123helpme Review

123helpme Review

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123helpme is far not a typical assignment writing website. They actually don’t write anything, neither they solve your problem of bringing in a paper to your school. The platform is doing something out of the box. Unusual, and perhaps, not that popular on the web. However, they do have a demand of a specific audience. Curious to find out if you should start your 123helpme account? Find out in this 123helpme review whether they can be of any use to you!

123helpme Overview

The platform provides already written content to anyone searching for writing inspiration. Their essays, thesis, dissertations were written by someone earlier. It can be yesterday, or years ago – one never knows. 123helpme doesn’t have any writers staff. They just do the research instead of you and compile whatever was found on a one thousand and one topics around the web.

The important thing which makes people question ‘is 123helpme legit’ is that you never own the copyrights. Regardless you buy the paper or use a free one from their website. Exactly, the copyright stays with the author and whatever you do with your paper is up to your conscience. You can try to use it as your own written paper, as you would if bought from traditional written assignment selling platforms. But the consequences are questionable.

However, the general idea of 123helpme is great. You have a membership and once there is an essay assignment burning you just go to their page and search for samples. These samples should give you a direction for your own writing. It’s kind of a knowledge base if you use it right. So, in case students used it in this way – they always leave positive 123helpme reviews. But most of the times people count on the company as a cheap source of various essays, available at a click of a mouse.

Of yes, did you notice we mentioned the membership? More about it below in our 123helpme review.

123helpme review: Prices

When the platform just started they used to have many free papers which you could download and happily use. Nowadays, most of 123helpme reviews claim that regardless how desperately you search, you won’t find a single free essay. It might be the case, since 123helpme stopped having price per essay as well. Today they offer a membership – monthly, quarterly and yearly – to access any essay within the webiste.

The membership fees are as follows:

  • 29,95 $ – monthly plan
  • 59,95 $ – quarterly plan, so for every 3 months
  • 119,4 $ – yearly plan.

We can’t say it’s too expensive, however you will find not a single 123helpme review stating that the platform is a scam. Like, ‘I paid, but the essay wasn’t useful at all’. There is a workaround here though. Before paying to the website, you can see a part of the essay which is of your interest. This way one can see if it’s suitable for his or her needs. And it would be outstanding if it worked like that! Unfortunately, many people have lots of negativity in their 123helpme reviews. After seeing the part of essay and paying, they got a full version which was just 100 words more than the sample. Now this is really disappointing!

Returning back to memberships. Your plan will be automatically renewed in case you won’t cancel it 7 days prior expiration. And ensure you have a confirmation of membership suspension. 123helpme doesn’t offer promo codes either. Searching on the web you will find a 123helpme invite code though. As an example, try using this one at checkout TP39D.

123helpme review: Features

To be very clear, all the typical features which you are used to have in case using other essay writing platforms, are missing. Let’s list the things you should keep in mind:

  • 123helpme doesn’t have writers, the essays are prewritten and available on the web. So in case you are not satisfied with a paper received from them, you can’t complain about quality. 123helpme is not responsible for the quality of the content.
  • After buying a paper from 123helpme you don’t own the copyrights. The original writer still has them.
  • All papers on the website are classified for ease of use. It indicates the level of readability of your paper. Below in our 123helpme review we will discuss the various classifications as well.
  • Use keyword research functionality of the platform to find the essays you are looking for.

So, the 123helpme papers classification:

  • Papers marked with red indicate that they were on the internet for quite a while without any changes. This should make you concerned about the information not being up to date. As we mentioned in our 123helpme review above – some papers are written years ago.
  • Orange essays contain many grammar mistakes. It might be okay for informational purposes, but for sure you won’t use it without changes at college.
  • In case the paper has information from untrusted sources it will be marked with yellow.
  • And finally, green should cheer you up, because the essay is checked and from a trusted source.

An important point to mention about this platform is their customer support. If normally, essay writing sites have thousands of chat box pop-ups, you won’t encounter any here. If you wish to contact 123helpme you have to write an email, and wait for them to reply. And that’s it. There is no hotline, neither online chat with customer support.

Now the question is why would you contact their support team? You can’t complain about quality of the papers because they aren’t written by 123helpme. The only thing you can discuss with them is the cancellation of your account. Meaning that you don’t want to be charged for renewal. Other than that, their support team is really unnecessary. 123helpme is more of a self-service platform. Where everything is in open access in case you paid your membership. Read, download, do whatever you want at your own conscience.

123helpme review: Summary

As you see, quality might be missing in many of their papers. And a fact that you can’t use any of those essays in college is also makes you doubting. So, is 123helpme safe to use? The answer is up to your goals regarding the website. For sure, reading through other essays may help you to write your own masterpiece. But definitely, it can’t be your one and only source of inspiration.

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