Paperial Review 2022: is it Worth Your Money?
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Paperial Review 2022: is it Worth Your Money?


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The service cannot provide high quality for the requested price. Paperial rating is fake because of artificial testimonials. You cannot trust this company. More than that, the website does not ensure a safe environment. The bidding system makes it complicated to count the costs for students. The refund policy is controversial since you have too little time to resolve the possible issues. You can find a much more affordable writing service than Paperial.


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If you had ever thought that your studying is overcomplicated with countless tasks taking too much of your time, you would have considered ordering academic essays online. But how to get a quality paper on the internet? There are hundreds of companies offering writing help for students, and we are going to review Paperial – one of the popular writing services. Is Paperial legal? The company provides writing services since 2015 and it is a legally registered company. Once you receive a paper, you become its only owner. Some statistics on Paperial from its official website:

  • 96,911 completed essays
  • 561 paper authors
  • 9.5/10 rating

Any online writing company has the best score, but in reality, many things differ from the service’s claims. Is Paperial fake? This time we will find that out and start with the website design overview.

Paperial Website Interface and Design

The service’s website is appealing with a modern design and user-friendly template.


Here you have an upper bar with sections displaying necessary information. You can also see that the site has a pre-order menu. Many websites include these sections to allow students to evaluate the costs and make sure they can afford the paper. It saves time significantly. Paperial, on the other hand, does not include a price calculator, which makes this section pointless.The homepage describes the essay ordering process. However, the site does not include the prices, which is also inconvenient.What about Paperial registration process? Take these  steps to register an account:

  1. Go to the Paperial homepage and press the My Account button.paperial review
  2. You will get to the login/registration window. Enter your email address. It is better to create a separate email for various essay writing services due to mailouts that may become spammy over time. As you see, you automatically get subscribed to promo emails. You can also log in with your Facebook account. You do not have to enter your name or any kind of nickname; the service is completely anonymous, which is good.paperial com
  3. You will receive a Paperial email with your account password. You can change the password later in the profile settings.

The registration process is fast and straightforward. On the other hand, it is a bit inconvenient that you receive a predetermined password via email. If you need more security, you have to change the password for a stronger one.

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Paperial Authors and Quality of the Essays

Paperial claims it hires professional writers only. The writers section states most of the authors have Master’s and Ph.D. in their fields of study. Most of the authors have finished their studying in the universities of the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. Is Paperial legit in this regard?In reality, you cannot find any proof of the writer’s expertise. You cannot see it either on the website or on the writer’s profiles. The site does not feature the authors’ diplomas and certificates.There is no information on the writers’ hiring process either. Therefore, you cannot be sure of the writer’s experience. Once you get to the authors’ profiles, you will see that they complete projects in more than 10 fields of study. Does this mean a person has 10+ diplomas? Sure, this questions the quality of the delivered essays. It is hardly possible for a writer to research unknown subjects and write an in-depth paper within 3 hours. The assignment will be nothing more than a generic freelancer internet source copy.You will hardly get the high mark for a very generic paper. More than that, the website publishes testimonials from business listing sites but not dedicated review platforms.


These reviews are fake. You can see that the reviewers repeat the wording and use a similar lexicon. These reviews are either automatically generated or instructed by Paperial.

paperial review

Here you can see the same phrasing on another company listing website, yet the reviewer is Freya instead of Debbie. So, as you see, there are lots of Paperial scam reviews that praise the service. In reality, the writers craft generic papers that bring minimum value most of the time.There has not been any real Paperial review mentioning plagiarism issues. However, it does not mean you cannot receive a paper full of plagiarism. The quality is very doubtful, and you cannot be sure you will receive a high-quality assignment.

What Services does Paperial Offer?

At Paperial, you can order the following kinds of writing:

  • Various types of essays
  • Research papers
  • Thesis
  • Dissertations and dissertation proposals
  • Case study
  • Speech
  • Coursework
  • The movie, article and book reviews
  • Bibliography
  • Presentations
  • Business plans
  • Home assignments
  • Capstone projects
  • Articles
  • Lab reports
  • Statistic projects

You can order editing services for the categories mentioned above. Paperial offers writing projects within various citation formats, including Chicago, MLA, APA, and others.

Paperial Blog

Paperial features a blog section with multiple writing guides. You can benefit from this service for free. If you want to craft an essay by yourself, you can browse a guide on each essay type. Paperial blog posts can be helpful. Each essay guideline includes suggestions on your paper outline, formatting, thesis statement, etc. Many blog articles on various kinds of essays include topic examples. Therefore, you can catch the idea of your future paper while browsing assignment topic examples.There is a topic section where you can find hundreds of themes sorted by academic level (college, university, etc.), essay type, and discipline.

Placing Orders at Paperial

To publish an order, you need to login to your account. The order menu will appear in the first place. In this section, you need to select the period, the number of pages, the discipline and include a topic. You should add instructions in the corresponding field as well. If your tutor sends you an instructions file, you can attach it within the order placement menu.You can select the type of service you want, whether it be writing an assignment from scratch, editing, or rewriting.

paperial reviews

You can include your preferences for writers. There are three author tiers:

  • All writers. Your order will be visible to all writers on the platform.
  • Premium. Only authors with a Bachelor’s degree can see your order.
  • Platinum. Writers with a Master’s degree and higher will see your order.

If the company claims all writers are experts, why does the author’s preference option mentioned above even exist? Do standard authors lack education? This option means you have to pay an additional commission for something that Paperial should provide you with by default.After you fill the essay form, you have to select a writer. First of all, it is time-consuming and requires a student to do a lot of work. You are given the illusion of choice. In reality, you will be browsing writer profiles with no idea of their expertise in your mind considering that they all have a 100% satisfaction rate (which is a blatant lie) and meaningless fake reviews. Other services assign writers to you instead.The good thing is that the company allows direct communication with your author, gives him or her instructions and coordinates the work. However, nothing is outstanding about this practice since almost all essay services enable you to communicate with the assigned writer.

Banking Options at Paperial

The service accepts cards and electronic wallets.

paperial com

Is Paperial reliable when it comes to payment release? Although we could not find Paperial reviews mentioning transaction issues, the website does not warrant your digital security.You can visit the terms and conditions disclaimer section. The website does not provide a warranty for your protection against viruses, financial and personal information leak, etc. That is why you use Paperial at your peril. The site does not have digital security certificates either.

Paperial Bidding System and Prices

Paperial works similarly to freelance content mills. There is a bidding system that forces writers to compete and lower the prices to get more customers. In this case, an academic essay writer will never be interested in quality. It means there are no fixed prices, and your essay cost will depend on the writer’s revenue expectations most of the time.There is no academic level-based price division. No matter whether you need a high school essay, university thesis or dissertation, you will pay a high price anyway.Expect to pay from $30 per page within the 7-day deadline. It is a very high price in comparison to 90% of the writing services in the market.The website can pick up a writer for you, which will cost you an additional charge of $9.99 (other services do it for free). Writer preference will result in:

  • +10% for Premium writers
  • +20% for Platinum authors.

Assuming that an average university essay is 2,000 words long, you will have to pay from $200 to $300, which is hardly affordable.Also, the authors’ bids vary significantly. Sometimes, the difference is more than $100. Why should you prefer a writer who asks $200 over a $100 author if they both have a 95% satisfaction rate and hundreds of completed tasks behind? It is unclear.

Paperial claims there are no upfront payments, but you have to send cash to your account before the writer begins working on your project. However, the good thing is that you release the full amount to the writer after you approve the assignment.

Do Paperial Writers Deliver Assignments on Time?

Paperial claims its authors craft the papers within the assigned deadline. Direct interaction with your writer allows more communication and should ensure the writer gets all your instructions and additional explanations on time to avoid delays. In reality, you cannot entirely rely on the writers.Paperial lacks consistency in this regard as well. Writers can fail deadlines or submit papers in a few last minutes before the appointed time frame ends . In both cases, you will be in trouble since you have no time for revisions. You will have to either accept the paper and receive a low mark or fail the assignment.That is why, if you ever try to use Paperial, you should always set the delivery time frame a couple of days (or up to a week if possible) before your deadline.

Refunds and Revisions at Paperial

Fortunately, Paperial provides free corrections to your essay. However, you can request alterations and corrections in these cases only:

  • Your author misses your initial paper instructions. For instance, you specify that you need references in APA formatting, but you receive a paper with citation mistakes or in a different citation format.
  • There is plagiarism detected.
  • There are spelling and grammar mistakes.

You have three days to send your correction requests. You cannot request other alterations alongside those which relate to your initial instructions. Paperial warrants that you receive a money-back. See the refund requirements below.

Paperial Refund Policy

The company provides 100% and partial money-backs. On the other hand, you have three days after your deadline passes to send a refund request. Three days is an incredibly short timeframe. Note that you need to submit the paper and wait for your professor’s feedback, which can take far more time. Other writing services allow you to review the work within 14 and even 21 days.If you fail to submit your request within this time frame, you will not be able to receive any refund. It is advantageous for Paperial and makes a lot of space for the company to avoid compensating students.You can receive a 100% compensation in the following cases:

  • There is no author for your order.
  • You paid two times for the same assignment.
  • Your writer is late, and you no longer need the assignment.
  • Nothing in your paper matches your initial instructions.
  • The plagiarism level is 10% or higher.

You can receive partial compensation in the following cases:

  • 70% if you cancel your project prior to half of the time frame passes.
  • 50% if you cancel the essay after 50% of the deadline .
  • After your writer is late, but you still want to use the essay. Paperial will calculate the compensation based on the difference between the deadline and the actual submission time.
  • 70% if you cannot accept the delivered quality.
  • 70% if your writer is late, but you downloaded the assignment.

To request compensation, you need to provide evidence that your paper contains mistakes. It can be a scan of your tutor’s review and the Turnitin plagiarism report.You cannot receive a refund if you pay your writer. The company states that if you pay the full price, you are satisfied with the order. Compensations are unavailable in case you receive a low grade.

Paperial Customer Department

Customer support staff on the Paperial website is friendly and responsive. The team is indeed available 24/7. The staff replies within a minute and even less. If you experience any trouble with placing orders or have questions on services, you will always get a clear answer.

Advantages and Downsides of Paperial


  •  appealing design.
  •  an extensive choice of payment options.
  •  a friendly and responsive support team.


  • Paperial prices are incredibly high.
  • The site displays fake testimonials.
  • There is no proof of writers’ expertise.
  • There are no security warranties.
  • The quality does not match the high prices.
  • The refund period is too short.


What is Paperial?

It is a digital writing service for students created in 2015.

Is Paperial legit?

It is a legally registered company. It does not violate laws.

How much does Paperial Cost?

The price depends on the writers’ bids. On average, you can expect to spend from $30 per page.

Is Paperial Scam?

The service publishes fake reviews. However, it does provide academic papers, which is not a sign of scam.

Is Paperial Safe?

The service cannot provide a reliable digital environment.

Is Paperial Plagiarism-free?

No, it is not. The essays can contain plagiarism.

Are there Paperial Discounts?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts available at Paperial.

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