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Nursing Research Paper Topics to Inspire Your Writing

November 11, 2022

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Nursing Research Paper Topics to Inspire Your Writing

Before you graduate from med school, you may need to write a nursing research paper to demonstrate your mastery in your nursing field. However, nursing is a wide field requiring special attention to get a relevant topic. Why? Because a nursing research paper is essential to your degree and overall grade.

This paper demonstrates your ability to research in nursing and your understanding of various nursing research topics. This post shares practical ideas to help you choose the best topic for your nursing research project. It also provides hot sample topics to inspire your writing.

Sample Nursing Research Paper Topics

Do you need sample qualitative and quantitative nursing research topics to inspire you? Here are some of the latest and hottest titles to kick-start your next research paper in various nursing niches.

Hot Primary Care Research Topics

Primary care nursing is the core service sustaining the entire health sector. Studying this area is essential for sustainable development and a streamlined healthcare system. Here are excellent samples to inspire you:

  1. Leading challenges facing primary care.
  2. What role does the private sector play in boosting primary care?
  3. Challenges are facing vaccination in urban areas.
  4. Funding problems facing primary care quality.
  5. How does modern medical tech promote primary care?
  6. Primary techniques of assessing patient health.
  7. Religious organizations and their contribution to primary care.
  8. Is it necessary to provide childcare services?
  9. How does primary care help in alleviating chronic pain among patients?
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination programs?

Nutrition Research Topics

Someone rightfully said that you are what you eat. Eating disorders can cause severe health challenges. Here are nursing student research topics to inspire you in this area:

  1. What are the top referral reasons for dietary assessments?
  2. Nutrition challenges facing senior citizens.
  3. How does stress affect children’s metabolism?
  4. Obesity prevention among teenagers.
  5. How does poor diet affect teen behavioral changes?
  6. How does social media influence adolescent dietary decisions?
  7. Predicting and assessing diabetes in elderly patients.
  8. Key challenges facing dietary interventions among the elderly.
  9. How does a healthy diet fight obesity?
  10. Primary ways nursing promotes healthy feeding among children.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Pediatrics is a forward-thinking medical practice caring for a society’s future citizens. Solving children’s health problems means correcting an entire future generation’s health. Below are hot topics to guide you in your writing:

  1. Why is nursing essential to successful pediatrics?
  2. How to care for children with autism?
  3. Why is childhood obesity becoming a huge health problem?
  4. Challenges nurses face when administering vaccination to babies.
  5. Treatment for speech disorders among children.
  6. The top causes of diabetes among children.
  7. How does music promote therapy among children?
  8. Suboptimal diabetes among children: causes and intervention methods.
  9. Reasons for increased fatigue among preteens.
  10. Prevention of mother-child HIV infection.

Research Topics in Public Health

Public health directly and strongly connects with government affairs. Below are selected titles to inspire your writing:

  1. The role of local governments in boosting public health.
  2. How effective are government programs in preventing drug addiction among teenage girls?
  3. How do parents promote children’s health?
  4. How do faith-based organizations help boost public health?
  5. The private sector and its contribution to an effective public health system.
  6. The pros and cons of telemedicine.
  7. The role of government in promoting education and training among nurses.
  8. Ways modern medical technology boosts public healthcare.
  9. Positioning the public healthcare system to face current challenges.
  10. How does nursing promote healthy living among elderly citizens?

How to Choose the Best Nursing Research Paper Topics

Choosing proper research paper topics nursing is as essential as writing the paper. While the choice is vital, selecting an appropriate topic is equally challenging. Fortunately, getting an accurate and relevant topic isn’t impossible. This section provides insights and guidelines to help you make correct choices.

Brainstorm for ideas

Brainstorming for ideas is the first step in finding the correct topic for your nursing research paper. You shouldn’t fear stepping out of your comfort zone when necessary. List reasonable options and begin the selection process.

You can get ideas by checking what is happening around you. Local or international news is one area that can give you a clue about what’s trending. Checking social media is another way of getting a hint to help you start your search. Once you get relevant inspiration, move to the next step—narrowing the topic.

Narrow the nursing research paper topic

After getting a broad subject for your exploration, narrow it down. This stage helps you establish whether or not the topic is deep enough and worth pursuing. Otherwise, you can change the topic. Remember, the point here is to find a broad idea, then distill a specific angle to research and write about.

Define your topic in a question form

Have you finalized your nursing research paper topic? It’s time to frame it into a question form if possible. Try getting an answer brief to explain and support it with credible sources and data if you can.

Research your topic more and outline it

You must frame all nursing presentation topics according to your university’s approved structure. Follow that defined structure and outline your topic based on it. Your chosen topic must have sufficient materials to start you off. Start researching your chosen topic to gather enough materials to write your paper.

Qualities of a Good Nursing Research Paper Topic

Excellent nursing topics for research paper projects should meet certain criteria to let you write about them easily. When choosing your topic, ensure it has the following qualities:


Choose a topic that stirs up your interest to research and write about. If your title could be more exciting, you wouldn’t have difficulty researching and drafting your paper to stand out.

Relevant to your assignment

Your choice of title must be relevant to your given assignment. Therefore, carefully read your assignment’s prompt and instructions before selecting a topic. Ensure you have understood your paper’s purpose well before settling for your title.

Moreover, the topic must be relevant to your research paper’s tone and type. For instance, if your assignment wants you to analyze, investigate, or observe something, the topic should align with it.


Your topic must also be current with what’s trending in your time and geographical location. Don’t choose an obsolete topic that won’t benefit your readers at that time. Also, your topic must help the specific nursing area you want to write about.


You should define and phrase your topic correctly for maximum success in researching and writing. Clear topic phrasing and definition make it easy to understand from the onset. Why should your readers find it difficult to understand your topic? Also, precise wording and definition eliminate the ambiguity of meaning among your readers. It also enables you to formulate the right objectives and hypotheses.

So, if you have challenges in this area, our best essay writing service recommend asking for timely help before running into avoidable confusion. Don’t fear to talk to your supervisor, research advisor, or any other experienced person in this field.


Specifying your nursing paper’s topic helps you research it easily. If you face difficulties, don’t fear asking for help from your professors or mentors. Their valuable support can enable you to gain a better direction. Moreover, a specific title helps you focus your thoughts and avoid wandering.


Your topic must be original. It should not be a recycled copy-paste that strangles your creativity. Ensure it allows you to produce a paper that brings a fresh view to your field. Everyone reading it should see that you took your time to think it through.

Meaningful and easy

Prioritize your audience and focus your topic on addressing it. While your interest in a given topic is good, having your readers in mind is equally important. Will they be interested in reading your paper the way you are? Will they read it because they must or want to read it?

Use a language your target readers can easily relate to and understand. As much as possible, avoid all unnecessary jargon and use simple words people use daily. Also, avoid introducing direct or indirect bias to your research paper’s topic.

Long enough

Lastly, your research paper’s topic shouldn’t be too short or long. Your college might have its stipulated title length, but a good research topic should range between 7 and 15 words.

Final Thoughts on Nursing Research Paper Topics

Getting suitable topics for nursing research paper projects is critical for writing a successful assignment. A well-formulated topic will give you a strong direction in essay writing, thus minimizing the time and effort required for the successful paper completion. This post shared practical ideas on topic selection and offered valuable examples to kick-start you. The ball is in your court to use these insights to boost your next nursing research assignment.

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