on our Affordable Papers review, it is very unlikely that you will pay the exact price the calculator gave you, as there are lots of additional ways to seemingly improve your paper, from getting 3 writing samples from the chosen writer for $5 and a copy of sources used in the essay for $14.95 to only choosing one of the top 10 writers for your order for +40% to your order price.

As for the payment methods available on, there are hardly any surprises there. You can pay for your essay using your Mastercard or Visa card, as well as your Discover or American Express account. No PayPal payments are offered there, and you need to pay for your order in full before you even know who will be completing your assignment.

Revision and Refund

AffordablePapers has a customer satisfaction policy that is explained in detail on the company’s website and in the FAQ section. According to the policy, there are both revisions and refunds available to the customers, but in order to qualify for any of them, you need to meet a string of criteria.

For example, you have only 7 days after receiving your paper to demand a revision, and while the number of revisions is potentially unlimited, you will likely get your paper much later than you needed it since no new deadline is given for the revision. Plus, the writer can refuse to perform a revision if they consider your requirements to be different from your original demands.

The money-back guarantee is even more complicated and less customer-oriented than that. There are only a few situations where you can get a refund, and even then, getting a 100% refund is nearly impossible. For example, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the essay but want to revise it yourself, you can only get up to a 40% refund or even less than that, as every case is reviewed individually by the support team.

Customer Reviews of Affordable Papers

Checking the Affordable Papers reviews was one of the first steps we took while working on our own Affordable Papers review, as customer testimonials are often the easiest way to tell what the customers think about the service. There is a Testimonials section on, where the reviews are unsurprisingly positive. However, we discovered that there were only 10 testimonials published in the last 6 months, which is definitely suspicious, as Affordable Papers claims to do over 100 orders every day.

If you search for Affordable Papers reviews on other popular sites such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber, you will see a different picture. On one of those sites, Affordable Papers has only a 2 out of 5 stars rating, which doesn’t look particularly good. There are some Affordable Papers reviews that are generally positive, but there is also far more than one Affordable Paper review pointing out several issues with the service, including an uneven quality of writing, late delivery of the papers, and customer satisfaction policies that don’t favor the customers.


After seeing the incredibly low prices at AffordablePapers, we were instantly intrigued, but the more we learned about the service, the more disappointed we got. Affordable Papers has a few strong sites, but it is simply not a very good writing service, so if you are not prepared to take risks with your academic success, you can achieve better results with a different service.