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Essay on Nursing: What Is It and What Style to Choose for One?

May 23, 2022

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Essay on Nursing: What Is It and What Style to Choose for One?

What can you write about in an essay on nursing? The first thing that comes to mind is the profession itself, how important it is, what nurses do every day, and how they help save lives. However, all these are just general concepts that do not reveal the subject matter of the essays. First, you need to understand what is, what structure is used most often, and why you get such an assignment.
The last question is pretty easy to answer. This type of paper is often asked when applying for nursing programs. So, it is evident that such an essay requires technical knowledge, not just philosophical discussions about its importance. If you have any difficulties with essays on nursing, we will be happy to help you.

What Is a Nursing Essay?

With an essay, you can demonstrate your knowledge, which can help your admission or career. Most often, such essays are directed at a professional audience. But the style of writing should be understandable to the average reader.
Such a paper is different from your school essays because it has a narrower direction. It should not only display your opinion backed up by arguments but also cognitive. For example, to inform about changes in nursing over the past ten years, etc.
We would like to draw your attention to nursing essay examples for admission or already practicing as a nurse. They have similar goals and writing structures. Therefore, be sure to read to the end to find out how to write one of them.

What Is the Structure of a Nursing Essay?

The correctly selected structure will help the reader easier to familiarize themselves with your essay and understand your main message. It should be immediately clear where the beginning of your thought is, where you prove it, and where you finish it. Therefore, our best essay writing service advises using the standard structure:

  • introduction;
  • body;
  • conclusion.

Each part must fulfill its function. For example, the introduction should explain what will be discussed and interest the audience to read an essay to the end. Whether someone will agree with your reasoning depends on you and the arguments used.

How to Write a Perfect Essay on Nursing?

Writing each part has its own characteristics. And we advise you to take it seriously. So, for example, you cannot use the introduction parts in the conclusion or paint arguments in any other part except the body. It will lead to the loss of logical meaning and structuredness.
The structure makes it easier for the reader to follow your idea. And it is much easier for you to express thoughts consistently. However, how to start writing them?
Do not rush and take it at once in several parts. Each of them should be the continuation of the previous one. We will discuss how to write each of the parts so that they complement each other.


From the first line, you need to interest the reader to pay attention to your essay. Therefore, you can start with an interesting rhetorical question or fact. But keep in mind that it should correspond to the topic and your further reasoning – no need to write a lot. Several sentences will be quite enough.
You also need to formulate the thesis that will be proved in the second, more voluminous part of the paper. It is also called the purpose of the essay. Here, pay maximum attention, as it will set the tone for all your subsequent work.
To better understand how it should look, search at the samples. First, choose the nursing essay introduction example you like and try to write something similar. For example, you found an essay with the same topic where the author used a doctor’s quote that supported the theory. But your goal is to prove its absurdity, then look for quotes from respected people who think the same way.
On average, the volume of introduction depends on the volume of work as a whole. But usually, these are no more than 5-7 sentences.


It is a voluminous part of your essay, which often focuses on many. Therefore, we advise you to divide it into three mini parts. There should be only one argument and facts proving it in each part. In other words, first, list all the arguments and then prove the wrong approach.
The strongest argument should be at the very beginning. The first thematic sentence should illustrate the content of the paragraph. The following sentence explains the relationship between information and your statement. So how can a nursing essay help to prove your position?
The rest of the paragraph should offer evidence. Remember that it is not about your thoughts but facts, statistics, and practical examples. They would reinforce your position and not develop a personal attitude. You must finish the first argument with a sentence that completes the thought and gives a smooth transition to the second argument.
Following the example of the first arguments, write at least two more. Again, the number of arguments depends on the volume of work. But even in small essays, we advise using at least three. If your third argument is weaker than the other two, place it in the middle. Start and end the Body type from a strong position.


In this part, the main thing is not to use new information. It is essential to show how all you listed are interconnected. But do not try to let into new explanations. Instead, briefly illustrate the main conclusions. From your essay, the readers must come to a similar conclusion, and you only focus on it.
In the last sentence, you can bring the reader into further discussion with an open question. But with such tricks, you should be careful so that it does not look like an unfinished thought.

Helpful Tips to Make Your Nursing Essay Better

The very task of writing an essay can confuse you. It can be difficult for a student to understand where to start, how to organize their workflow, and gather their thoughts into a single structured picture. Follow simple tips that will significantly simplify the writing process and make it enjoyable.

  • Do some research on the topics that interest you the most and choose one of them.
  • Pick up a few nursing essay titles and match them with your arguments. It will help you choose the most appropriate title.
  • Choose a writing style according to your future writing audience.
  • Choose a plan for the future paper, which will depict key points in the course of the study.
  • Sort the found information and focus your attention on a specific list of selected literature.
  • Make an outline with key points for each paragraph.
  • Write each part step by step.
  • Reread the finished essay several times and edit it.
  • If possible, read it to a friend to get a neutral rating.

There is no need to be afraid to change the already finished work. Even if you need to rewrite the output completely, then do it. There is always something to strive for and find ways to improve your essay.

Top Nursing Essay Topics

We have prepared some interesting topics that can inspire you for your own. Or you can slightly modify or choose any of the lists below.

  • Does a nurse have the right to prescribe medications?
  • What challenges do surgical nurses face?
  • Should we change the list of requirements for nursing?
  • How have standard nursing procedures changed over the past 100 years?
  • Similar and different characteristics of infant and bedridden care.
  • Countries where nursing is in its infancy.
  • Stages of basic nursing procedures.
  • Psychology of nurses in combat areas.
  • The role of the nurse in the healthcare system.
  • Is there an emotional connection between the nurse and the patient?

If you have any difficulties with choosing a topic, do not rush. Instead, do your research to have enough sources, and make your final choice.

Final Thoughts

What makes a good nurse essay? First of all, do not be afraid of the task itself. If you approach it gradually, you will be able to handle it with ease. Remember a simple algorithm: research-plan your paper-writing-proofreading.
Do you still have a fear of failing or not having enough time to prepare? Then you should not force yourself to experience unnecessary stress. Instead, order an essay from a trusted writing service. Qualified experts will ensure that your work is unique, clearly reflects the topic, is structured, and deserves the highest scores.

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