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Increase Your Snap Score With Our Guide

January 2, 2023

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Increase Your Snap Score With Our Guide

Nowadays, everyone wants to be a star, especially on social media. Indeed, it is very attractive to have many followers, to be recognized by a lot of people, or just to have an advanced personal account. When it comes to snap score, you can definitely make that work so the number of activities on your Snapchat account increases rapidly. Our best essay writing service have prepared an ultimate guide for you on how to get your snap score up. So follow for more!

What Is Your Snap Score?

Snapchat score is basically a number that identifies how many activities you have done on your profile. In fact, there is no clear strategy on how they are calculated but in simple words to get a higher snap score you have to be more active.

If you wonder what your Snapchat score is, you can easily look for it in your personal account. So the first step to go up with your score is to find out the exact number. Here is the instruction on how to do it:

  • Open the Snapchat app on your device;
  • Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the left upper corner;
  • Find your snap score as a number under your profile picture.

What can be more interesting is finding the score on Snapchat of your friends. So here is the easy way to do it:

  • Go to the Snapchat application;
  • Enter your personal account;
  • Scroll down until you see the section that is called “My Friends”;
  • Go to the profile of your friend and find the snap score right below the avatar and name.

How Does Snap Score Work?

Even though it might seem a bit confusing to find out what increases snap score, in reality, it is simple as a pie. So the fastest way to get snap score up is to be super active on the app. You have to be quite sociable in this online world. If you have the perfect mood to make some videos with funny filters, go ahead and send them to your friends. If you like the picture your friend just posted – leave a comment and boost your Snapchat score.

Beat Life Hacks on How to Get a Higher Snap Score

You already know that the answer to the question: “How to make your snap score go up?” is to be proactive on the platform. But what exactly should users do to make their score increase? What life hacks to use to level up the Snapchat profile? Luckily, you can find all the answers on how to raise snap score just below.

Send a Lot of Snaps to Your Friends

You might think that to get a higher score on Snapchat is to just upload a picture from time to time and that’s it. Not exactly. The first Snapchat score hack is to send your snaps to multiple people at one time. By sharing a photo with a lot of friends at once your account will be super active and the program will add additional points to your snap score.

Be Regular

If you are really interested in how to increase snap score, you have to be persistent. It means that you have to send your friends snaps not once a week. This should be your regular task once you get to the Snapchat app. Only by being active regularly, can you achieve a great result in your snap score.

Make New Connections

Another effective way on how to get your snap score up fast is to add new friends to your profile. However, this one might not be as easy as it seems. The thing is, to add more friends to your Snapchat profile, you have to get a Snapcode for every one of them. You can look for new connections via other social media channels like Instagram or Facebook and then add new members to your Snapchat community. That will definitely boost your snap score.

Never Leave the Snaps Unread

If your desire is to find out how to get your snap score up fast cheat, you should never leave any snaps unread. Even if you don’t like the content very much, you have to open the snaps so the program will count it as an activity on your profile. By sending and viewing more snaps you can greatly level up your score.

Post New Pictures and Stories

One more effective way of how to get snap score up is to post pictures and stories regularly. Even though adding new stories might not be treated by the program as a direct factor to boost the score, it still increases your activity level on the program. So imagine yourself being a blogger and don’t be shy to try out new filters and masks.

Play More Snapchat Games

The funniest activity to do to get a snap score up is to play Snapchat games. Try different selfie games by yourself or have fun with your friends and the application will count it as a huge activity and therefore increase your snap score. This “How do you get your snap score up” life hack is a perfect way to jump on a new level easily and fast.

Watch Videos Regularly

If you wonder how to gain snap score by learning something new, this piece of advice is definitely for you. On your Snapchat account, you will find a section with different discovery videos from experts. You should watch them on a regular basis and also you can get inspiration on how to record your own popular videos that will bring you more points in the snap score.

Be Creative

Posting bare pictures will not lead you to a perfect result on your snap score. Use different emojis, GIFs, texts, and stickers to make your stories or photos more engaging and attractive. It will not only help you with your “how to boost your snapscore” wish but also impress your friends and they will never ignore your creative snaps.

How to Get Your Snap Score Up Fast and Easy: Answering Popular Questions

Now you are much closer to getting the desired high snap score. However, there are always a lot of questions when it comes to boosting a profile in Snapchat. Below, we will answer the most popular ones.

How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap?

Different activities on the profile will bring you points for your snap score. Every snap you send your friends will count as one point. By sending your own snaps to Snapchat members, you will receive additional points. Every snap you open will count as one point, however, you will not be regarded by replaying snaps. Also, one point will wait for you to post a story or picture. The same will happen if you add a friend – you will get one point. However, your snap score will not likely increase if you add members such as celebrities and so on.

How to Hide Snap Score?

If you don’t want users to see your snap score, you can try to hide it. Unfortunately, you will find a special function that will hide a score from everyone. But if you specifically don’t want a person to see your score, you can block this member or adjust profile visibility settings.

Can You Buy Snapscore?

There are multiple services that will offer you to buy a snap score. However, we don’t recommend you do that as this kind of cheating will not lead to constant success in getting a high score on Snapchat.

Does Texting on Snap Increase Your Score?

Sadly, sending a friend message will not boost your snap score. If you want to increase it by communicating, you should chat through the snap or a picture.

How to Get Your Snap Score Up in a Day?

It is obvious that everyone wants to get a high score within a short period of time. However, it is nearly impossible to get a great improvement in snap score within one day. Surely, you can follow all of our life hacks and spend the whole day sending snaps or looking for new friends. But we recommend you be active on Snapchat regularly. With time, you will see that your score goes up and up.

Wrapping Up

Getting a high snap score is not a very easy task. If you dream about having a high Snapchat score, then you have to work for it every day. Send snaps to your friends, make more friends from other social channels, post your creative pictures, watch videos, and most importantly – stay regular on your way to receiving a high snap score!

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