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Lincoln Tyas

Editorial Team Lead


9 years of experience

website: lincolntyas.com


Being the Editorial Team Lead of EssaysRescue, an online platform that delivers insightful and unbiased evaluations of a variety of essay writing services, Lincoln Tyas is highly experienced in assessing the quality of academic writing services. Due to his years of experience, he is widely recognized as an authority in the field.

As a professional writer with a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and graduate training in History from Harvard University and UCLA, I have had the opportunity to produce a wide range of written content for diverse clients. My academic training has provided me with a deep understanding of the literary and cultural texts I encounter, and how they are shaped by historical and social contexts.

In addition to my writing work, I have also worked as a research assistant at Harvard University and a teaching assistant at UCLA. In these roles, I have helped professors with their research projects and publications, managed research data and files, and taught undergraduate history courses. I am passionate about producing high-quality work that reflects my interests in literature, culture, and history.

As someone with extensive experience in checking term papers, dissertations, and essays from students, I have found that the key to producing high-quality academic writing is rooted in thorough research and clear communication. Students often struggle with navigating the complexity of academic writing, from understanding the requirements and formatting to developing a clear thesis and supporting arguments.

In my experience, the most effective way to ensure that academic writing meets the necessary standards is to provide detailed feedback that is specific to the individual writer’s needs. This helps writers gain a deeper understanding of the requirements of academic writing, and learn how to apply those standards to their own work.

To produce high-quality academic writing, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and provide clear evidence to support arguments. It is also important to ensure that the writing is clear and concise, with a strong thesis statement that is supported by evidence throughout the paper. Proper citation and formatting are also crucial, including understanding the various citation styles and using them correctly throughout the paper.


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