Bid4Papers review

Bid4Papers review

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There is a silent struggle going on during all your academic career. Day after day you face the choice between private life and joyful youth or studying all nights long. When the tension is unbearable you seek for solutions. And it’s a normal human reaction. If you are fed up with academic struggles we advise you to find a service to outsource your most hated tasks. Like essays, for example. Why not start from going through this bid4papers review. You will find out the answer to ‘is bid4papers legit’ and decide whether it’s the solution you were looking for.

Bid4papers overview

Bid4papers is a popular auction, or bidding platform. Being a bidding service means that you don’t know how much you are going to pay at the end and who will be your writer. You are actually the one who’s going to decide on it. Selecting your writer by budget and skill set – these are the hustles you will face once getting involved into an auction site. On the other hand, you have the freedom of choice and it’s up to you who will write that essay.

Once you enter their website you’ll see how clear the workflow is. Actually, bid4papers says you will get your essay in 4 easy steps. If after reading them they still don’t seem easy, you can watch the video on their website. Or, for example, continue reading our bid4papers review and find the process description below.

The only concern you might have is that there are many sites like bid4papers. Not like, but almost the same. The reason is that bid4papers and those sites are owned by a single company. Obviously, they develop them similar to each other and the portfolio of services doesn’t differ much. Below we will also disclose the answer to your question ‘is bid4papers legit’.

Bid4papers review: features

Bid4papers let’s you choose your writer on your own. This is done by their main feature – auction system. Many students prefer this kind of bidding platforms with the hope to save money by getting low cost bids. It’s up to you to define the budget, but you have to keep in mind that most of the times the quality will also be affected.

The positive side of the platform is that you have room for negotiations. These are done between you and the bidding writer. You can ask for a discount or lower price in case you are ordering a large amount of writing or are a returning customer. On the other hand, there are no defined discounts promoted by bid4papers. So, to be clear, the discount is never guaranteed.

Another feature and result of being a bidding platform is that you don’t do any upfront payments. You release your writer when the paper is done and checked by you. However, keep in mind that to start working on your order, you will have to deposit the full amount to your bid4paper account. It will be locked until the essay is ready.

Bid4papers: ordering process

As we mentioned in this bid4papers review before, the process is pretty straightforward. It’s done in 4 easy steps and you can spend a while on watching a video explaining all the details. During the video you will also learn about all the services the platform offers. But for the ones who prefer to stay with us, you can find the step by step guide below:

  • First of all, you have to fill in the order details. These are deadline, length, level of studies. Then level of English, subject, instructions and requirements. The more the better! Also if you are not a native speaker, define the level of English you want it to be written in.
  • Now the bidding, or the auction starts! In a few hours you, most probably, will see some dozens of writers interested in your task.
  • You choose your bid4papers writer. The selection criteria are obvious. Their expertise against the price. In case you are looking for a high grade and very important paper to get done, choose a writer with highest rating and best bid4papers reviews. If you only want to complete something easy and not very crucial, lower priced bids will also do well. At this stage you deposit the money to your bid4papers account and it’s locked until the order is completed.
  • The writer starts working on your assignment immediately when the money is reserved. During the process of completion, you can discuss details in chat, ask for drafts and revisions. You will actually see the process of completion in percentage. At the end, check the completed essay and pay your writer.

Is bid4papers legit?

There are many bid4papers reviews mentioning ‘clone sites’. The reason is that the company, which owns bid4papers also has a few other similar platforms. These are Essayshark and CustomWritings. This fact can lead to some worries related to bid4papers reliability. However, the platform is completing your essays and you get your grades. Unless you are unhappy with the result, there is not much to worry about.

Bid4papers prices

Bid4papers isn’t a cheap essay writing service. In fact, the prices are higher than average even though it’s a bidding platform. The average rate from bid4papers is 17 $ per page. However, if quality is important to you, you will end up paying 30-40 $ per page written by their TOP writer.

The bidding system itself as well as their payment process is easy to use. There are no bid4papers reviews complaining about these. You can pay by most of the international cards and PayPal. The fact that you don’t pay your writer, but reserve the money, makes the refund process easier as well.

Bid4papers review: guarantees

You are well protected when using a bidding platform. Since you don’t pay the writer immediately, there are some clear ways to get a refund:

  • If you cancel the order before the writer started working on it – you will get a full refund;
  • If the writer cancels the order, again the money is back in full;
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the result at all, request a refund. It has to be done before releasing the payment to the writer. You can get your money back afterwards as well, but it will be much more complex.

As every other auction system, bid4papers is more suitable for those who are seeking negotiable price with high quality. Most likely, if you choose the lowest bid, you won’t be the one writing a positive bid4papers review.

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