MyAdmissionEssay Review 2022: is it worth your inputs?
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MyAdmissionEssay Review 2022


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MyAdmissionsEssay is a writing service aimed at academic essays and other types of academic work. It has its advantages and appeals to many students. However, so far there is much to be desired. Many branches of the service are still suffering from being not as quality as they should be. So if you are seeking a great service to help yourself with academic writings, it is better to look for other options.


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MyAdmissionsEssay review

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MyAdmissionEssay in a nutshell

MyAdmissionEssay has been around for several years. The agency offers students professional help all around the globe when it comes to writing essays and other academic works. On the website, you can order a wide variety of such works, determine the deadline and calculate the price. MyAdmissionEssay service provides help via phone calls, online chats, and mail. 

What is the website design of MyAdmissionEssay?


MyAdmissionsEssay presents an easy and minimalistic design. At the top left corner, you can click on the “MyAdmissionsEssay” button that brings you back to the home page. At the top right corner, you’re offered a bunch of options. Here you can clear up all the issues relating to your writing as well as sign up. Right under this panel, you can make use of a price calculator by setting a type of work you need to be done, its complexity level, deadline, etc.



Further below, the company presents its stats, persuasive reasons for using its services as well as a couple of examples of its employees’ works. The website’s theme is light with white and blue colours prevailing. As soon as you sign up, you’re exposed to the interface of your account office where you are presented all options marked with blue. While going from one option to the other, little lags are noticed. 

Is MyAdmissionEssay reliable when it comes to quality?

According to comments on the Internet, most students are satisfied with the quality of MyAdmissionsEssay service. However, there are occasions when students report dreadfully poor service. Most such complaints elaborate on the company’s inefficient employment which permits non-native speakers to work along with competent workers. Generally, it looks like all customers can do is try and get convinced in services by guess-work. That’s why MyAdmissionsEssay, despite its relatively quality service in most cases, cannot be relied upon since you can get the work of a low standard. Even worse, you are prone to lose time which is the most valuable thing when you are to submit your academic writing

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What additional services does MyAdmissionsEssay provide?

There is a great number of additional services available on MyAdmissionsEssay platform. Here you can order the previous writer multiple times. This means that for paying an additional sum for the service, you are able to get in contact with the writer you’ve already collaborated with and the work of whom you’ve already appreciated. This is a helpful service because this way, you can be almost 100% sure that the service will be a good value for money.

my admissions essay

The second feature provides you with the opportunity to choose the type of writing. The website offers three types of writing which include Basic writing that you can receive at no additional cost, as well as two other services, including Standard and Premium writing. This is a fairly negative feature since the brand kind of draws the line of division between customers. Some opt for ordinary writing whereas others for that of premium quality. It is assumed that MyAdmissionsEssay ranking in writing should comply with one standard of writing and not be divided into chargeable options. 

my admission essay

Another similar service implies providing VIP customer service for the additional payment. This again makes the service hierarchical and customers unequal to one another. This VIP feature allows your questions to be reviewed before hundreds of other applications. Also, one of the basic features implied is a plagiarism check. What a surprise it is to discover that such an option is chargeable and you are continually urged to take it. MyAdmissionsEssay service claims to deliver unique works. However, it is rather an inexplicable question why the service still permits dreadful blunders from time to time. 

Is MyAdmissionsEssay legal when it comes to payment? 

As MyAdmissionsEssay review has shown, the company cooperates with reliable payment systems such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. There are no problems with replenishing your account. You can opt for a particular payment option, choose the sum you want to be credited to your account and conduct the financial transaction securely. Make sure that if you are making a payment in euros, then VAT taxes may be executed during the transaction. There are a few most common currencies available on the website. Generally, there are no problems in this regard. 

What are MyAdmissionsEssay prices? 

MyAdmissionsEssay provides a useful price table, which reveals all the prices depending on the deadline and the type of work you request.

myadmissionsessay review

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, MyAdmissionsEssay provides a wide variety of additional services. All of them are chargeable and offer certain tariffs. All the information is listed below: 

  • The minimum price per page is $9. 
  • The price for the additional service “The previous writer” is not listed with the minimum price on the website. This means that you need to try out the service to find out the price of the feature.
  • The feature of the superior writing levels will cost you $2-$3 dollars per page depending on the academic level. 
  • VIP customer service is worth $14.99 and it provides you with the opportunity to prioritize your requests to the support over hundreds of ordinary applications. 
  • If you want to check your work on the subject of plagiarism, you can opt for such an option. MyAdmissionsEssay offers the feature of plagiarism for $9.99 per 1-5 page essay. It is strange because ordering a paper implies that you will get a unique, new material. Otherwise, it begs the question whether it is worth paying for, say, small works worth $15-25 if you need to add another 10 bucks afterwards. 
  • An abstract page costs $14.99. A description is an important part of every work as it gives an insight into its essence. However, such prices are not affordable. It is especially absurd if the work itself has a small volume. 
  • Sources used is worth $4.99 
  • Outline costs $9.99 
  • Editor’s check requires additional cost too.  

Ultimately, the website has its discounts. For example, you can get a 10% discount after your first order. Then, you can use diverse promo-codes giving small discounts. However, it still feels like a rip-off when you see the prices for such services as proofreading, adding links and use and plagiarism, which should be included for free. 

MyAdmissionsEssay: is it fast? 

As for the deadlines, MyAdmissionsEssay offers a range between 3 hours and 20 days. It is sufficient both in case you are in a terrible hurry and in case you want the work to be ordered in advance. Regarding the delivery of work, in most cases, the company keeps everything up to the mark. However, as some customers note, sometimes the service fails to deliver the task on time or delivers it poorly done. That’s why MyAdmissionsEssay sometimes can let you down and not keep up with expectations once you see the price list. 

MyAdmissionsEssay refund and revision policies

MyAdmissionsEssay service remains transparent as to the refund and revision policies. On the website, you can become familiar with the information on these issues. If you want to revise your paper, then you can do it without any time frame if the “approve” button is not pressed. Once you’ve approved your work, you’re given 7 days to proofread it and make any corrections. For those who order the work extending over 20 sheets, this deadline is doubled. If any problems occur, you are encouraged to contact the customer service. Note that the maximum number of revisions permitted is three. There are also three main refunds that shall be provided:  100% refund

  • The payment has been sent by mistake. This means that you’ve taken more money than it was supposed or that your order has been confused with another identical one. 
  • No suitable writer was available
  • Your work wasn’t delivered to you on time

70% refund

  • If the order has been annulled when the writer has already been appointed. This way, 30% is sent as compensation to the writer.

50% refund

  • if the company cannot offer any writer for your revision
  • If the order has been annulled and over half of the deadline has passed.


Is MyAdmissionsEssay responsive?

There are three ways to contact the customer service of MyAdmssionsEssay. This paragraph is particularly relevant for those who ask “Is MyAdmissionsEssay fake?”, wondering if the service is just a virtual platform with no real assistance and guidance.  The first way to get in touch with the support is by calling the toll-free number. You just need to hang on the line a bit and an operator will respond promptly. The other way of contacting the customer support is by mail. It is not the promptest way of getting in touch with assistants as you may be waiting for days without your message getting any reply. The last way of communication is through the live chat – it is really fast. You can contact the support in a matter of a few seconds. However, another disadvantage is that your question may be totally ignored. If you want to put forward some general questions by contacting the department, then you’ll be left with no reply. Generally, the support is responsive, even though ineffective only occasionally. That’s why in most cases, it’s much more helpful to search for answers on the web. 

Pros and Cons of MyAdmissionWssay

Summarizing everything that has been already stated, the pros and cons are the following:


  • Easy navigation and attractive website
  • Wide range of services


  • Dubious quality of work
  • Not quite responsive and effective support
  • Many basic services are fee-based


What is MyAdmissionsEssay?

MyAdmissionsEssay is a platform that claims to have helped thousands of students with their admission writing and scientific works. The service provides a wide range of diverse works that can be ordered online and completed solely by native English speakers.

Is MyAdmissionsEssay legit?

Yes, the service is absolutely legit. It is owned and operated by CoreForce LTD., which is based in Cyprus. It owns several academic writing services considered to be based in the UK and the US. The company has been registered in 2016 and has all the needed licenses. 

How much does MyAdmissionsEssay cost?

The lowest price per page is $9. The detailed review of the prices you can find in the ‘prices’ section of this review.

Is MyAdmissionsEssay a scam?

No, MyAdmissionsEssay is not a scam. So far, the service has been operating well and has never been alleged of deceiving customers. It cooperates with leading payment systems, which indicates that the service can be relied on.

Is MyAdmissionsEssay safe? 

Yes. MyAdmissionsEssay is safe. It uses advanced technologies in order to protect interference from third parties. The company clearly states which personal data about you is under its control. Also, the company is sure that the data is safely transferred among its affiliates and subsidiary companies. 

Is MyAdmissionsEssay plagiarism-free?

According to MyAdmissionsEssay service claims, yes. However, in actuality, it happens that sometimes you can encounter some problems in relation to this aspect. Not without reason does the service provide an additional option of verifying the work for plagiarism. So, in this regard, MyAdmissionsEssay is ambiguous. 

Are there MyAdmissionsEssay discounts?

Surely, it has some. MyAdmissionsEssay provides a 10% discount after your first order has been completed. To get it to your credit balance, you need to approve the paper. Only then will you be able to use your discount while ordering the next paper.

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