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EssayUSA Review

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Despite its relatively young age, EssayUSA is one of the strongest writing services available right now with attractive prices and outstanding quality of writing.

EssayUSA com is a young dynamic essay writing company from the United States. They have been on the market for two years now and are fairly popular among American students. What is this service all about and what are the reasons for such popularity? We will find out in this EssayUSA review! But first, let’s throw some general info in here, so that you know whether this service can help you in the first place.

First of all, EssayUSA online writing service offers help with all imaginable types of academic assignments. You can order anything: essays, research papers, term papers and capstone projects, as well as coursework, thesis or dissertation. Business writing is also available, so if you need a resume, cover letter or a business report, EssayUSA can help. According to the EssayUSA reviews, the main feature of this service is that all their writers are Americans. When you need to buy essay, USA writer is the first choice, so obviously many companies promise native English speakers. But is that really true? Are EssayUSA writers and staff truly all Americans? In the following EssayUSA review, we will find answers to this and other questions you might have about this service.

EssayUSA: Prices & Discounts

All in all, students can buy Essay USA papers at an affordable price. A High-School essay with a 14-day deadline costs $10/page, for instance, or $25/page with a delivery within 8 hours. And the price for a Ph.D. level task starts at $25/page with a 14-day deadline and goes up to $48 per page.

Like the majority of academic writing services, EssayUSA com offers some extra features as well. First of all, you can hire one of the Advanced EssayUSA Writers to ensure the immaculate quality of your work. According to the website, these writers are real professionals with more than 5 years of experience in academic writing. However, the Advanced Writer option costs 25% of the initial price, so it might get a little too expensive. The price will get even higher if you decide to hire an Editor to structure and proofread your paper properly. This Editing option will add another 15% to the end price. Don’t worry though, we’ve seen more than one EssayUSA review confirming that their regular writers are okay too. Plus, you can manage without an Editor, if that’s too pricey for you – American writers shouldn’t make too many mistakes.

As for the discount system, it seems the company does its best so that you can buy Essay USA papers for cheap. They offer a guaranteed 10% coupon for first-time customers, plus you get 50% off every third order with Essay USA. Moreover, there is more than one EssayUSA review about seasonal discounts on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc.

Quality of Papers & Deadlines

EssayUSA online writing service states that they provide high-quality academic help “from Americans for Americans”. As we already mentioned, they also claim that all EssayUSA writers are Americans with years of experience in their chosen field of academic writing. Believe this or not, but we couldn’t find a single EssayUSA review that would prove otherwise! On the contrary, customers agree that writers are native speakers indeed, and usually show deep understanding of their chosen subject. It seems that papers usually are well-written, have a sophisticated vocabulary and proper formatting. Most EssayUSA reviews also confirm that there are little to no misspellings or grammatical mistakes, and overall writing is creative. We haven’t seen any mentions of plagiarized papers either, so Essay USA seems like a truly high-quality service.

As for the deadlines, they range between 14 days and 8 hours, so you can order an urgent delivery. However, Ph.D. level papers do not have this option, and the shortest deadline for those is within one day. Most EssayUSA reviews confirm the timely delivery even for urgent orders, so you can trust Essay USA with this.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Taking into account everything we’ve seen so far, it’s no surprise that feedback on EssayUSA online writing service is positive. Most EssayUSA reviews and testimonials state the same thing: service is reliable, prices are affordable, papers are high quality. We’ve seen only one EssayUSA review about a refund so far, and the customer got their money back without a problem. You also get free unlimited revisions for 10 days after the final deadline. And, it seems you don’t necessarily have to pay for an Advanced Writer or Editor – finished product is already good. Still, there is more than one EssayUSA review from customers who did choose to pay extra and received some in-depth research. So, it’s for you to decide whether you need any extra features or not.

Well, it’s time to sum up this EssayUSA review. It seems that this service is as good as it gets when it comes to academic writing. They offer great quality at affordable prices, what more could you ask for?