EssayPro Review

EssayPro Review

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If you’ve found yourself here, reading this EssayPro review, you probably have a lot of questions about this particular service. That’s no wonder – if the amount of mixed essay service reviews is anything to go by, the company is quite controversial. So, what is EssayPro exactly and how does EssayPro work? Is this some sort of a scam company or is EssayPro legit? Let’s start with some general info, shall we?

What is EssayPro company? It’s a US-based Student-Writer bidding platform that’s been in business for over 20 years now. That is probably one of the oldest services in the academic writing industry that we’ve ever encountered. They offer help with all the usual kinds of academic papers and assignments, plus business writing and editing.

How does EssayPro work exactly? As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a bidding platform that works as a freelance board for students and professional writers. You place the order, writers bid for it, and you get to choose the one that suits you best. Sounds quite simple!

And lastly, is EssayPro legit or is it just another scam service? That, we’ll have to find out in the following detailed EssayPro review!

EssayPro: Prices & Discounts

As EssayPro company has a bidding system, you won’t find any fixed prices here. Still, the minimum possible essay service price on the paper is $12 per page, so don’t expect very cheap bids. Well, at least you can estimate an approximate price of the finished work and go from there.

And as for the coupons and discounts, essay service does not offer any, sadly. On their website, they state that the bidding process between customers and writers should run on a free market basis. Thus, your final EssayPro price depends solely on the agreement between you and the writer you choose. Don’t worry though, we’ve seen more than one essay service review confirming that you can negotiate a discount with the writer.

Quality of Papers & Deadlines

As we already mentioned, past customer comments and testimonials are mixed when it comes to overall quality of this essay service. Yet, the majority of EssayPro reviews agree that the quality of the finished paper depends mostly on you. That’s why some customers receive great essays, while others are disappointed and leave negative essay service ratings. Thus, in almost every EssayPro review students stress how important your choice of the writer is. They advise to always check writer’s EssayPro ratings, reviews from previous customers, number of completed essays and completion rate. More than one EssayPro review also states you should talk to the writer and evaluate their command of English before choosing them. That’s because the majority of writers seem to be ESL speakers, and not all of them are fluent in English.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

All the essay service reviews and testimonials confirm the same thing – EssayPro company is hit or miss. They do have some good writers, and you have a good chance to receive a well-written paper, but that won’t be cheap. Plus, you’d have to find this good writer first, and that won’t be easy too. Moreover, we’ve seen more than one concerning essay review about the lack of customer support and guarantees. It seems it’s only your responsibility to check the order before approving it. EssayPro customer support won’t help you resolve any issues either, you’d have to do everything yourself.

Finally, it’s time to sum up this EssayPro review! All in all, it’s a legitimate service, but you can’t expect any guarantee of the quality from them. If you’re careful and lucky enough, you’ll have a great experience with EssayPro. If you’re not though, it might be better for you to choose some other service.

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