EssayUSA Review 2022: How Does a Reliable Writing Service Look?
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EssayUSA Review 2022: How Does a Reliable Writing Service Look?


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According to everything we have seen so far, we can definitely recommend the ordering of essays on EssayUSA. Unlike a lot of other writing platforms, this is the service you can rely on. In addition to a personal approach of qualified and experienced writers, students are offered a full range of guarantees and perfectly written papers.


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essayusa review

Writing essays is a nightmare, and every student wants someone to do their writing tasks at some point in their lives. And so do I. Today, I will share my experience with EssayUSA, an American essay company I used for help with my paper. Read further to check whether this company is worth a try.

About the Company

Before placing my order, I researched the company a little bit. EssayUSA states it’s an American essay service located in California. Assuming that many essay services operate only online and outsource ESL writers from developing countries, EssayUSA stands out in this regard.

I conducted a simple Google research and discovered that EssayUSA is indeed located in California. I checked the pics of their office, and they impressed me. The office looks great!

essayusa about us page

essayusa footer

essay usa address

essay usa homepage


I liked the fact that these guys display their corporate routine to the general public. I mean, scammers wouldn’t do that. Is EssayUSA legal then? This company persuaded me that they’re a legit business with a physical office in the United States.

EssayUSA doesn’t mention their foundation date, but I checked it on WHOIS. It turns out that these guys have been in the industry for six years already (since 2015). I believe that six years of operation is pretty enough to prove they’re doing great. I mean, an unsuccessful business would go bankrupt in a much shorter time.

So I guess that EssayUSA’s statistics are also legit – a company of this scale can undeniably complete over 89 thousand assignments. It’s an extraordinary but plausible number assuming that over 1400 writers work for these guys.

Company Details

  • Years in operation – 6.
  • The number of writers – 1,450.
  • Prices – from $10.35 per 275 words.
  • Minimum deadline – 8 hours.

EssayUSA Specialization

These guys specialize in full-spectrum academic writing services. As far as the information I researched goes, EssayUSA offers anything from regular essays, case studies, and dissertations to admission essays and CVs or resumes. On top of that, you can order a wedding or graduation speech.

As for disciplines, I checked that they work within 70+ fields of study, from art and literature to math and physics. So this company offers a solid stack of services, and you can practically stick with them to fulfill all your academic needs.

essay usa specialization

essay usa services

EssayUSA Business Model

You will typically deal with two types of writing services, which are agencies and bidding platforms. Honestly, I avoid the latter because such companies force you to research writers, contact them, and do plenty of unnecessary and time-consuming work in general.

Fortunately, EssayUSA is an agency, and it openly declares this info. These guys say that all you need to do is place an order and they will do all the heavy lifting. Once your paper is done, you can check it, accept it, and that’s it! No hustle is involved, and I appreciate this.

is essayusa legit?

What About EssayUSA Writers?

Most essay writing companies, and even bidding platforms, don’t advertise their writers too much. In most cases, you don’t know who will write your paper exactly because most essay writers are ghostwriters interacting with you on behalf of the company.

But EssayUSA seems to go the extra mile by featuring detailed writers’ profiles on the website. So you can check what people work for this agency and what qualifications they have. It looks like these guys have nothing to hide. I consider this fact another sign of professionalism.

writers on

essayusa essay writer

You can also see how many projects their writers have completed so far and what disciplines they specialize in. Lastly, these guys display the ratings of their writers.

Although EssayUSA allocates your paper to a writer with relevant experience and qualifications, you can also ask a particular author to complete your essay. For this, you need to include your preferred writer’s ID in the order form. I will tell you how I placed an order there later. Now, let’s get into more details about EssayUSA prices.

EssayUSA Prices and Discount System

I’m not a millionaire, so essay costs make a difference for me in case I have to choose between writing companies. The good news is that EssayUSA surprised me with their low prices. I mean, these guys charge $10.35 for high school assignments, while the market averages are $15-30.

A college-level assignment costs just $23 for a 24-hour turnaround, which is a lot cheaper compared to competitors. I then googled essay writing costs and stumbled upon GradeMiners that offered an insane $30 per 275 words for a 24-hour deadline.

Those prices shocked me, and I was lucky I came across EssayUSA because it seemed legit, reliable, and cheap. It was an ideal setup for me. But what I discovered further impressed me a lot more.

EssayUSA Discounts

If you’re on a limited budget, you can get a 12% first-time discount. Besides, EssayUSA provides lifetime loyalty discounts. To qualify for the top-tier 10% lifetime discount, you need to complete 40 orders with this company. At first sight, it seems like a lot. But it’s pretty doable considering that we all cry over dozens of writing assignments per semester. So you can get that discount, and your children or grandchildren can benefit from 10% off on all orders.

Lastly, EssayUSA provides referral discounts. You will get 10% of each invitee’s essay. Given that, you can pay zero for papers if you have a blog or something like that. Well, I believe EssayUSA provides some of the most affordable writing services assuming their generous discounts. In contrast, a few essay companies provide lifetime discounts.

How Much Did My Assignment Cost?

essay usa pricing

I paid $20.24 with a sign-up discount. It was 23-28% lower compared to other writing services.

For comparison, I would pay $28 for the same assignment at CustomWritings.

pricing system at essayusa

Sure, I chose EssayUSA over other writing agencies.

Pricing Mark: 5/5

Does EssayUSA Provide Any Guarantees?

I need to know whether a writing agency will edit my paper if it contains plagiarism or errors. So I checked the EssayUSA guarantees to find this out. Read my considerations below:

Revision Policy

I found out that EssayUSA will edit my paper if it contains errors or fails to meet my initial instructions. I find it pretty reasonable since I pay for particular requirements, and the company should guarantee that my paper meets them all. If it doesn’t, I can request unlimited free revisions from EssayUSA.

revision policy essayusa

Besides, these guys ensure that I have enough time to submit a revision request – I can do it within ten days after accepting my assignment. If my assignment is longer than 20 pages, I have 14 days to submit a revision request.

Finally, if your paper requires some further amendments or significant changes, a writer will do that at a reduced price. In this case, you need to refer to the Revision Major Service.

Apparently, these guys take care of students because they set reasonable revision rules. After checking them out, I was sure these guys would help me if something went wrong.

Money-Back Guarantee

I also checked whether EssayUSA guaranteed refunds. It turns out that they do provide them in several instances:

  1. You paid twice for the same order.
  2. Your paper contains plagiarism and errors.
  3. You canceled the order before or after the writer has been assigned.
  4. Other conditions mentioned on their refund policy page.

So in general, a customer is eligible for both partial and full refunds. I also appreciate their dedicated money-back page with clear and understandable instructions on how to get compensation.

essayusa money-back guarantee

Plagiarism-Free Zone

What if my paper is plagiarized? You know what tutors think of plagiarism. I really care whether my essay will come to be plagiarized or 100% authentic. It turns out that EssayUSA also has a plagiarism-free guarantee.

essayusa free from plagiarism

It looks like they apply measures to ensure 100% originality. From what I read on their website, they use some plagiarism software to check essays against documents on the Internet and across different databases.

Well, these words would be nothing but meaningless claims unless EssayUSA instructed how to prove your plagiarism claims. That is, they accept Turnitin reports and edit papers if they show some degree of plagiarism.

Besides, they will ask you to provide an acceptable plagiarism index of your institution. It means the company cares about the authenticity of delivered papers for real. Otherwise, they would refuse to speak of it openly and accept your originality scans as evidence of plagiarism.

Guarantees Mark: 5/5

My Experience with EssayUSA

I have already finished my public speaking course, but my teacher assigned me one more task on top. I had no time to write it myself due to personal reasons. So I asked a friend of mine whether anyone on the Internet can do my work for me. I googled some writing services and eventually came across EssayUSA. Considering that these guys follow trustworthy policies that sound legit and offer substantial discounts, I decided to order a discussion post.

Contacting the Support Team

I realized that EssayUSA’s order form doesn’t have a “discussion post” category. At that time, I wasn’t sure whether these guys could do my assignment. Given that, I contacted their support team to find that out. EssayUSA has several communication channels which include a helpline, email, and live chat. Besides, they have a dedicated contact form, but it’s nothing more than another email option.

essayusa contact form

I used only their live chat because I believe it’s the most convenient option. Assuming EssayUSA’s persuasive guarantees, I was sure these guys would help me through their live chat.

And I was right. I got to the EssayUSA homepage once again and opened the “need help” online chat window. It required me to input my email and name. I disfavored it because it took some time while I wanted them to answer my question immediately. But I suppose authorization was required to protect their system from bots. So I logged into their chat system.

chat essay usa

Their support agent joined the conversation at the very moment I logged into the chat. I appreciated that and asked them whether EssayUSA could write my discussion post for me.

My support agent was also responsive and replied in a split-second every time.

support essayusa

They warned me that my task was not common, but they relieved my concerns by saying that they would find an appropriate writer for my assignment.

I also asked them about privacy policies. I didn’t want to reveal my phone number and asked what I would do If I refused to provide that information. The customer representative stated that it was understandable, and they wouldn’t call me if I didn’t want them to.

essayusa cs

The agent also answered that I could contact them at any time via email and live chat if I had any questions.

Later, I asked them how to place an order and wondered what to do if my assignment didn’t satisfy me.

The EssayUSA customer support representative was extremely polite and patient throughout the entire conversation. They answered all my questions with sincere respect and understanding.

essayusa chat transcript

essayusa chatting

Afterward, I asked whether these guys could offer me a discount or something. As I mentioned earlier, I was granted a 12% sign-up discount.

customer support essay usa

In the end, I asked whether they could place my order for me. But the support agent replied that I had to do it myself. Now, I realize that their refusal is understandable. After all, I was in the class, and I know a lot more about my assignment than people who deal with me for the first time.

essayusa cs

Summarizing My Experience with the EssayUSA Customer Support

EssayUSA’s customer support team was outstanding. And here’s why:

  • These guys responded to my queries quickly.
  • They demonstrated extreme patience and the utmost respect.
  • They guided me through their services and fulfilled all my requests.

So after having a pleasant conversation with the support team, I had no more questions about their services. Everything was crystal-clear for me at that point, and I proceeded to the order form knowing I would receive the services I needed.

Customer Service Mark: 5/5

Registering an Account

My registration was super-easy. I did that using an essay calculator on the EssayUSA homepage. I filled out some of my paper requirements and pressed “continue.” Then, I entered an email address and came up with the password for my account.

Placing an Order

Placing an order with Essay USA was a piece of cake as well. I filled out the instructions for my discussion post and necessary details like citation format and word count. My instructions read the following:

assignment essayusa

essayusa order from

essayusa order from

Once I placed an order, EssayUSA notified me that they assigned a writer to my order. They would check and confirm my order within 20 minutes.

essayusa placing order

As I expected, these guys notified me (20 minutes sharp) that their writer confirmed my order.

Contacting My Writer

To my surprise, the writer contacted me in just four minutes. They sent me a bunch of questions regarding my discussion post. My writer noticed that I didn’t provide any background for my assignment, which was crucial. If they didn’t get that information, they would fail to deliver a meaningful discussion post.

Since my writer asked me about that context, they cared about my assignment and my grade. Well, that was professional. My writer also sounded friendly and understanding! So, I didn’t feel any pressure whatsoever, neither from the customer support team nor from my writer.

essayusa chat writer

Most importantly, my writer explained that they needed that information to write a successful discussion post. So these guys indeed aim for the utmost customer satisfaction! I replied quickly and relaxed knowing I would get a high-quality paper. In a minute or so, my writer confirmed my explanations and started working on my assignment.

essay usa writers

Receiving the Paper

Receiving the paper was easy as well. EssayUSA notified me via email that they finished my order.

essayusa email confirmation

After that, I logged into my dashboard and saw a file in the “completed” section. It was a PDF (non-editable) version of my assignment. I was frustrated for a moment. Didn’t they trust their customers, or was it an understandable concern? Now, I believe such a policy makes sense – these guys want to make sure you don’t get any wrong edits yourself and blame them for unmet quality standards afterward.

essayusa confirmation

Some Issues With the EssayUSA Dashboard

I didn’t find any flaws with the EssayUSA dashboard except for a couple of bugs. First, the page froze once I left my testimonial. I had to reload the page to get my paper, which was a bit inconvenient.

essayusa order form

Secondly, their system displayed received documents incorrectly – it showed only one file while I received two.

essayusa orders

Other than that, my experience on the EssayUSA website was brilliant. These two minor issues didn’t spoil my impression, but I hope EssayUSA will fix them soon.

Usability Mark: 5/5

Quality of the Received Paper

In short, my paper was flawless. Here are more details about my discussion post for context: 

  1. My writer followed the designated word count – 276 words to be precise.
  2. My paper was formatted correctly and according to the APA 7th edition, just as I requested.
  3. I didn’t notice any errors in my discussion post – looks like my writer spent plenty of time proofreading it.
  4. My paper contained powerful and logical arguments.

essayusa paper

Also, the paper was 100% original in both grammar and plagiarism checkers.

plagiarism free

essayusa quality

Therefore, I can conclude that EssayUSA is committed to its quality policies – my paper was well-written, well-structured, and 100% original. Given that, I didn’t request any revisions or refunds. But I believe that these guys will keep holding their promises in this regard as well. So is EssayUSA legit? It’s a service I can fully trust now.

Quality Mark: 5/5

Price-Quality Match

I am convinced that EssayUSA provides the most reasonable price-quality match. I received a high-end paper at a price nearly 30% lower than the market average. So I guess it goes without saying that EssayUSA offers cheap and professional essays.

EssayUSA Rating and Reputation On the Internet

I checked many EssayUSA reviews before buying a paper there. Frankly speaking, I found polarized opinions. Some people said they got a low-quality essay, while others praised this agency. There was no consistency at all.

But after checking Trustpilot, I found that most EssayUSA reviews are positive there (97%). Only one out of 35 testimonials was negative, and the company has an overall consumer rating of 4.6/5. From my experience, I trust those 5-star reviews.

essayusa review

Social Media Presence

The company doesn’t develop their social media presence that much. They have a Facebook page with around 60 followers and a 5-star consumer rating. So I have no reasons to suspect these guys in some fraudulent activities, and I didn’t find any EssayUSA reviews mentioning scams either.

Wrapping Up My EssayUSA Review

I believe Essay USA is a reliable service that cares about its customers and does its best to deliver high-quality papers. I received a top-notch essay followed by well-timed and professional customer assistance. These guys satisfied all my urgent academic needs to the fullest. Therefore, I can recommend to anyone who needs academic help.