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ProofreadingPal Review 2020: Pandora’s Box of Proofreading Services


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ProofreadingPal is the online service that specializes in proofreading papers of different types and difficulty. The service promises to solve all the issues related to proofreading in business and academic papers, resumes, essays, and books/manuscripts. The key feature actively promoted by the company is a two-proofreader model of checking the content. At the same time, the service doesn’t perform any essay writing.

If you’ve confused this company with an academic writing agency, then our review will explain what this service is all about. Let’s check if the services provided by the agency are worth their prices, or maybe it’s better to choose a full-fledged academic writing agency that offers proofreading services from the very beginning.


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ProofreadingPal review

The Best Services

The complete list of best platforms is laid


ProofreadingPal: The Company’s Website Design and User Comfort

The service’s website doesn’t have a supercharged array of user destinations. In fact, the site seems to be a bit simplistic and tasteless if you look at it from an aesthetic perspective. To start using Proofreadingpal after you enter the main page, you have to register or login with an existing account.


For creating a regular user account, the service asks to fill the following fields:

  • Name and surname
  • Email and confirmation of the same address
  • Password
  • Google captcha confirmation


To get the corporate account, you should call the number 888-833-8385 that is present on the registration/logging in page, which is the direct way to contact support and ask about the next steps. 


Speaking about a corporate account, it’s not obligatory to have it as this option is designed for those who are using the company’s services several times a day. The main difference between a corporate account and a basic one is that you won’t be asked to enter contact and payment information over and over again. In most reviews, you won’t find that information; so, choose a basic account and don’t bother about the corporate one unless you’re looking for essay writing services in the first place.


ProofreadingPal review

What about the Quality of Papers Provided by the Service?

First, let’s talk about the promises that the service makes. They heavily promote their two-proofreader model starting off the main page. What’s that? This feature works like a double filter of the content proofreading. First, one person proofreads the mistakes, and then another one works on the previous draft to fix the remaining issues. Yeah, no human is perfect, and ProofreadingPal definitely knows that. However, what should we do if that’s only an empty marketing claim? What if there aren’t any two proofreaders?

Best Alternative:



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So far, we couldn’t get any confirmation from the inside of how this model works. The service doesn’t publish any media materials to validate the whole process. As for the final quality of the paper that we received after placing an order, it was mostly fine. At least it was on a par with the quality we got from Grammarly after automatic analysis of the same paper. We’re not saying that ProofreadingPal uses some kind of automatic mistake-detection third-party software, but who knows. One thing is for sure: ordering an essay from scratch at one of the agencies on the web is a better deal in terms of final result. You can check the paper for plagiarism and mistakes after getting the proofread version from ProofreadingPal, and you can’t be sure that the work was done by a human. 

What Kinds of Services Does the Company Provide in 2020?

Concerning actual services offered by ProofreadingPal, there are plenty of them apart from standard proofreading. In fact, the company diversifies the proofreading options for different core audiences. These are the kinds of proofreading the company offers in 2020:


  • Business Proofreading. The company promises to cover all sorts of projects in a business field. From small memos to large-scale business plans, the agency’s professionals proofread them without a problem.
  • Resume Proofreading. People who apply for a job might find this service really helpful if they do not have enough experience in composing a CV.
  • Academic Proofreading. This service is used mainly for the paperwork that your professors ask you to complete “before the next Thursday”. 
  • Student Proofreading. We’re not sure why to divide academic and student proofreading as different types of services, but ProofreadingPal has it like that. This sub-service covers tasks like personal statements. 
  • Essay Proofreading. It’s obviously for papers with hot deadlines. Quick turnaround and completion are the main features here. 
  • Book and Manuscript Proofreading. This offer is interesting because it covers extensive amounts of content. If you’re writing something big, like an autobiography, then this type of service is your ultimate choice. 


All of the above services are used only for proofreading of the ready content. If you’re looking for essay writing from scratch, this agency can’t help you. The only thing to expect from them is to make the essay you wrote look better and free of grammar and spelling mistakes. For complete writing services, you should search somewhere else.


ProofreadingPal review


How Can You Pay for ProofreadingPal’s Services?

Hopefully ProofreadingPal supports all the current online payment options. They ask to pay for their services after you choose the deadline for your work, the type of English, and the writing style, as well as upload the doc you want to get proofread. Supported file types are PDF and Word formats. Optionally, you can leave a document description to make it easier for the editors to review your work. 


ProofreadingPal supports the following payment methods in 2020:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Bank
  • PayPal


ProofreadingPal has a good choice of payment options. Note that most essay writing agencies support the same payment methods and even more. So, if you look for an essay to be done, use the academic services, not the proofreading ones. 

What is the Service’s Net Price and How Is It Calculated?

Interestingly, you won’t know how much you have to pay until you make the actual order. ProofreadingPal doesn’t tell you the amount they’re going to charge straight away. The service’s rates are based on a per-word model, but as an extra factor, the turnaround time is also considered in the final price calculation. They consider 1 page to be from 250 to 300 words; so, keep that in mind. The max number of words per a specific deadline is displayed on the screenshot below.


ProofreadingPal review


On the checkout page, you’ll have to upload the document and indicate the following details about your order to see the final price:

  • Turnaround speed
  • Type of English
  • Writing style
  • Word count
  • Type of assignment
  • Contact information


After that, you’ll press the button Proceed to Calculate to enter the pricing page.

How Soon Does the Company Complete Orders? Possible Deadlines.

ProofreadingPal is a flexible service in terms of deadlines. The proposed deadlines are applicable to every type of writing. We found out the following deadlines:


  • 30-60 minutes. For speedy assignments.
  • 90 minutes. For speedy tasks that will cost a bit less.
  • 3 hours. Basic not-rapid deadline.
  • 6 hours. Frequently chosen deadline.
  • 10 hours. Enough for 100% of cases.
  • 24 hours. When you’re not in a hurry.
  • 36 hours. Even more not hurrying.
  • 48 hours. Two days, proofreaders can’t do it wrong.
  • 72 hours. For long assignments.
  • 5 days. Rarely chosen.
  • 7 days. The longest possible deadline that is usually chosen for extremely complex proofreading tasks.

If you have a doc that is larger than 15,000 words, then you need to contact the support team personally. You can do that by making a phone call, emailing them, or leaving a custom quote. This is the only exception in requirements for the docs of such a large volume. You’ll probably have to agree to the longest deadline for such papers. However, we suggest you to get the hand of professionals on such lengthy assignments if you’re a student. Why killing tens of hours if you have doubts on the final quality? You’re not going to spend sharply more if you choose an essay writing agency instead of ProofreadingPal.

Does ProofreadingPal Have Refund Policies? Terms and Conditions.

Luckily, the service has a quite detailed refund policy. According to the company, every document that you submit is proofread by two people, and we heard that before. If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you think that the company hasn’t met your expectations, contact the support via the phone which is 888-833-8385. 


Certainly, they will ask tons of questions and persuade you not to get cash back. This is the job of support, not much of a surprise. If you agree to a refund, you’re going to get your cash in full. Probably asking how long it has to take? Well, the service promises to return the payment during 2-3 business days, but they will do it only after they have your refund request and mutual approval. Other than that, the final speed of transfer depends on the bank that you’re using. 

ProofreadingPal and Its Customer Support Service

You can’t get in touch with customer support on a 24/7 basis. ProofreadingPal explains that with the busy nature of their employees’ work since proofreaders work all day long to process the orders. That sounds not like an explanation but a simple thing: the company has a small support team, that’s all. 


All of the customers’ inquiries are accepted between 8 am and 10 pm. To contact the support in case of emergency,  you should use an extra inbox. However, we’re not sure that you’ll get the response beyond the operation hours. 


For the support ticket, the service asks for the following info:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Message with the information about your request


When you’re ready, hit the Submit button. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Choosing ProofreadingPal’s Services?

It’s time to wrap up with some pros and cons about this editing service. Here are they:


  • Broad number of deadlines that will suit your needs
  • A variety of supported writing styles, from academic to business papers
  • Double proofreading by two different editors for the same order



  • Lack of clarity behind the scene. It is not clear if actual people work on editing and proofreading
  • Low pricing transparency. You can’t find prices on the website, they become available only on the payment stage
  • Poor support management. You can contact them only at certain hours of the day
  • Not an essay writing service. Most people confuse ProofreadingPal to write essays, but it’s not true

Final Summary: Can You Choose ProofreadingPal to Proofread Your Papers? 

As for the final verdict on ProofreadingPal, it’s clear that the service is aimed at a very specific audience. If you have a ready piece of content and need careful proofreading, this service is ok for you. At the same time, if you’re a student who wants to get the papers done from scratch, look somewhere else. The agency doesn’t offer academic assistance from zero. Editors can only make your content look better, they’re not creators in the first place. Furthermore, if you need to get a big chunk of content completed, then use writing assistance from professionals elsewhere as ProofreadingPal will charge you a lot for longreads. 


What is ProofreadingPal?

ProofreadingPal is the online service that specializes in proofreading of various types of content and offers different deadlines.

Is ProofreadingPal legit?

So far, there aren’t any reasons that pinpoint at the service’s lack of legitimacy. You will get what you paid for, mostly on time.

How much does ProofreadingPal cost?

The service charges on a per-word model. As an additional factor, the turnaround time is also accounted to modify the final price. You won’t know how much to pay unless you go to the checkout page and fill all the required fields.

Is ProofreadingPal scam?

No, ProofreadingPal isn’t a scam. The company receives payments, delivers orders, and has support to get in touch with clients.

Is ProofreadingPal safe?

ProofreadingPal is a safe website. It stores your payment data as well as some of your contact details encrypted in their database.

Is ProofreadingPal plagiarism-free?

The service doesn’t write essays or content; so, talking about plagiarism here is meaningless.

Are there ProofreadingPal discounts?

No, so far the service doesn’t have a discount system. Maybe if you contact support personally, they will clarify this issue.

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