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Once you’ve decided to search for professional academic help, you’ll find many online writing services and tutoring platforms on the Web. Wyzant belongs to the second category. This service was founded in 2005, and therefore, it has a large audience consisting of both students and tutors. Since this platform has writing tutors, we’ve decided to research how it works. So keep up reading our Wyzant review in which we uncover the background and main aspects of the service.


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Advertiser Disclosure

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Navigating the Tutoring Platform: Does Wyzant Have a User-Friendly Website?



The home page of this platform looks neat and informative. Wyzant designers did a good job – there are no unnecessary images that can spoil the very first impression. Generally, the home page looks minimalistic – you won’t find excessive details or a lengthy list of services or disciplines. There are only 9 subjects in a list on the home page, but you can press an appropriate link to find more. Helpful information is placed on a white background. However, an upper text block is placed on a video banner. It’s a little bit hard to read this information because you can’t focus on particular content. You want to read the text, but the background video grabs your attention.



A user has to answer a few questions to find a tutor. Wyzant requires you to specify whether you want to take online classes or meet a tutor in person, your timezone, academic level, schedule, number of lessons, and when you need help. Once you’ve answered these questions, Wyzant will generate a list of available tutors. However, you have to remember that none of these teachers will write a paper for you. As we’ve mentioned in our Wyzant review, it’s a tutoring platform. A tutor will only teach you to write essays and improve your writing. If you have time to learn, you can use this service. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a top grade for your paper. If you hire a professional writer, you can be sure that your professor will give you an excellent mark.


Will You Benefit From Collaboration With Tutors on the Wyzant Platform?

Wyzant has a large base of instructors specializing in different areas. A student can find a tutor in writing, coding, accounting, algebra, chemistry, etc. Wyzant even allows finding a teacher to prepare for exams. Every tutor has a profile so that a user could read a short bio, find out more information about their work experience, and see prices. You can also find their rating, schedule, and tutoring experience on Wyzant. 

The service allows you to sort instructors by price, rating, or choose to see the most matching instructors. If you choose the second variant, the best tutors will be shown at the top of the list. And here comes the most interesting thing about Wyzant tutors – the best tutors set incredibly high prices. Look at the screenshot below, and you’ll see that an instructor with the highest rating takes $360 per hour. It’s hard to imagine what kind of a student can pay so much money for one lesson. By the way, you can’t learn to write flawlessly in just one hour, and you’ll need more classes. It’s definitely cheaper to hire a top writer and pay them to write an essay.



Undoubtedly, this platform may be an effective solution for students searching for experienced tutors to help them study. We took a glance at Wyzant reviews and discovered that there are only positive testimonials in this section. Yet, we can hardly believe that all tutors on this platform perform so well and have only two explanations for this situation – Wyzant either deletes negative reviews, or all of the tutors are really that incredible. 

What Kind of Services Are Presented on the Wyzant Tutoring Platform?

As you’ve learned from our Wyzant review, this platform helps students and tutors connect with each other. If you are a student, you can find an instructor in any discipline to improve your academic performance. It’s up to you how many lessons to book, but you have to consider your budget and schedule. If you need to write an essay, you can find a writing tutor to help you improve your skills. Wyzant allows you to pick a format of your lessons too – you can meet online or in-person with your instructor. They will explain spelling and grammar rules, help you structure your text, and share with you different writing tricks. However, you’ll have to write a paper on your own, and an instructor will only check it. Wyzant isn’t a writing service offering professional writing assistance though. You can’t buy papers on this platform and get excellent grades. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the best grade right after the first lesson with a tutor.

All lessons are automatically recorded, so a student can watch it as many times as they want. A video becomes available within 24 hours after recording. A user will receive a link to their video – it will be available on the platform and the Wyzant app. It’s a convenient option for both students and tutors. However, you have to keep in mind that a video will be available only for one month. Besides, you can’t download and save lesson recordings on your laptop or smartphone.

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 What Payment Methods Are Available for Users on the Wyzant Tutoring Platform?

Wyzant allows users to pay through debit, credit cards, and PayPal. It was hard to find this information even though it’s really important. We’ve managed to find payment information among questions of the Wyzant Help Center. 

This service doesn’t allow students to communicate with tutors until the former add their payment information. You can send only one message to a tutor before entering financial data. Money will be charged from your account after a lesson.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Writing Instructor on the Wyzant Platform?



Typically, prices start at $30 per hour on the Wyzant platform. However, we’ve found even lower prices for writing classes – $15 per hour. Before picking a tutor, it’s better to read Wyzant reviews to make sure they have enough experience to teach you. Instructors setting low prices are less experienced. Besides, they started tutoring on Wyzant not long ago. If you want to find someone to teach you writing, it’s better to hire a person who has vast experience in this area. But it will cost you a lot to pay a professional writer just to learn to write academic papers. You’ll pay less if you buy essays from a writing service. Moreover, you’ll save your time and energy, and you won’t have to study after classes at college. 



How Many Lessons Should You Book on the Wyzant Tutoring Platform to Write Excellent Papers?

The studying period will depend on your progress and budget. Of course, you can book one lesson, but you’ll hardly learn the main aspects of excellent writing. You’ll need to learn rules, practice, discuss your texts with a tutor, and improve your papers. Indeed, you’ll need more than one hour to learn to write like a pro. You’ll have to discuss your schedules with a tutor to choose a convenient time for studying. But if you have an urgent task and need to get an excellent grade, Wyzant won’t be the best choice. You can buy a paper at one of the professional writing services and receive a high-quality essay within a tight timeframe. 

Can You Receive a Refund if You Aren’t Satisfied With a Lesson at Wyzant?

Wyzant strives to provide students with the best studying experience. Of course, the service team can’t control 65.000 tutors registered on their platform, but they offer an opportunity to choose an instructor you feel comfortable with. Wyzant has the Good Fee Guarantee – an option allowing you to get a refund after the first lesson. If you meet with a tutor and realize that this person doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get a refund. Wyzant will return the money for the first hour of your classes. However, you can’t apply for a refund for a lesson with an instructor you’ve studied with before. So, if a tutor can’t teach you to write excellent texts, you won’t even get your money back. Professional writing services are more customer-oriented in this regard because you can get your money back if a received paper doesn’t meet your requirements. 

Customer Support Quality on the Wyzant Tutoring Platform: Will You Get Help Here? 

Wyzant has a Search Help Center – a page where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. It’s divided into sections, which is rather convenient for users. Chances are you won’t even have to contact support managers to get help. If you still need to talk to the service representative, you can use a live chat, send an email, or call them. Note that you’ll have to wait for a long time for an answer because an average response time at Wyzant is 3-5 days. Well, it’s a bad sign for those searching for help urgently. 

What Are the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of the Wyzant Tutoring Platform?

Wyzant differs from typical academic services a lot, so it’s necessary to keep in mind all the main characteristics of this platform. It’s not a writing agency, and therefore you’ll have to learn to write papers with a tutor. Undoubtedly, taking classes is a good decision, but you can fail to get an excellent grade after the first lesson. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of this platform to figure out whether Wyzant is an effective solution for you or not:


  • Wyzant has more than 65.000 tutors.
  • Wyzant app is available on Google Play and App Store.
  • A student can find an instructor in any discipline on this platform.
  • Wyzant allows users to pick online lessons or in-person learning.
  • All lessons are recorded. A user gets a link to a video within 24 hours after a lesson.


  • Wyzant doesn’t offer writing services. You’ll have to learn to write papers with a tutor.
  • It costs a lot to take classes on Wyzant – an average sum is $30 per hour.
  • You can communicate with a tutor only after providing your payment information.
  • Wyzant offers a refund only for the first hour with a tutor you haven’t ever studied with before. 
  • Top tutors are really expensive. Some of them ask even more than $300 for one lesson. 
  • There’s no guarantee that you’ll learn to write excellent papers and get top grades.

Is It the Right Choice to Prefer Wyzant to Professional Writing Services?

Wyzant is an excellent solution for students striving to learn subjects they don’t understand and improve their academic performance. However, this platform can be a wrong choice if you need to cope with an urgent writing assignment or present a meaningful, grammatically correct paper at a college. You can learn to write brilliant essays, but you’ll need more than one lesson with a tutor. Hence, taking writing classes will cost you more than hiring a professional writer.


What is Wyzant?

Wyzant is a tutoring service that connects students and instructors from different areas. There are more than 65.000 registered tutors on this platform. A student can choose a tutor, book a necessary number of lessons and study online or meet with selected tutors in person.

Is Wyzant legit?

Wyzant is a legit service founded in 2005. A team of the company counts more than 100 employees. Wyzant is headquartered in Chicago. 

How much does Wyzant cost?

Average prices are $30-$60 per hour. However, less experienced tutors set lower prices. You can book a lesson that costs $15. Some of the top tutors ask for more than $100 for their lessons.

Is Wyzant a scam?

There’s no evidence proving that Wyzant is a scam. It’s a reputable service helping students find tutors in different disciplines. Wyzant charges a small commission from instructors’ payments.

Is Wyzant safe?

Wyzant offers users to pay through safe payment systems and guards the confidentiality of every platform member. The service doesn’t sell or share user data either.

Is Wyzant plagiarism-free?

Since Wyzant isn’t a writing service, paper quality depends on you. A tutor will teach you to write papers, so you won’t have to copy samples you’ll find on the Web.

Are there Wyzant discounts?

Wyzant doesn’t offer discounts, but you can find coupons on the Web and track the latest company updates. You can apply a coupon code in the Payment Information section. 

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