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Scribbr Review 2023

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Money-back guaranteed

An international technology company called Scribbr offers academic editing and proofreading services. Since its founding in 2012, Scribbr has aided over 10 million students to develop their academic writing skills. Over 1,000 skilled editors with backgrounds in more than 60 different industries work for the organization. In addition to serving individual students, Scribbr collaborates with international universities and book publishers. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, serves as the company’s headquarters.

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Website review

Pros and Cons of Scribbr:
Only native English speakers who proofread.
A very accurate plagiarism detector.
Security of your content.
Lack of firm guarantees.
Price does not correspond to the level of service provided.

Misleading information. Based on our careful evaluation, this service is NOT SAFE for students
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About Scribbr

Every day, we are presented with a variety of options for proofreading. One of those options is online proofreading tools. These tools can be utilized by anyone who writes and wants to have their work checked for spelling and grammar errors, as well as word choice, sentence structure, punctuation use, etc.

This Scribbr review aims to look at how effective Scribbr was in improving my writing skills and communicating information. It will also provide an overview of what a proofreading tool is and how it works so you can determine if it’s right for you.

Scribbr is a popular educational tool because it is designed to assist students in avoiding accidental plagiarism and improving the quality of their work.

Company Details

Scribbr was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam. According to G2 Stack, Scribbr uses 25 technology products and services, including HTML5, jQuery, and Google Analytics. According to IPqwery, has three registered trademarks, with “Scientific and technology services” being the most common category. Based on its 9,235,273 monthly visitors, Scribbr has a global rank of 18,268 among websites. Thus, it makes Scribbr a popular writing service.

Scribbr Specialization

Scribbr APA citation generator ensures that your references and in-text citations are correctly cited and cross-referenced following APA style.

Your citation specialist will create a layout for your reference page (margins, indents, spacing) and adjust references and citations to meet your APA style standards.

Citation editing is available alone or in conjunction with proofreading & editing and costs $2.75 per source. Remember that you can also buy this service separately.

Business Model of Scribbr

I like the business model of this proofreading service. It’s a great idea, and I can see it being a successful business. The website is well-designed and easy to use. The turnaround time is reasonable. The only thing that I disliked was the pretty high prices. Let me go in deep about all these issues in my honest review.

Scribbr Prices and Discount System

Up to 7,500 words cost 19.95. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a 50-word paper or 5,000.

If you, like me, need a few pages of your research paper or thesis, it wouldn’t make sense to pay all those extra expenses; I’d rather choose a less expensive service.

Available Discounts

Unfortunately, while some discount coupon services claim to provide promo codes you may use at Scribbr, there is no such information on the website. According to the material on the ISIC website, you are eligible for a modest discount with an ISIC student card (5% off the dissertation editing services).

How Much Did My Assignment Cost?

I had to pay the total price ($19.95 for a text of 4,500 words) and even the same price again when I needed multiple plagiarism tests for the same document, making the situation even more unpleasant. Are other students willing to spend this much on editing and proofreading when they can have a custom paper produced for the same price or even less? I went through this, so you don’t have to.

Does Scribbr Provide Any Guarantees?

As we can see on the website, they guarantee that every customer will be delighted with the service they provide. Their guiding principle is that your complaint is always valid; there is no disputing it.

Whether it’s a free new edit or a service refund, the customer care team will work to find the solution that will benefit you the most. I haven’t used the refund option myself, but I searched a lot of reviews and websites, and that’s what they all said.

Revision Guarantee

They guarantee revisions as much as needed for the perfect paper. They also provide a range of languages that Scribbr editors can work with, an outstanding feature, as the service hires native speakers from around the world. Even though English is the most widespread language, services for proofreading and editing are also offered in Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish.

Money-Back Guarantee

If anything goes wrong with your order, you have the absolute right to seek and obtain a full refund, as they mention on their web page. The business boasts a high degree of client satisfaction. All requested refunds are processed in 1-2 business days.

Plagiarism-Free Zone

The high-quality Scribbr plagiarism checker supports 20 different languages and is well-known for it. The Scribbr plagiarism checker free will save you from the unnecessary use of other apps.

Since many other anti-plagiarism services use the Internet as their database, Scribbr plagiarism report results are probably more accurate than you get elsewhere. It can be of paramount relevance to producing research papers and dissertations.

Unfortunately, the costs on the website are pretty high. Thus, it is not the service that the majority of students are seeking.

Privacy Policy

When looking for a business to proofread my work, privacy was one of the most crucial factors. Because Scribbr is serious about protecting your privacy, they promise not to disclose information about you to any parties. Users like me shouldn’t worry about this since offers 100% privacy in protecting customers’ data from thieves and hackers who wish to steal their identities!

My Experience with Scribbr

The app is super easy to use. It’s got a simple interface and a clean look, so it’s easy to see what I was doing and keep track of the proofreading progress.

My complaint about this service is that sometimes, the upload process takes too long if there’s a lot of information in one document or if many images are included. Also, they have an extensive database of guidelines and articles on Scribbr if you wish to improve as an academic writer and continue to produce top-notch essays. Scribbr citation generator is appreciated because structuring quotations has never been a strong suit of scientific writing. Besides, there are many articles on APA and MLA citations Scribbr provides.

Contacting the Support Team

I’m also impressed with their customer support team — they’re highly responsive, which I appreciate. The editors are very responsive to inquiries about the edit. You can use in-text comments to add your queries to the document directly so that the editor can assist you more quickly and proficiently in this manner. You may ask questions like:

  • What do you mean when you say this?
  • You neglected to respond to my query regarding pronoun use. Can you comment on this? The quality management staff can provide quick reviews of updated sentences, and they can also respond to general inquiries like:
  • When should I use “section” instead of “chapter”?
  • Why do specific sentences include uppercase “parliament,” while others do not?

Registering an Account

The registration process is straightforward. All you need is to provide your name and email.

Placing an Order

Upload the entire document and pick the pages that must be edited. Then select the turnaround time, which might be 24 hours, three days, or seven days. Choose your area of study, give details, and share any instructions or comments from your supervisor. And finally, pay for the order.

Communicating with My Writer

I did as was mentioned on their website: I reviewed the complete material and the comments first. Then, I sent an email with my questions and the most recent document’s attached version. All that I emailed to [email protected] My questions were forwarded to my editor by the support staff, and then they responded in a few hours, which was impressive.

How I Got the Paper

I uploaded my docs, selected a turnaround time, and informed Scribbr of the requirements.

I checked my paper for grammatical and readability issues by selecting “Proofreading & Editing,” and within 24 hours, I heard back from Scribbr. When the editor’s review of my work was complete, Scribbr contacted me. They revised it and provided feedback on my work, so I was aware of any errors or omissions.

Quality of the Received Paper

The proofreading service I received was okay. The person who edited my document was comprehensive and did a decent job catching all my mistakes. She also made sure that my writing style remained consistent throughout the document.

My Summary of the Quality of My Assignment

I am mostly satisfied. The proofreader was very thorough and went through my paper line by line. I had a difficult time finding someone who could meet my deadline, but this company was able to get it done in time for me to submit it on time.

Price-Quality Match

The cost of Scribbr services is typically higher than what you’d expect to pay on the market. However, to justify the price, the company’s work must always be of the highest caliber, which is not seen in this service.

Scribbr Rating and Reputation on the Internet

The reviews for Scribbr are mixed; some clients are happy, while others complain that they had higher expectations or that they received different-quality work depending on the purchase. However, even if it takes multiple specialists to complete a longer paper, the business guarantees that it will always fulfill the deadline and follow through.

Review Platforms

On review platforms such as Trustpilot, Scribbr is described as a comprehensive writing tool that offers accurate services for detecting plagiarism, proofreading, and citation creation. As many say, students will benefit significantly from having access to experienced editors proficient in academic writing.

Also, many reviews praise the plagiarism checker tool, saying that is worthwhile if you’re a student who needs academic proofreaders to go over your assignments and check them for plagiarism. I share this opinion as well.

Social Media Presence

Scribbr has pages on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on LinkedIn.

Concluding My Scribbr Review

At the end of my Scribbr review, I want to indicate again that this is a good platform for people wanting to start writing. It is user-friendly and easy to use.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Scribbr. You can start creating your blog in just a few minutes. All you require is a PC and an Internet connection ― two things everyone has access to today.

Despite the pros and cons I mentioned in my review, I recommend using this proofreading service over any other option because it makes editing easier.


Is Scribbr legit?

If you’re asking whether Scribbr is legal, rest assured that it is. Students, bloggers, academics, and independent authors frequently use proofreading services like Scribbr, which is entirely legal.

Is Scribbr free of plagiarism?

Although Scribbr does not compose papers for students, it provides plagiarism detection and proofreading services. Therefore, deciding to use Scribbr as a plagiarism detector is entirely up to you.

Is Scribbr secure?

Scribbr is secure and private. In addition to offering secure payment options and safeguarding your personal information, it also ensures the security of any content you post to their website. Even better, you may manually delete the uploaded papers from your account if you don’t want to accept their word for it.

I requested Citation Editing. Can Scribbr switch my references between different styles?

No, sadly, it is impossible. The citation specialists will enhance your reference list and in-text citations as they are currently written, but they cannot write the sources themselves.

What is the 100% happiness guarantee offered by Scribbr?

At Scribbr, they guarantee that every customer will be delighted with the service they provide. Whether it is a free new edit or a service refund, the customer care team will work with you to discover the solution that will benefit you the most. The company’s guiding principle is that your complaint is always valid and indisputable.

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