Slader Review 2022: Is it a Reliable Option for Essay Writing?
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Slader Review 2022: Is it a Reliable Option for Essay Writing?


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If you seek quality academic assistance, this company is not an option. You cannot order essays here. The service is designed for school students to help them complete their homework. The solutions to exercises are unprofessional. If you need qualified academic support, you need to address essay-oriented writing services with authors crafting high-quality assignments.


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slader review

Introduction to Slader

Many students search for academic writing and homework assistance services on the internet. Studying may deprive us of free time and rest, and we all want to ease our existence. However, there are so many online services for students that it becomes challenging to make the right choice. Today we are going to review Slader, one of the homework help agencies. It is a long-lasting company founded in the 2000s. It is now a popular solution for students from all over the world. Should you use it? Find this out in our Slader review. Let us start with the Slader website’s design.

Slader Website and Dashboard Interface

The agency’s target audience comprises school students. The site design stands out from other homework services and matches the audience entirely. It has a trendy look, with amusing surreal art across all website sections. You can spend quite a long time staring at these marvelous pictures. When it comes to navigation and functionality, the site also makes the difference. It is not overloaded with text and images. You can search for studying materials on the homepage without signing up. On the other hand, you will not get too much information about the services and benefits.  Also, the site puts advertisements very densely. Sometimes you may get confused whether you look at something Slader-related or just another ad. To disable advertisements, you have to upgrade the membership.


To benefit from the site to the fullest, you should create a profile. It does not require too much time. Take these simple steps:

  1. Go to and press the login button. The website features an identical menu for newcomers and existing customers.slader review
  2. You need to provide an email address first. Also, you can register with your Facebook account. Fill the form and press Continue. Note that you agree to the terms of use at this stage. If you plan to use any kind of writing/editing or homework help service, it is better to create a separate email address. These sites send you a lot of promotional letters, which results in hundreds of junk emails over time. It might be better not to rubbish your primary email.slader reviews
  3. Then, you should come up with a password to your profile, and that’s it. You can now use your Slader account.

Control Panel

You may find services with educational materials where you cannot get access to a dashboard. Slader is different though. It makes the studying process convenient. The control panel allows you to track the recently read textbooks. Once you view a book, it is displayed in the browsing history of your profile. Also, you can open a particular page of your book on your account home page, which is handy as well.

Slader Contributors and Quality of Assisstance

In fact, anyone can become a contributor to the homework materials on this platform. The company itself does not take part in completing the tasks. Slader does not hire dedicated staff to complete the assignments for students. The agency states that its content is user-generated. Once you register on the website, you can add new homework solutions. The quality is very questionable this way. There is no control over published materials. Can you prepare for the final exams with this service? You cannot, since there is no guarantee of getting correct homework answers on Slader. While browsing the books, you can see that some sections miss solutions. Some contributors sincerely advise you to ask your teacher because they are not sure about the answer. Therefore, you use this platform at your own risk. It is not bad, not good. It does not differ from millions of internet results on your subject of interest. Information featured in solutions is not proven to bring value. Also, some explanations, especially math-related, give short comments to equations. Students cannot fully understand the solution and repeat it in practice. The quality is acceptable when you prepare for the regular school classes. If you get the wrong solution from Slader, there will be no problem. But when it comes to something more significant, you cannot permit yourself to rely on this platform.

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Slader Features and Services

How can you benefit from Slader? It features cheat notes to books within more than 50 subjects. It focuses on solutions for textbooks at a school level exclusively. Therefore, it can only be useful if you study at school. If you hope to receive assistance in academic writing, you will not find this website helpful anyway. Slader will never be an option for college and university students. If you need to craft or edit an academic paper, better address dedicated writing services to receive professional assistance.

How It Works

Let us suppose that you have a biology class tomorrow. You struggle with your home assignment, or you have no time to do it on your own. You are interested in animal instincts in chapter 27 on page 826 of a Holt McDougal 2012 textbook by Stephen Nowicki. Here is what you should do:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Find your book. For this, you can use the website search or go to the subjects section, find biology discipline, and then select it from the
  3. Fill in the title of your book and publisher/ review
  4. Here is your book. You can indicate the page you are working on or open the table of reviews
  5. After that, click on the exercises to get the necessary explanations.slader homework help

So, here are the answers. Not all of them are complete. It often happens since users fill in the solutions voluntarily. You may not find answers to all topics or subjects you need. You may not find a particular book as well.

Question Search

Slader provides Q&A services. You can check the published questions to find solutions regarding particular themes or assignments. Proceed to subjects on the upper side of your control panel. Select the field of study. 

slader review

Proceed to the Questions section. Here you can fill in your query and browse the results. In comparison to other writing services, Slader does not provide as many answers as you want. Often, you will see from 3 to 5 queries with comments. Some questions remain unanswered for a long time.


If there is no particular answer for you, you can create a new query and wait for someone to comment on it. You can submit as many questions as you need for free.

Slader Cheat Sheets

You can order cheat sheets if some of your textbook chapters are missing on the platform. This feature is available for premium members only.To get the cheat notes on the missing book chapters, you have to find the title. Then, indicate required exercise numbers and pages in the sidebar in the right corner. You can also add a page range. Afterward, press Get My Assignment button. The solutions are available in PDF format.

slader reviews
The good thing is that customers can request as many cheat sheets as they need.

Mobile Application

Slader features a mobile app available for both iOS and Android users. Initially, the company featured services compatible with iOS devices only. Android compatibility extended the Slader target audience. It is an advantage since many other homework services provide you with an Android application only. The app has a rating of 3.1/5 on Google Play. Many users speak of its medium quality with many glitches and lags. For example, if you try to generate cheat sheets for a specific book, you will not be able to do it. The Generate button does not work. The Add Page button remains inactive as well.

Here you can see three consecutive reviews speaking of multiple glitches. Also, you cannot search for questions and add your queries within the application. It limits functionality drastically and makes a Desktop version more preferable. The developers, however, fix some issues over time. All in all, there is room for improvement.

Slader Payment Means

You can use PayPal and cards to fund your balance. Slader does not indicate what card issues it supports, which is inconvenient. However, you can proceed to to check the available payment options. review

Are payments safe on the website?  The company asserts it uses advanced encryption technologies to protect sensitive information. However, the company does not indicate the SSL encryption level. Also, the website does not display any security certificates. Therefore, the Slader site can potentially contain malware, which can result in the data leak. The company does not warrant 100% security to your payments and information, which is displayed in terms of use. There is an inconvenience regarding your subscription. You cannot manage it via your control panel. Canceling your profile does not result in deactivating your membership. That is why you should manage your Pro plan separately by referring to the support staff. If you pay for services using PayPal, you will have to unsubscribe from the membership via your PayPal account.

Slader Pricing Policy

You can benefit from services for free except for cheat sheets. Slader does not charge a lot of cash because it does not take part in content generation. The pricing policy states that any earnings come from advertising. That is why you are doomed to see ads while using the service. If you are tired of advertisements, you can disable them by purchasing the subscription. Here are the available membership features:

  • 6-months plan for $1.99 per month within a single billing
  • Monthly subscription for $3.99

If you pay for six months at once, your total spending will result in $11.94. If you renew your subscription monthly, you will spend 23.94. Therefore, it is better to spend $12 right away rather than pay the extra money. Is Slader expensive? No, it is not. This service is extremely cheap. On the other hand, it does not provide something valuable that would cost a lot. That is why its pricing policy is legit and fair.

How Long Should You Wait For Solutions?

It takes some time for the requested solutions to appear on the website. As we mentioned above, some queries remain unaddressed for up to a year. There is no guarantee that your question gets an answer within a day. You can forget about urgent homework. There is no consistency since users add comments at their own will. 

Can You Get a Refund?

You cannot find any information concerning refunds on the website. It seems like you get all the services upon payment, and no compensation will be available if you dislike them. On the other hand, the company does not provide paid features that can potentially become subject to money-back. You purchase the subscription to remove ads and get unlimited cheat notes on the missing textbook chapters. A refund policy would be applicable if Slader offered paid essays. Still, the company needs to clarify these details.

Customer Service at Slader

You will not be able to reach customer support on the website. The agency does not make a lot to provide users with reliable and responsive support. There is no live chat on the platform. You can only use a feedback window to address the Slader support team. Many other homework assistance services indicate the response time, at least. With Slader, you will have to wait for more than a day to get any answers. Besides that, you cannot direct your messages to the support team. reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slader


  • Most services are free.
  • Premium subscription is cheap.
  • You can use studying materials without registering on the site.


  • The service is not suitable for university students.
  • You cannot receive academic writing assistance.
  • Slader users add solutions to textbook exercises.
  • There is no quality control.
  • The mobile application is inconvenient and offers limited features.


What is Slader?

It is a homework assistance company where you can find solutions to textbook assignments.

Is Slader Legit?

Yes, it is. The agency is registered lawfully.

How much does Slader Cost?

You can use Slader services for free. Premium subscription starts at $1.99 per month. With upgraded membership, you can use the website and mobile app without ads.

Is Slader Scam?

No, it is not. We have not found any fraudulent traits.

Is Slader Safe?

It is safe due to SSL encryption. However, the agency does not warrant 100% security.

Are Slader Solutions Accurate?

Since there is no quality control on the platform, some textbook solutions may be inaccurate. You should not rely on Slader entirely during studying.

Are there Slader Discounts?

Unfortunately, the company does not provide discounts.

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