1Checker Review 2021: Is It Worth Being Relied On?
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1Checker Review 2021: Is It Worth Being Relied On?


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The question of is 1Checker fake is quite expected when it comes to this platform. It positions itself as an extremely reliable and free to use proofreading website, the quality of which, however, leaves much to be desired. Despite using AI technologies and innovations of Natural Language Processing, 1Checker cannot boast of high accuracy in identifying and correcting spelling, stylistic and grammar mistakes. The most significant advantage of 1Checker is a free-to-use policy. Yet, when it comes to the quality of your writing that identifies your reputation, it is better to use a more reliable proofreading platform.


Advertiser Disclosure

Advertiser Disclosure

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1checker review

The Best Services

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Proofreading platforms have become an irreplaceable tool for any person who is at least somehow connected to text writing. No wonder there are plenty of online spelling and grammar checkers offering different types and quality of services. 1Checker was developed by the representatives of the Greedy Intelligence company who received funding from Cambridge University. The platform has been built upon the latest findings in the area of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technologies. 1Checker has been created as an irreplaceable aid for non-native English speakers to help them avoid contextual confusions by providing adequate suggestions.  The operation principle of 1Checker is based on the thorough analysis of modern language usage and constant updating of the mechanisms for spelling, style and grammar check. In addition to proofreading services, it provides suggestions regarding the enrichment of the vocabulary, so it is a good chance not only to edit your paper but also to improve your language skills. As perfect as this platform may seem, 1Checker reviews are far from being totally positive. What is the main factor that damages the reputation of 1Checker? And why are questions like ‘is 1Checker legal’ quite regular? Read this 1Checker review to reveal all the truth about this proofreading platform.

1Checker Website Design

1checker review

It is hardly possible to find the website design that would be more low-tech than the one 1Checker owns. You won’t see any eye-catching elements except for the 1Checker logo placed in the top left corner of the homepage. Being an educational web page aimed to render proofreading services and improve the language skills, it doesn’t need to pay huge attention to exquisite website design or focus on catchy web elements. However, in the XXI century, a highly technological interface able to ensure intuitive navigation and comfortable placement of the content blocks is a must. It seems that the given platform has chosen to ignore these requirements and paid its price, as such negligence has downgraded 1Checker rating a lot. Overall, 1Checker is quite informative: all the necessary information can be found in a blink of an eye in the corresponding sections of the main menu. Registration is fast and easy and will take not more than 2 minutes. To make it even faster, you may log in using your Facebook account. 

1Checker Quality

Despite all the pros 1Checker can boast of, the questions like ‘is 1Checker scam’ keep emerging. And there are many reasons for this. According to the numerous 1Checker reviews that can be easily found online, the results of its work aren’t as accurate as they are expected to be. While completing the check, the service considers some 100% correct phrases as incorrect. At the same time, some very obvious mistakes are usually missed. This fact is a clear evidence that the 1Checker software is somewhat obsolete and needs to be updated. If we talk about the time needed to complete the proofreading procedure, it mainly depends on the size of the text you are going to check. Despite the fast speed, its inaccuracy in completing its direct functions may serve the users of 1Checker a dirty trick, as, taking into account these drawbacks, the question of is 1Checker reliable seems more than relevant.



The Range Of 1Checker Services

one checker

1Checker provides the full cycle of the proofreading services, which includes checking the text for spelling, stylistic and grammatical mistakes. In addition to these three basic features, the platform offers suggestions as to the translation, dictionary and vocabulary enrichment. Every mistake is explained in detail with the corresponding examples so that you can both avoid mistakes and improve your language skills. To launch a check, you should either copy and paste your text into the corresponding field of the website or upload the documents with the help of the ‘Open’ button. 1Checker can be accessed via your browser and used in the online mode or installed directly on your computer, as there is 1Checker for Windows, Windows 8 and Mac. Besides, you can easily integrate 1Checker into Word and/or Outlook, as it features the corresponding plugins. Also, for the convenience of its users, 1Checker ensured special templates that can be used depending on your purpose.

1checker review


Unlike many other proofreading services, 1Checker tends to polish the writing, not just correct the spelling and grammar mistakes. Created for writing enhancement purposes, it uses a complex of proofreading options aimed to make the checked text as qualitative as possible.

How Can You Pay For 1Checker Services?

1Checker doesn’t accept any payment methods, as it is absolutely free to use. In order to start working on the platform, you just need to register and confirm your membership through the link sent to your email.

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How Much Does 1Checker Cost?

As for the 1Checker prices, there is nothing to say, as this platform renders its services on a completely free basis. There is no premium subscription or any other options that could be used as additional ones for extra payment. The no-fee principle of the website can be easily explained by the desire of its developers to glean as much data as possible to improve the operational algorithm of 1Checker and increase its rate of accuracy. However, free usage is possible only in case you are an individual user. If you represent a company or organization and would like to learn about business opportunities 1Checker ensures, you should contact the customer support to get all the details. Most likely, the business package includes some extra functions and isn’t free of charge. But 1Checker website doesn’t provide any information regarding this issue, so it is better to ask their manager directly. 

1Checker Delivery Time

1Checker ensures instant proofreading results. Usually, the time when you can get feedback on your writing check depends on the size of the text you would like 1Checker to edit: the longer it is, the more time is required to proofread it. According to the information provided on the website, 1Checker undergoes constant updates and improvements of its software. There are no definite deadlines for updates, however, they are quite regular and increase 1Checker performance a lot.


On such a serious stage of paper writing as proofreading, anyone would like to have some guarantees that the service they use is reliable and professional enough not to play a mean trick on them. 1Checker, however, cannot provide any guarantees to its users. Moreover, taking into account the information indicated on the official website of the service, the software of 1Checker is far from being perfect. The platform admins are aware of the multiple mistakes of the program and keep working on its upgrade since 2010 – the time when the service was launched. 

In Case You Need Help From 1Checker

Unlike many websites of this type, 1Checker doesn’t feature a decent customer support service. In case of any questions or remarks, there is only one email that can be used to contact admins. There is neither information if you can get a response to your email nor any other option to use to liaise with the person who can help you in case you experience any problems with 1Checker. However, the website offers quite an informative FAQ section where it is possible to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1checker review

Pros and Cons

For you to always have crucial information about 1Checker, we prepared the Pros and Cons section to summarize its most significant advantages and drawbacks.


  • Can be used online as well as be installed on Windows and Mac
  • Features Microsoft and Outlook plugins
  • Offers ready-made templates to ensure an impeccable formatting of your documents 
  • Completely free of charge


  • Many bugs when it comes to identifying and correcting mistakes 
  • Outdated tacky website design
  • Website lacks the protection of users’ personal data
  • A limited array of services
  • Poor customer support
  • No guarantees that your text will be edited perfectly


What is 1Checker?

1Checker is a free online proofreading platform that renders spelling, stylistic and grammar check services, as well as helps enrich your vocabulary and improve your language skills. 

Is 1Checker legit?

When it comes to 1Checker, the question of is 1Checker legit is not rare at all. Due to the numerous negative reviews that can be easily found online, one can conclude that not all the users of this platform are satisfied with its services. 

How much does 1Checker cost?

1Checker is completely free to use and can be either accessed via the browser or downloaded to your desktop.

Is 1Checker scam?

1Checker is not a scam, but the quality of its services is not high enough to consider it as the best choice for proofreading.

Is 1Checker safe?

The website states it doesn’t use the text of the users for any other purposes but proofreading and does not make them available to any third party. However, the platform doesn’t feature any SSL protection, so this service is not safe to use. 

Is 1Checker plagiarism-free?

1Checker is not a writing service. It has been created exclusively for proofreading purposes of ready-made texts.

Are there 1Checker discounts?

The platform is completely free to use, that is why it does not feature any discounts.

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