MyPerfectWords Review: Testing All Aspects of Writing Help
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MyPerfectWords Review 2023

Price from: $15
Discount: 5%
Deadline: 24h
Money-back guaranteed
Money-back guaranteed

All in all, essay writing has become a big part of studying and making a career. Mastering your skills of expressing yourself in a written form is crucial for being successful nowadays, but if you have no time to do a certain work, it’s okay to consult a writing service once in a while.

Unfortunately, MyPerfectWords is not the best solution to this issue since it has a lot of drawbacks, like high pricing, not so skilled writers, and fake refund policy. All of these points outweigh the pros of this company. Therefore, we do not advise using it in the future.

myperfectwords review


The Best Services

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From $12 per page


GradeMiners is an academic writing service that offers excellent writing assistance to its customers. It checks all the boxes of the right custom writing help for students, providing a comfortable platform, caring operators, expert writers, and on-time deliveries. The company is worth considering if you lack the time or sufficient language skills.

Attention: 4.8
Professionalism: 4.9
Support: 5


From $13.28 per page

5/5 is a top-rated writing company offering exceptional academic help online. It is among the most popular agencies with professional writers providing top-quality services. With almost two decades in the industry, the company is at the forefront, delivering the best writing services that meet the academic needs of students. That is why my comprehensive MasterPapers review will disclose whether the firm offers excellent services as it claims.

Attention: 5
Professionalism: 5
Support: 4.9

From $10 per page

5/5 is an essay writing company that matches students with professional academicians. Though it is a new entrant into the industry with a decade of experience, its services are becoming more popular. The company has established a professional network of certified writers who offer quality writing help to students across the globe. It claims to provide premium services with strict professionalism and unmatched reliability. My EssayWriter review will reveal more about this company, showing whether it lives up to the claims mentioned on the website.

Attention: 4.9
Professionalism: 5
Support: 5


From $9.00 per page

4.9/5 is an academic portal providing quality writing assistance to needy students. It is famous for its affordable rates and excellent service delivery. The company functions under formal legal requirements to meet the academic needs of students across the globe. But does it match the high standards as the website claims? My honest Educibly review aims to reveal its fine points and clarify whether its customers receive the service they deserve.

Attention: 4.9
Professionalism: 4,9
Support: 4.8

From $11.93 per page

4.9/5 is a trusted essay writing company offering professional academic assistance to many students across the globe. It has a vast network of certified writers on standby, willing to write stellar academic papers at reasonable rates. This extensive PayForEssay review is honest and covers fundamental aspects like services, writers, and company policies.

Attention: 4.9
Professionalism: 4.8
Support: 4.9


From $11 per page


After thoroughly inspecting the HandMadeWriting service, it’s hard to find a single flaw. The orders are completed on time, the quality of the papers is stable and superb, and the company is always happy to hear from their customers.

Attention: 4.7
Professionalism: 4.8
Support: 4.8


From $10 per page


According to everything we have seen so far, we can definitely recommend the ordering of essays on EssayUSA. Unlike a lot of other writing platforms, this is the service you can rely on. In addition to a personal approach of qualified and experienced writers, students are offered a full range of guarantees and perfectly written papers.

Attention: 4.8
Professionalism: 4.8
Support: 4.7


From $14 per page


I was asked to review on several occasions. I can see where the desire stems from. I’ve noticed a lot of adverts for this company on social media, so I’ve been looking into it as well. The most intriguing offer is that the company promises to deliver a paper composed from scratch with a same-day deadline. Furthermore, the rates they charge are reasonable. Isn’t that unbelievable? But, as you may know, I enjoy going into great detail in my SameDayEssay reviews, so let’s tackle it one step at a time.

Attention: 4.8
Professionalism: 4.9
Support: 4.7


From $10 per page


When looking for a reputable writing service, you have certainly come across EduGenie, a high-rated platform that claims to deliver the assignment in the shortest time at reasonable costs. But is this service really worth your trust and resources? Find this out in my personal EduGenie review!

Attention: 4.8
Professionalism: 4.9
Support: 4.8


From $10.88 per page


EssayKeeper is a professional writing service providing custom-made essays. Its team of experienced writers guarantees excellent papers for any academic level and topic difficulty. Students can order the essay 24/7 and get their assignments done on time. And there’s no need to worry about work quality as experts proofread and edit your composition.

Attention: 4.8
Professionalism: 4.7
Support: 4.8


Website review

Pros and Cons of MyPerfectWords
A Quick Support Team
The variety of services provided
Availability of discounts
High prices as you never know how long the discounts will be on
Low quality of the writing as the customers’ reviews state
An absence of refund cases despite the fact that MyPerfectWords has the refund policy and a guarantee of money return

Misleading information. Based on our careful evaluation, this service is NOT SAFE for students
Trusted by real customers and verified by experts, the following service is a better alternative for secure writing assistance of great quality: SameDayEssay

  • About MyPerfectWords
  • Interface, Design, and Usability: What You Will Notice Right Away
  • Quality of papers: Is it what you are looking for?
  • Services and Features: What will you get for your money
  • Money matters: How to pay for your order
  • What does it cost
  • Deadlines and Delivery: What you should know before making the order
  • Revision and Refund: What to do if you don’t like your essay
  • Customer Care Agents: How to Reach Out and How Helpful They Are
  • FAQ

Nowadays, writing skills are one of the crucial abilities for successful studying and making a career. From high school to earning the Ph.D., a student has to develop and polish their writing to be able to pass exams and report about the work done. Often, an entire grade for the class depends on the student’s ability to present their way of thinking, analyzing, and making logical connections in written form. Needless to say that most students wish somebody else could have done it all for them.  For this purpose, custom writing services were created more than a decade ago, and from that time, they have been helping students and young graduates to deal with their writing. Some of them provide better service, some have quality issues, but anyway, forewarned is forearmed. That’s why we decided to write an extensive review of the online writing service called MyPerfectWords and tell you whether it’s worth your attention.  MyPerfectWords is the academic writing service that offers different kinds of assignments to the students from high school and up to doctorate studying. The company is registered in NY, USA However, it does not seem to have offices throughout the New York state or the nation. 

Interface, Design, and Usability: What You Will Notice Right Away 

When you visit the website for the first time, you see a tempting invitation to try it out and further information that aims at making you order a piece of writing immediately. It states the company employs more than 250 professional writers in a wide variety of subjects who can write a unique piece of writing. The company also promises to give 100% of the money back (we will describe this issue in detail later).


Also, at the bottom left corner, you can see how many people joined the service recently. The bottom right corner invites you to start chatting with the Support Team Agent if you have a question about the company and its products.  Bright red banner tells you about a limited offer – 50% discount on your order. At first sight, it looks very attractive as no other service provides such an opportunity to save money on your first paper.  Below you have standard sections like a list of services that MyPerfectWords offers, why their customers stay with them, a few positive reviews, some FAQs questions, and a map of the website. All tabs work correctly, switching between them is easy and in general, the website looks well-developed. 

Quality of papers: Is it what you are looking for?  

When a website visitor clicks on Why Us or Writers tab, they can read a company’s promotion of its writers. On both pages, MyPerfectWords emphasized that its employees are native English speakers, born and raised in English-speaking surroundings and have an American education. It is stated that they are mainly from the US and have degrees that allow them to be considered experts in English in their particular fields of expertise. Below you can see a few writers’ bios that include their degree and types of writing they can carry out.

my perfect words

However, MyPerfectWords reviews of its customers state the opposite about the quality of papers on this website and, unfortunately, our  experience with this website was not the best, too. There are a lot of low-skilled writers who could not follow the instructions provided to them and fail with the revision of essays.

my perfect words review

As you see, MyPerfectWords rating of its writers is highly likely to be overstated on its website. 

Services and Features: What will you get for your money 

MyPerfectWords offers different types of written assignments. They include: 

  • Essays and other regular writing tasks
  • Research papers of different levels
  • Thesis papers and dissertations
  • Custom writing 
  • Editing and proofreading

Besides the mentioned products, MyPerfectWords claims to provide unlimited communication with the writer who took your order, free proofreading and revising of your paper, as well as free title page and bibliography.

myperfectwords review

MyPerfectWords promises to keep the customer’s data private and states that the work with it is kept in confidence, so that the customer can be sure their institution will not know about them ordering an assignment here. However, customers’ review stated that MyPerfectWords is a scam as its staff threatens customers to disclose this information to their schools.

myperfectwords reviews

Also, the customers reported that they have had plagiarism issues after they used the essays they ordered on MyPerfectWords. Likely, the company does not have a quality department as the customers had no success in addressing their issues to the Support Team. Take a look at this My Perfect Words review:



Money matters: How to pay for your order 

To make an order, a customer has to click the Order tab and fill out a special form where all the details of the assignment are provided. It includes phone number and email, type of writing that is needed, level of your educational institution, and a number of pages. After that, further details have to be provided and then, a customer moves to the final stage – payment for the order. The price will be calculated in the form of order.

my perfect words

To ensure the security of transactions, MyPerfectWords allows making the payment through the PayPal account. To do that, you only have to log in and then you will be taken to the page of check-out. If you don’t have one, that is not a problem as you can pay with your credit card directly. Just input its number and other details in the respective fields and click on the “Confirm payment” button to proceed. The details of the transaction will be sent to your email.

What does it cost 

The pricing policy of MyPerfectWords is slightly different from that of similar companies. It is stated a few times that the proficient essay cannot cost cheap and if a customer intends to pay a little sum, they have to look for another writing service. Instead, if a customer looks for a difficult task to be done, they have to be ready to pay much for it.  MyPerfectWords prices depend on a few factors:

  • Deadline. The closer it is, the higher the price will be;
  • The least number of pages possible. MyPerfectWords writers must have the minimum page count so that they can meet the instructions of your essay. Please note that one page is considered to be 300 words, unlike other services where it is 275 words;
  • Level of your educational institution. It is needed so that the writer can approach the process of writing in the way expected by high school, college, and university instructors.

my perfect words review

Compared to other writing services, MyPerfectWords prices are quite high. As you see, they start at $30 and go up to $70 without the discount. When the 50%-off offer is available, the prices per page are more reasonable, but still, they are not beating their competitors. 

Deadlines and Delivery: What you should know before making the order 

If you wonder ‘is MyPerfectWords reliable or not?’ in terms of meeting deadlines, here are our findings. First, the company has a certain timing policy which is claimed to be taken seriously. MyPerfectWords  FAQs state the writers take only those orders they can deliver on time, and if it is not the case, a customer will be notified by email. Also, you have to know that deadlines set for  48 hours from the moment of ordering are charged with an additional fee, so it is reasonable to make your order in advance. One more thing MyPerfectWords provides you with in terms of essay delivery is a feature of requesting updates from the writer to track the whole process.   Despite the well-tailored policy, the reality is different. Customers are often frustrated with the way the writers follow the deadlines and say the company is a scam. Take a look and decide for yourself ‘is MyPerfectWords legit or not?’.


Revision and Refund: What to do if you don’t like your essay 

Below, we will emphasize a few important lines from MyPerfectWords revision rules.  First, a customer is prohibited from adding any changes to the essay that they received from the writer until the revision is done. Second, to get an essay revised, neither a customer nor the writer can violate the terms and conditions of the company. Third, a customer should give from 12 to 24 hours for the revision to be processed, and the last but not least is that it can be done if not more than 14 days have passed after the order was finished.  When it comes to the refund policy, things are getting even more interesting. After reading it, we stopped doubting about ‘is MyPerfectWords fake or not?’: the terms and conditions state that all services a customer gets are non-refundable and come with no guarantees. Do you still wish to cooperate with this company?

Customer Care Agents: How to Reach Out and How Helpful They Are

The Support Team of MyPerfectWords is available 24/7 through online chat, which is easy to reach at the right bottom corner of the screen. Also, there is a chance to contact over the phone and write an email. The phone number and e-mail address are provided in the top left corner of any page of the website.  Throughout our experience of using MyPerfectWords, we have to say the Support Team has always been ready to help and reacted to our requests quickly. Still, if you are visiting the website for the first time, you are likely to be irritated with them trying to engage you in the conversation. If you don’t mind being asked several times about the details of your potential order during the chat, feel free to contact them. 


What is MyPerfectWords?

MyPerfectWords is the provider of essay writing services for a wide audience, from high school students to businessmen. Despite the fact that it provides not the most high-quality service on the market, it is still competitive among other agencies. 

Is MyPerfectWords legit?

Using someone’s service to get a high school assignment or university project done is forbidden in the US and is considered ghost-writing. You are likely to be punished severely for this, up to being expelled from your institution. 

How much does MyPerfectWords cost?

The prices of MyPerfectWords start from regular $30 up to $70 per page depending on the deadline, educational level, and the number of pages ordered. Also, a refund is not available, therefore think twice before ordering your work here. 

Is MyPerfectWords scam?

Taking into account the quality of writing, an absence of the refund policy, and the entire illegality of the service, we consider MyPerfectWords the scammers’ creation. Also, reviews of other customers stated that they would not trust this company for the second time, so you can make a conclusion yourself based on this.

Is MyPerfectWords safe?

MyPerfectWords is safe only in terms of the transactions you make since you can do it with PayPal. It is a separate payment system that conducts its operations without consulting MyPerfectWords, so you can be sure your money is safe while transferring through it. 

Is MyPerfectWords plagiarism-free?

Generally, MyPerfectWords claims to be a provider of unique writing pieces, but still, there are confirmed cases of plagiarism in papers performed by its writers. You never know whether you will be lucky and whether your paper will be plagiarism-free or not.

Are there MyPerfectWords discounts?

Yes. The company provides time-limited discounts of 50% on all orders right now, but the time frames of this offer are unclear. Unfortunately, no membership discounts or referral programs are available.


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