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Surprising Facts About Homework

November 14, 2022

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Surprising Facts About Homework

Homework is an integral aspect of education since it aids the learning experience. Many students don’t like homework because it comes with pressure and stress. But tutors often consider it a part of imparting knowledge. When your instructor issues homework, it is not a form of punishment. It is a learning approach that aims to make you a better student.

Our best essay writing service bets you don’t know much about homework and the origin of this concept. There are unexpected homework facts that most students and teachers don’t understand. So, this article offers more insight into homework that students and teachers should know.

Who Invented Homework?

The history of homework dates back to the Roman era. Pliny the Younger, an oratory teacher, is the original inventor of homework as he asked his students to practice school activities at home to improve their public speaking abilities. It became a trend, and the results of homework practices were impressive.

In 1905, another instructor named Roberto Nevilis issued homework to his students as punishment. From that period, homework became a popular phenomenon across the globe. Roberto got all the credit as the homework inventor.

Many teachers started giving homework, which became an important practice in the education system. It helped learners to develop their skills and retain knowledge for a long time. Due to its popularity, teachers made homework part of the assessment process to measure students’ capability. Apart from encouraging independent learning, homework was a mandatory exercise in the ancient era, and the practice is still around today.

For a task to be considered homework, it has to be:

  • Feasible
  • Simple to execute
  • Reflect on the lessons already taught to students.

Facts About Homework

According to reliable homework statistics, students who have too much homework get anxious. Researchers believe many learners suffer from burnout, lack of sleep, and stress due to the academic workload. So, let us explore surprising facts teachers and students should know to clarify whether it’s necessary or redundant.

Facts for Teachers

Not enough research about homework

As stated above, homework has been around for centuries until today. Teachers believe it is a sound practice that helps students to develop their knowledge. But there is no legitimate and enough research that supports this fact. No one knows for sure if homework is a valuable exercise for learners.

Students hire homework helpers

It is an open secret that college and university students often hire experts to work on their papers. Today, there are many agencies offering writing help to students. Most tutors are aware of the existence of such writing services. However, no solid proof exists to show that learners buy homework online.

Homework is stressful

Stanford University fun facts state that over 56% of learners perceive homework as stressful. Students who get assigned excessive assignments develop physical pain-related symptoms like headaches. Learners feel extreme pressure from teachers and high expectations from parents. Not forgetting the constant comparison to other learners. Consequently, the learner suffers from high levels of stress and anxiety.

No social life

Students who have to deal with loads of daily assignments don’t have a healthy social life. Due to homework, there is no time to pursue their hobbies and favorite sports activities. The students feel isolated since their free time is used up, and there is hardly enough time for personal development.

Causes Burnout

Too much homework is detrimental to a student’s physical and mental health. It is unrealistic for students to sit in class the whole day, get assigned over 2 hours of homework, and expect full concentration. Even students need a balanced schedule, just like employees. Otherwise, they will suffer from burnout and withdraw from their studies.

Fun Facts about students:

Essays are simple to write

Many students often feel stuck when their instructors issue essay assignments. Even though their writing skills might be wanting, the learners don’t want to improve. Essays are simple to write, and with practice and commitment, learners won’t have to hire homework helpers to write their essays.

Time management is key

It is obvious that most learners hate homework, whether little or too much. It happens due to poor time management and procrastination. Students put off doing homework until the last minute, even when the assignment is simple and takes less than an hour.

Thus, learners can solve their homework issues if they manage their time properly. With dedication and focus, homework will be a pleasant exercise rather than a chore.

Students can protest

When it gets down to assignments, students also have a say. Despite the authority of teachers, students are obliged to protest when the homework is beyond the normal workload. Many teachers will listen to the plight of students and introduce a reasonable homework schedule.

Homework is mandatory

Despite discussions of the negative effects of homework, it is a mandatory practice in the education sector globally. Tutors are not planning to refrain from giving homework to students. So, it is here to stay, and learners should find healthy ways of coping with assignments. Probably, the workload might reduce if students explained their reasons for not supporting homework.

Homework is a study session

As a student, regular homework helps you to study since you refresh your mind on what you were taught in class. Homework is a study session in itself and positively affects knowledge retention.

What is homework backward?

There is a misconception that spelling homework backward means child abuse in Latin. It is a popular claim on social media platforms, but it is a lie meant to justify the negative implications of assignments on learners.

10 Reasons Why Homework is Bad

While homework is seen as an impactful form of learning, it has its downsides. It is difficult to imagine banning homework in schools because it has been a mandatory practice for centuries. Many people believe that you can’t learn independently without directions from your teacher. But you will be shocked to find out that too much homework is not impactful to students.

Let us explore some reasons why homework should be banned:

Causes Anxiety

As stated above, too much homework is stressful for students. Many might end up with long-term anxiety disorders because of unmanaged stress, especially due to missing deadlines and enduring punishments.

Thus, teachers and parents should find ways to understand and support students instead of putting them under pressure to deliver under extreme anxiety.

Affects Relationships

Many parents can’t help their children with homework because of curriculum changes. As a result, too many assignments cause strain between learners and their parents. Hence, children might feel frustrated and fail to complete the work.


Many students are suffering from burnout. From attending lectures, studying, and completing assignments, learners don’t have enough time to rest and recharge. It is an endless cycle that results in extreme fatigue.

Demotivates Students

Homework feels like a chore to many learners, which kills their learning spirit. Many students opt to pay professional tutors to write their assignments while they take a break. So, it is a demotivating approach in the modern education system.


Long-term stress levels might turn into depressive episodes for learners who can’t cope with the pressure of too much work. Thus, students should be given free time after class to pursue personal interests.

Hurts Performance

While homework has its benefits, too many assignments hurt academic performance. Students don’t get time to study well and prepare for exams. Besides, their concentration levels are low the following day after a night of chasing homework deadlines.

Interferes with Personal Development

Each student has different learning capabilities. While homework might be good for one student, it can be a struggle for another. So, teachers should reduce the workload because numerous assignments prevent learners from maximizing their true potential.

Health Issues

When a student gets exposed to stress for long, other health issues start to manifest. Conditions like migraines and insomnia become unbearable. Thus, as soon as assignments get in the way of your child’s sleep patterns, there is a big problem you need to solve.

Hurts Students

Not all students are the same, and many have learning disabilities. So, teachers should identify each learner’s strengths before issuing blanket assignments that might hurt some students. For instance, a student with ADD doesn’t function normally to handle piles of assignments in one night.


The entire education system grounds children in school for years. It is already too much work for learners. Homework doesn’t make it any easier for students who are overworking to pass their grades.


Even though there are good things about homework that impact students positively, its downsides also shouldn’t be overlooked. Students are stressed and hate school because of homework. The learning process should be fun, relaxing, and fulfilling. Therefore, teachers should implement ways to ensure learners get the most out of their academics with limited hours of homework.

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