EduBirdie Review 2023: Is It Actually A Good Writing Service?
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EduBirdie Review

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Money-back guaranteed

EduBirdie is fairly known in the student community as a full-service essay writing company, but its reputation has not been spotless. We found that while EduBirdie does have some advantages, such as a wide variety of services and readily available customer support, its quality of writing and attitude to customers are not good enough for us to recommend it to our readers.

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GradeMiners is an academic writing service that offers excellent writing assistance to its customers. It checks all the boxes of the right custom writing help for students, providing a comfortable platform, caring operators, expert writers, and on-time deliveries. The company is worth considering if you lack the time or sufficient language skills.

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5/5 is a top-rated writing company offering exceptional academic help online. It is among the most popular agencies with professional writers providing top-quality services. With almost two decades in the industry, the company is at the forefront, delivering the best writing services that meet the academic needs of students. That is why my comprehensive MasterPapers review will disclose whether the firm offers excellent services as it claims.

Attention: 5
Professionalism: 5
Support: 4.9

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5/5 is an essay writing company that matches students with professional academicians. Though it is a new entrant into the industry with a decade of experience, its services are becoming more popular. The company has established a professional network of certified writers who offer quality writing help to students across the globe. It claims to provide premium services with strict professionalism and unmatched reliability. My EssayWriter review will reveal more about this company, showing whether it lives up to the claims mentioned on the website.

Attention: 4.9
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Support: 5


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4.9/5 is an academic portal providing quality writing assistance to needy students. It is famous for its affordable rates and excellent service delivery. The company functions under formal legal requirements to meet the academic needs of students across the globe. But does it match the high standards as the website claims? My honest Educibly review aims to reveal its fine points and clarify whether its customers receive the service they deserve.

Attention: 4.9
Professionalism: 4,9
Support: 4.8

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4.9/5 is a trusted essay writing company offering professional academic assistance to many students across the globe. It has a vast network of certified writers on standby, willing to write stellar academic papers at reasonable rates. This extensive PayForEssay review is honest and covers fundamental aspects like services, writers, and company policies.

Attention: 4.9
Professionalism: 4.8
Support: 4.9


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After thoroughly inspecting the HandMadeWriting service, it’s hard to find a single flaw. The orders are completed on time, the quality of the papers is stable and superb, and the company is always happy to hear from their customers.

Attention: 4.7
Professionalism: 4.8
Support: 4.8


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According to everything we have seen so far, we can definitely recommend the ordering of essays on EssayUSA. Unlike a lot of other writing platforms, this is the service you can rely on. In addition to a personal approach of qualified and experienced writers, students are offered a full range of guarantees and perfectly written papers.

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I was asked to review on several occasions. I can see where the desire stems from. I’ve noticed a lot of adverts for this company on social media, so I’ve been looking into it as well. The most intriguing offer is that the company promises to deliver a paper composed from scratch with a same-day deadline. Furthermore, the rates they charge are reasonable. Isn’t that unbelievable? But, as you may know, I enjoy going into great detail in my SameDayEssay reviews, so let’s tackle it one step at a time.

Attention: 4.8
Professionalism: 4.9
Support: 4.7


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When looking for a reputable writing service, you have certainly come across EduGenie, a high-rated platform that claims to deliver the assignment in the shortest time at reasonable costs. But is this service really worth your trust and resources? Find this out in my personal EduGenie review!

Attention: 4.8
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EssayKeeper is a professional writing service providing custom-made essays. Its team of experienced writers guarantees excellent papers for any academic level and topic difficulty. Students can order the essay 24/7 and get their assignments done on time. And there’s no need to worry about work quality as experts proofread and edit your composition.

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Website review

Pros and Cons of EduBirdie
Wide range of writing services
Customer support available around the clock
Inconvenient bidding system
Paper prices often turn out to be higher than average
Fake writer identities
Complex money-back guarantee

Misleading information. Based on our careful evaluation, this service is NOT SAFE for students
Trusted by real customers and verified by experts, the following service is a better alternative for secure writing assistance of great quality: EssayWriter

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  • My Experience with EduBirdie
  • Usability
  • Services Offered by EduBirdie
  • Writers and Paper Quality
  • Customer Support
  • Prices and Payment Methods
  • Revision and Refund
  • EduBirdie Customers Reviews
  • Summary
  • FAQ

EduBirdie appears to be a fairly standard essay writing service. It hasn’t been in the essay writing service for as long as some other established players in the market — while EduBirdie does not disclose its exact age, we found the site mentioning that the service is only a little over 5 years old. Compared to other popular services, it’s somewhere in the mid-range.EduBirdie is often mentioned whenever there are discussions about the best essay writing services on the internet. However, that is partially due to EduBirdie’s own online activity. The service is actively promoting itself on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media platforms, and often works with influencers to target the right kind of audience. At first glance, nothing about EduBirdie seems to stand out. However, we were intrigued by the fairly impressive number of positive EduBirdie reviews, whose authors seem to be completely happy with the services provided by the company. We were curious to see whether those EduBirdie reviews are true and the service is actually better than we first thought. Find out what we thought about EduBirdie from our own detailed review.

My Experience with EduBirdie

Here at EssaysRescue, our main goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to separate the good essay writing services from the ones that can be safely avoided. That is why a crucial step of our EduBirdie review is the first-hand experience with the writing service. The site allows you to place an order without creating an account first, which is certainly convenient. For our test order, we went with a very simple 3-page essay on Sociology with a 1-week deadline. We included plenty of details with our order to make the writer’s job easier. Imagine our surprise when after three hours of being online, our order attracted only two bids. Both bids were from writers with a medium average score and they both offered very similar prices. In the end, we picked one of the two bids and waited. The writer did not get in touch with us, but we received the first draft of the paper before the deadline. It wasn’t exceptionally bad, but there were some things requested by us while placing the order that was missing in the paper. We contacted customer support, who then transferred our request to the writer. The final draft of the paper was slightly better and closer to what we ordered in the first place, but it already was several hours after the deadline and if it was a real assignment, we would have likely failed it.


The design of looks pleasant at first and there is a cute blue bird mascot that appears everywhere you go on the site, but that’s about the nicest thing we can say about the usability of the service. As a first-time visitor and customer, you will probably find it hard to navigate the site simply due to the sheer amount of information contained there. The main site menu is located on top of the page in several drop-down blocks. From there, you can check out the variety of services offered by EduBirdie, find out more about the service, or read some of the testimonials left by the customers who have already ordered from the service. On the homepage of, you will find even more information, but scrolling through it to find the necessary item can prove challenging as there is no real navigation on the page. Plus, we found some inconsistencies in EduBirdie’s content: on the top of the page, it says that prices start at $13.99, but if you read the FAQ, it will say that the lowest price you can get is $18 per page. And if there is no clarity in something as simple as the minimal price per page, it’s getting harder to trust EduBirdie in other instances.

Services Offered by EduBirdie offers a fairly standard variety of services that include writing and editing services. The most popular variety of writing services offered by EduBirdie is essay writing, but you can also get the service’s authors to do your research paper, dissertation, coursework, term paper, annotated bibliography, research proposal, and others. You can also order someone from EduBirdie to do your homework. Alternatively, if you have written your own paper and now want someone to take a professional look at it, you can use the EduBirdie editing services. In addition to that, if you need something specific like a presentation or an Excel sheet done for you by professional academic writers, you can always make an inquiry on and see if someone is willing to complete your assignment.

Writers and Paper Quality

There were several disappointing things we uncovered while working on our EduBirdie review, but the one that stood out the most is the fact that you don’t see any of the real writers working for the service. The writers you see in bids and in other sections of the websites have generic names like ProfessorSmith and their profile photos are clearly taken from the internet. And while it’s not mandatory for an essay writing service to disclose the identities of its writers, showing fake identities may be one of the worst decisions made by EduBirdie.The service claims to have over 450 writers currently working, but there is no way to check whether that’s true. EduBirdie also says that all prospective writers go through rigorous testing and multiple interviews, but we have seen multiple EduBirdie reviews claiming the writers don’t have the level of English and proficiency in academic writing to deliver the necessary quality of papers. In our experience and according to the experiences of other people who worked with EduBirdie, the quality of papers there is mediocre at best. There are some well-written papers, but they are usually very basic essays for high school or college level. The more complex your assignment is and the higher your academic level is, the more likely you are to be disappointed in the quality of the paper done for you by the writers.

Customer Support

The first time you visit, you will be greeted by a chat message from customer support even if you have not initiated the chat. It can seem like a nice idea at first, but the constantly launching chat window can get annoying pretty fast. However, having customer support available freely to every customer is certainly convenient when you have an urgent question about the services. We also liked the fact that the chat system automatically identifies you if you are an EduBirdie customer, so if you have a question about your order, you won’t need to waste time explaining who you are — the customer support will see who you are and will be able to give you the help you need claims to have its customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a live chat is not the only way you can access it. There is also an email address for your comments and questions, and two telephone numbers: one in the US and one in Bulgaria, where the EduBirdie office is said to be located.

Prices and Payment Methods works on a bidding system, where you first upload the details of your order and then release the order details to the writers. The writers then place bids for your paper and you can pick the bid that fits your budget or where the writer demonstrates the credentials you are looking for.In theory, a bidding system gives you more freedom in choosing the right person to work on your order, but in reality, it often proves to be inferior to the regular order placement system where the writer is assigned to you by the account manager and the prices are clearly explained in the corresponding sections of the website. We already mentioned the confusing information on the minimal price per page on EduBirdie, and it gets even more complicated once you proceed with placing the order. There are no recommended rates for writers to charge and they are free to set any price they want for your order. If there is only one bid on your order, you will need to agree to the proposed price or end up wasting all that time on an order and then taking it to another writing service anyway. On top of that, EduBirdie has several other ways to charge you extra for your paper. You can choose a Platinum or Premium selection of writers for an additional price or hire an editor for your paper for an additional $9.99. You can pay for your order on EduBirdie using several standard payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, but no PayPal or cryptocurrencies are available as payment methods.

Revision and Refund

There is a high probability that you won’t be fully satisfied with your order at EduBirdie, which is why you want to be able to use some satisfaction guarantees. To EduBirdie’s credit, we will say that the service does offer unlimited free revisions, but only if the writer failed to take your original instructions into account. If you want to make even the smallest changes in your order after placing it, you will need to pay extra for the new requests. There is also a refund policy in place, but it is very complicated and there is a very small chance you will actually be entitled to a substantial refund even if you are completely dissatisfied with your paper. There is a long list of conditions your situation needs to meet if you want to be eligible for a refund, and there are plenty of EduBirdie reviews telling us that it’s not an easy feat.

EduBirdie Customers Reviews

If you want to know what other people think about EduBirdie, you will be relieved to know that there is no shortage of EduBirdie reviews on the internet. There are some testimonials on the company’s own website, but we always take those with a grain of salt: since the company can easily alter them to improve its own image, and since there isn’t actually any proof that those testimonials are written by genuine customers of EduBirdie, we cannot seriously consider them as an effective way to assess the service. There are lots of EduBirdie reviews on sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot, and while most of them are also positive, there is an occasional EduBirdie review pointing out the many problems with the service. Plus, there is no way to verify if those reviews are genuine, so it’s best not to take them at face value and trust your own instincts.


While working on our EduBirdie review, we did like some aspects of the service, but overall, it was too mediocre to impress us. We did not see a lot of positive standout qualities that would make us want to recommend EduBirdie to everyone we know, and the fairly high prices offered by the service are another reason to look for other essay writing options.


What is EduBirdie?

EduBirdie is an essay writing service that specializes in helping students, mostly of high school and college level, to deal with written assignments on a variety of subjects.

Is EduBirdie legit?

EduBirdie is fairly new compared to other writing services and has only been in the business for a little over 5 years. There is a number of customers who enjoy the work EduBirdie does, but its reputation has not been spotless.

How much does EduBirdie cost?

The prices on EduBirdie start from almost $14 per page, which is higher than what some of the most affordable services charge you. Plus, you are more likely to pay $15 per page and more if your order is complex or urgent.

Is EduBirdie a scam?

There is not enough substantial evidence to suggest that EduBirdie is a scam. Most customers who order from the service eventually get their papers, even though the quality of those papers can be disappointing.

Is EduBirdie safe?

The website mentions the company’s serious approach to security. Your financial and personal data is thoroughly protected by SSL encryption and the works are not stored on the site or given to third parties.

Is EduBirdie plagiarism-free?

EduBirdie promises that all papers written by the service are plagiarism-free. There are strict guidelines for writers regarding plagiarism and each paper written by the site is tested for plagiarism twice.

Are there EduBirdie discounts?

EduBirdie is a bidding writing service, which means that writers will place bids on your order and you will eventually pick the winning bid. The prices are not monitored and influenced by the service, which is why there are no EduBirdie discounts to speak of.

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