HomeworkMarket Review 2022: Is it Worth Your Attention?
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HomeworkMarket Review 2022

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Money-back guaranteed

This website cannot offer you any benefits. Many homework help websites feature Q&A services for a monthly fee or for free. More than that, you can always find the necessary information on your subject on the web. If a specific topic is challenging to you, you can always ask your university professor for help.
When it comes to essay writing, there are hundreds of dedicated services with professional authors. They offer way more essay-related features. This platform provides none of them.
Is HomeworkMarket fake? It is an officially registered business. However, it bears many scam signs, and we cannot recommend this service to you.

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If you are tired of completing countless academic assignments, you can address online essay writing services to get help. It is always a good idea to search for professional assistance if some subjects are challenging for you. On the other hand, it can also be challenging to choose the appropriate academic help website. In this review, we are going to evaluate Homework Market – an online educational assistance company and a Q&A platform that provides writing advice. Is HomeworkMarket legal for use? Yes, it gives students consultations on studying and operates within a legal environment. You can use this site lawfully. Let us look through the specifics of this platform in more detail.

Homework Market Design

The website design is too minimalistic with minimum information about the services. homeworkmarket review You can proceed to the homework answers section to get an understanding of the average costs before ordering anything. The company states it has more than 800 professional tutors.On the other hand, you cannot view the tutor profiles on the website before registering. There is no information on the Homework Market hiring process either. Are these tutors English natives? Does the company hire ESL writers? You will not find any info on the website. It is a downside of the service since students have to guess what they can expect from this platform. It takes time to get around.You can browse questions and answers there. However, there is no preview available. You have to register an account first. To create an account, take these steps:

  1. Press the sign-up button on the homepage.homeworkmarket reviews
  2. Proceed to the sign-up menu. Fortunately, you can quickly register using your FaceBook, Google, and Twitter accounts. Homework Market will not send any notifications on your social media pages. Alternatively, you can fill the registration form below. Come up with your username and password to your Home Market account.homeworkmarket review
  3. Proceed to the sign-up menu. Fortunately, you can quickly register using your FaceBook, Google, and Twitter accounts. Homework Market will not send any notifications on your social media pages. Alternatively, you can fill the registration form below. Come up with your username and password to your Home Market account.homeworkmarket reviews
  4. The registration is complete.

If you consider Homework Market notifications annoying, you can disable them in your profile settings.

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FAQ and Terms of Use

If you try to learn the terms of use, you will be confused, since the site does not display a regular Terms&Conditions page. To proceed to the terms of use page, you have to press the help button on your account and then continue to FAQ. This platform features FAQ and conditions of use on a single webpage. More than that, you will not find the actual answers to the frequently asked questions. There is a travesty of terms and conditions.homeworkmarket Overall, the website is designed horribly with no navigation at all.

Tutors and Quality of Their Work

Since there is no official information about the tutors on this platform. You cannot be sure these people have expertise in their areas of study. Once you place a question, you can see the bids and the author profiles.  homeworkmarket review Not every tutor includes information about his or her education.As you can see, the Homework Market tutors make tasks within multiple fields of study. Can a computer science expert assist you in finance, business, and nursing? It is very doubtful. There are reviews on each writer that bring no value at all. These comments are short and generic, yet all of them praise each author. More than that, the review system on the website gives rise to many questions. Take a look at this testimonial by mike05. homeworkmarket reviews As far as one can understand, users’ queries with answers of particular tutors are displayed in the review section. However, there is no reply to this query, yet the person states this service does a good job. It is very doubtful whether these testimonials are real.So, what do we have? The tutors have no proven expertise and credentials. They post answers within multiple fields of study. Therefore, it is very likely that they simply google the questions on the internet, which does not differ from what students do. Also, no writer indicates their English background. HomeworkMarket does not provide any guarantee of its writers’ English skills. You will likely meet ESL tutors on this platform.

The ‘Real’ Testimonials and Poor Quality

The reviews posted on the Home Market website have nothing to do with reality. The tutors cannot deliver high quality. We have found lots of negative reviews on independent platforms. For instance, the HomeworkMarket rating on Sitejabber is 2.3/5, which is not even close to the testimonials on the platform. We have found multiple HomeworkMarket reviews that mention scam behavior. The tutors miss the instructions, deliver plagiarized content, and post the answers too late or do not submit any work at all. homeworkmarket review This Homework Market review is relatively fresh. As you can see, the person purchased the services and received no assistance in return. Previous testimonials posted in 2019 speak of poor quality and horrible performance. It seems like nothing has changed since then. homeworkmarket reviews Is the HomeworkMarket scam? Assuming its fake tutors and testimonials with negative feedback, it has a lot of traits of a scam service.

How does the platform hire tutors?

To become a tutor, you need to provide proof of identity and nothing more. Then an applicant adjusts his or her public and private profiles. And that’s it. The candidates do not pass English tests or provide sample writings. Therefore, no one controls the quality of the services. 

How HomeworkMarket Services Work

The company offers a limited range of services. On this platform, you can post a query and get an answer. You should place a bid, arrange the assignment, choose a writer, and then wait for the delivery. You can post questions within more than 60 subject areas. HomeworkMarket writers craft essays as well. However, the platform itself does not focus on academic writing. Instead, it is an intermediary between customers and writers. You need to discuss the academic help with your writer. More than that, the authors are eager to do any job you want. Unlike other writing companies, this platform does not feature any specific essay-related services.

Post a Question Form

To make an order, you need to go to the homepage and press the Post a Question button. As you can see, the lower button relates to essay writing help. However, both buttons lead to the same menu, and thus, there is no difference. It makes you confused the first time you use the service. homeworkmarket reviews After that, a question form will appear. It is worth mentioning this form is generic and inconvenient. If you want to order an essay, you will have to upload a file with your instructions concerning citation format, pages, subject area, etc. Or, you need to include this information within the question form manually. More than that, the order publication is divided into three stages:

  1. You fill in the title and the details of your query.homeworkmarket review
  2. If you are already authorized, you will proceed to the third step.
  3. You have to indicate the deadline, the area of study, and at least two keywords. You can type any keyword you need since there are no predetermined tags for selection. The budget field indicates how much money you can spend on the project.homeworkmarket
  4. Optionally, you can include the desired university for your project. It will help you get more suitable bids.

After that, your project will start receiving hundreds of bids from Homework Market writers. Each proposal contains a generic prewritten message alluring you to accept it. Once you proceed to the testimonials on a particular writer, you may see his or her completed answers. homeworkmarket As we said before, you will not be able to preview at least a part of the work. You have to pay a significant amount for it. A plagiarism check is payable as well.

HomeworkMarket Payment Means

You will not find any explanation on the payment means on the website. If you try to purchase some assignments, you will have to provide your card information. The company does not indicate what card issuers it supports. homeworkmarket While PayPal and Payoneer are mentioned in terms of use, these options do not appear while you try to purchase a task.

Payment Security

Is HomeworkMarket reliable when it comes to payments? It gives you no warranties on payment safety in terms of use. Fortunately, it is because the Terms and Conditions page is incomplete. Once you proceed with the payment, you will notice the Stripe label at the bottom of the page. The site is powered by the Stripe payment system, which ensures safe payments. You can be sure your financial data remains secure.

HomeworkMarket Bidding System and Prices

The price you mention in your project form does not matter. Since there is a bidding system, each writer decides on the costs individually. For instance, if you indicate a $10 budget, you will receive bids within this range. However, after you discuss all the details with your writer, he or she can set a higher charge for the assignment. Therefore, you cannot predict the costs in advance anyway.  Many other writing services allow you to release funds after your author uploads the task. Homework Market, on the contrary, forces you to pay a significant amount right away, which does not contribute to the reliability of this platform. You have to pay 50% of the price upfront. Unlike other writing services, HomeworkMarket charges a fee of $0.90 per transaction. Here are some of the aspects that influence the price:

  • Deadline
  • Number of pages
  • Subject complexity 
  • Cited sources and visual materials

The bidding system has several flaws. It makes some writers, especially new ones, compete and lower the charges. Due to this fact, they think more about quantity rather than quality. Some of the writers can even beg you to accept their bid. And after you pay in advance, you will receive an incredibly poor work. All these aspects make HomeworkMarket prices too high.

Can you Expect Timely Delivery?

HomeworkMarket lacks consistency in this regard. We have found numerous reviews that speak of deadline issues. Since there is no quality control, and the writer application process does not apply any timed tests, the tutors fail to deliver work on time very often. Making orders on the HomeworkMarket is identical to playing a lottery.

HomeworkMarket Refunds and Revisions

The site does not warrant you unlimited revisions. You can discuss it with a particular writer before you release the payment. Most of the writers agree to make corrections if you find some in the delivered assignments. Is HomeworkMarket legit in terms of compensations? When it comes to refunds, the platform does not provide any regulations and warranties for dispute resolution. There are no statements concerning returns in terms of use either. You cannot expect compensation.

HomeworkMarket Support Staff

HomeworkMarket does not offer distant assistance to the students. Many writing and educational services feature live chat so that you can get answers to your questions quickly. You cannot enjoy real-time communication with the support staff on the site. Besides that, there is no support email available. However, you can still send your request via the Contact Us page. homeworkmarket You can fill the form and then wait for a reply. But again, because of the poor website design, you will not see your query displayed anywhere on your dashboard. Therefore, you can never get a response from the support team.

Advantages and Downsides of HomeworkMarket


  • You can communicate with each writer directly.
  • The website is safe for transactions.


  • You will not get any support from the company.
  • The site has no refund policy.
  • The website design is undescriptive.
  • The company offers an incredibly limited range of services.
  • It publishes fake writers’ testimonials.
  • The quality of the delivered work is unacceptably low.
  • Prices do not match the quality.


What is HomeworkMarket?

It is an online educational platform that features essay assistance and Q&A services.

Is HomeworkMarket Legit?

It is an officially registered company. You can lawfully use its services.

How much does HomeworkMarket Cost?

Its writers set prices according to their expectations and your order specifics. The average price per question starts at $14.

Is HomeworkMarket Scam?

It is not a scam. However, it bears many scam signs.

Is Homework Market Safe?

All payments are safe on this platform.

Is HomeworkMarket Plagiarism-free?

No, it is not. Many reviews mention matching content issues.

Are there HomeworkMarket Discounts?

Unfortunately, HomeworkMarket does not offer any discounts.

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