Edusson Review 2021: Can You Trust This Essay Service?
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The Utimate Edusson Review 2021


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Edusson is one of the services that works on a bidding system rather than a standard pricing model, which already may prove to be a disadvantage for some users. On top of that, Edusson failed to impress us with its quality of writing, and its prices are too high for the level of service.


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About Edusson

Compared to many other essay writing services we have reviewed at EssaysRescue, Edusson is a relatively new one. Having been founded only in 2016, it has never achieved the levels of popularity of other writing services. Still, Edusson has been enjoying mild acclaim among the students, so we decided to take a closer look at its services and reliability. At first glance, is your typical essay writing service with a slightly limited variety of services and an unimaginative design. However, it won’t take you too much time to find a section of the site called Don’t Buy Accounts. Intrigued by the title, we went on to investigate. The section is dedicated to warning the aspiring writers from buying the accounts of existing writers at Edusson. This is not something we have heard about before despite our extensive experience with essay writing services, and it certainly looks like it’s a big enough problem for Edusson.

My Experience with Edusson

On our site, we never post essay writing services reviews without testing the services first and getting a first-hand impression of the things they offer to their customers. That is exactly what we did with Edusson. The site allows you to post an order without creating an account, so we proceeded to the order system. It’s a single page where you can specify the details of your order. The important thing to remember about is that this service works on a bidding basis. It can have both advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss later. We can say with confidence that we are not fans of the bidding system, but we did not encounter any problems on the order placement stage. We placed an order for a fairly simple four-page essay with an 8-day deadline. We were surprised that there wasn’t an opportunity to specify the desired academic level, as the same topic for a high school and an undergraduate level can produce a very different essay. We uploaded the details of our order and were taken straight to the page with the writer bids. There were very few of them even though our order wasn’t a complicated one and they all offered a nearly identical price, which makes us think there are some guidelines for the writers for pricing their orders. We picked the most experienced writer and went with him. The order was delivered to us less than an hour before the deadline, which is acceptable. However, the quality of the essay left us unimpressed. It contained a few mistakes we don’t expect to see in a professional essay writing service, and the language used in the paper was very simplistic, which is likely due to the fact that we could not specify the necessary academic level while placing the order.

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If you have ever used an essay writing service before, you probably already know what to expect from your time on Edusson. It is designed very similarly to other writing services and is easy enough to use even as a beginner. The homepage of contains lots of information you may not need, but the order button is easy to find and that’s the most important thing you need when planning to order an essay from a writing service. At the top and bottom of, you will find several menus that will tell you the things you need to know about the service before placing it. There is also a FAQ section and a How It Works section that can help you understand the ropes of using Edusson if you have never done it before. However, the one thing that constantly disrupted our user experience was the chat pop-up window. It would be better if the visitor could decide for himself if he wanted to communicate with customer support.

Services Offered by Edusson

We have already established that Edusson is nothing more than a standard essay writing service, which is why its variety of services is not staggering at all. You can easily find the list of offered services in the top drop-down menu, as well as on the bottom of the page. At Edusson, you can get the following types of assignments done for you:

  • Essay
  • Dissertation
  • Course study
  • Research proposal
  • Speech
  • Thesis
  • Capstone project
  • Book/movie review

It’s easy to notice that this list of available services at Edusson is not particularly complete. For example, we did not see any resume or cover letter writing services, as well as bibliography writing. There is a section dedicated to homework assistance, but does not elaborate about the types of homework it can help you with. We did like that Edusson can not only write, but also rewrite or edit your paper, which is definitely a plus.

Writers and Paper Quality

Right on the homepage of, you can already see some of the writer’s profiles. The profiles are rather detailed and contain the writer’s top disciplines, achievements, and even profile photos. However, we must say that most of those profile photos look like stock images, so we have a hard time believing any of them actually belong to the real writers of Edusson. Additionally, the homepage of also contains information for aspiring academic writers who want to work for the service. It’s probably the first time that we see such an active attempt to recruit new writers, which can only mean two things: either there are so many orders at Edusson that they constantly grow their staff or the writers are not happy with the conditions of working at Edusson and quickly jump ship after being hired. This unstable situation with the writers has also influenced the quality of papers done by Edusson. It’s uneven to say the least, both in our experience and in the experience of other people who have worked with the service. You can get a beautifully written paper from a novice writer, but it’s also possible to get a subpar paper from an acclaimed Edusson author.

Customer Support

We have already mentioned that when visiting for the first time, you are immediately greeted by a customer support chat window, and even if you minimize it once, you will constantly see it pop up while using the site. We have seen several Edusson reviews complaining of this annoying issue and we hope that the site does something about it. claims that its support system is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but we have come across more than one Edusson review claiming it can be difficult to reach the support at late hours. Other than that, the situation with customer support at Edusson looks rather promising. Not only can you contact the customer support team via the chat, but there is also an email and a phone number available for you to use. Edusson has a free Android app that you can use to place and track your orders. The service is also present on Facebook, but it doesn’t appear to be very active there — the last update was posted over a month ago, so you shouldn’t expect to get a speedy response through it.

Edusson Prices and Payment Methods

In our Edusson review, we already mentioned that the site works on a bidding system. It means that there is no pricing guide and the writers are virtually free to charge you anything they want for your assignment. To us, the bidding system is far inferior to the standard pricing system for one simple reason: you can end up spending all this time placing the order and then realize that the prices offered by the writers are far outside of your budget.In our experience with Edusson and judging by other Edusson reviews, we found that the price per page can be often considerably higher than the price offered by other popular essay writing services. For example, our essay turned out to cost roughly $14 per page with an 8-day deadline, when we could get a paper of similar quality from another writing service for $10 per page. On top of that, Edusson has several more ways to make you pay extra for your order. When placing the order, you will see a variety of additional paid features, such as an option to only display your order to 50% of top writers for an extra 10% to the order price or 20% of platinum writers for +20%. You can also entrust the choice of a writer to Edusson’s customer support for an extra $9.99. Together, those features can make you pay far more than you expected. The variety of payment options available at Edusson is super limited and only includes Visa and Mastercard. Neither the equally popular Discover and American Express or the customer favorite PayPal are available, let alone Bitcoin and other innovative payment methods.

Revision and Refund

The essential thing to know about the revision and refund policies at Edusson is that they are not particularly easy to find. You will have to go all the way to Terms and Conditions and then get through pages of text to locate what you are looking for. In short, both revisions and refunds are available at Edusson, but there is a whole string of conditions you need to meet in order to qualify for either one of them.For example, you have three days to ask the writer for a revision, which may not be an option if you are in a hurry and risk missing your deadline. If you are completely unsatisfied with the work done for you by Edusson, you can apply for a refund, but here the situation gets even more complicated. There are virtually no cases where you can get a full refund and only a couple of situations where you can expect a 70% or 50% refund. Again, you have only three days to request a refund and if you have released the payment to the writer and later discovered some problems with it, you cannot get a refund or even a free revision.

Edusson Customers Reviews

Customer testimonials are often the most effective way to know if a writing service is worth trusting, and Edusson is no exception. Surprisingly enough, there is no section with Edusson reviews on the company’s own website, which makes us think it isn’t particularly proud of its track record with the customers. There are, however, plenty of Edusson reviews on third-party websites, and not all of them are positive. In fact, on the most popular review sites, Sitejabber and Trustpilot, Edusson only has 3 or 4 out of 5 stars, which is not ideal. There is more than one review mentioning the questionable quality of writing and missed deadlines by Edusson, and even one Edusson review warning potential customers against ordering from the service. All in all, Edusson does not have the strongest reputation with the customers.

Pros and Cons of Edusson


  • Wide availability of customer support
  • Only Bachelor’s degree writers or higher are hired


  • PayPal is not accepted
  • Uneven quality of writing
  • Account buying problem

Summary had the potential for being one of the top essay writing services, but at the end of the day, it left us unimpressed with its quality of writing. Plus, we find the bidding system to be more time-consuming and, eventually, more expensive than the standard pricing system. Edusson may not be the worst essay writing service we have ever reviewed, but it doesn’t have enough strong sides for us to recommend it.


What is Edusson?

Edusson is an essay writing service that works on a bidding system, meaning you get to choose the writer to work on your order from the many bids you get for your assignment.

Is Edusson legit?

Edusson does have a substantial experience in the essay writing industry, so it’s not a service that will simply disappear with your money. However, the quality of writing and the adherence to the deadlines leaves a lot to be desired.

How much does Edusson cost?

Edusson employs a bidding model, which means you will only learn the price of your order when you accept one of the bids from the writers. On average, a single page from Edusson will cost you $15 and up.

Is Edusson a scam?

Edusson is not a scam in the usual sense of the word — you will eventually get the paper you’ve paid for, even if it’s not going to be right on time or perfectly written. However, you can easily find better writing for less money from other writing services.

Is Edusson safe?

Edusson does appear to be safe. It has a widely available customer support system that can answer your questions at any time of the day. The site also handles customer data responsibly and doesn’t ask for more of your personal information than it needs.

Is Edusson plagiarism-free?

We personally did not have any issues with plagiarism on Edusson, but we have seen reports from customers who claim that their papers were partially or fully plagiarized, so that is something to keep in mind.

Are there Edusson discounts?

No, the bidding system used by Edusson means that the service has minimal control over the prices its customers pay. That is why any discounts are out of the question, although you can possibly negotiate a lower price with your writer.

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