GPALabs Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Money & Time?
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GPALabs Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Money & Time?


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Sure, essay writing may not be the easiest or the most pleasant work to do while in college, but if you happen to use GPALabs, your experience is highly likely to be negative. Still, if you have no other option but to consult a writing company, it is better to place an order in advance so that the necessary revisions will be done in a timely manner.


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Essay writing has become not only a nightmare of the majority of the US students but also a business for many enterprising people who wish to make money easily. Today, creating a platform where freelance writers and students can meet to cooperate is not something extraordinary. However, a lot of girls and guys who are about to try it for the first time do not know how to start. How to differentiate a good writing service from the fake one? Are its writers experienced or just making money on trustful students? These and other questions we’ll answer in our GPALabs review and let you know about all the details of the way it works we know so far.  GPALabs is an academic writing service that provides various kinds of written pieces so that its customers can use them for their studies. The platform was launched in 2008 and operates under the name One Freelance Limited in London, UK. 

User Interface and Website Design: Is It Convenient For A New Customer To Use?

gpalabs As you visit the website for the first time, you see a bright homepage with an immediate call to action as other similar platforms do. On the top, a few tabs are available. The ‘Our Service’ tab briefly shows you the kinds of writing examples you can see. The ‘Prices’ tab takes you to the page with the company’s price list. The ‘GPALabs Reviews’ allows you to see a few positive testimonials, as well as request the statistics of customers’ satisfaction with the papers they received on a certain subject.  gpalabs review Other tabs like ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, and ‘FAQ’ contain the standard information about the service. The ‘Order now’ button in the top right corner invites you to input the details of your assignment and hire a writer immediately, while the ‘Manage your order’ button welcomes you to sign in into your account to track your existing orders. The Support Agents can be reached through the respective button in the bottom right corner of the screen. The website is not much different in terms of content from its competitors, but still, we have to admit it was done with care to make it easier for the customers and writers to work with it.  

Quality of essays and Writers’ Skills: Should You Worry?

Unfortunately, there is almost no way to get to know about the quality of an essay you will receive while using a certain custom writing service unless you surf through a lot of testimonials over the web and take a risk of making your first order.   Still, when we tried to find GPALabs reviews on websites like TrustPilot or SiteJabber, we were surprised to notice that the company with almost 12 years of experience in the online writing market has no reviews from customers. But how can one trust them as only one feedback was posted in February 2020 and others have no dates at all? gpalabs reviews So, we’ve decided to risk and order a short essay of 4 pages for the Literature class. We knew the novel was assigned accurately to see whether the essay will be on-topic, so we created an account and ordered it. The writer who took the order managed to complete it on time as the deadline we had put was 3 days, but the quality of the entire work was very poor. Grammar and punctuation mistakes appeared to be all over the place, the thoughts and ideas deviated from the main point of the essay a few times and, as a result, we’ve ended up writing the paper independently. There was no way to edit the existing paper as it was too vague. So if you are thinking about ordering anything on GPALabs, we don’t recommend doing so. And if you ask us ‘is GPALabs scam?’, we’d say yes. 

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Services You Can Get For Your Money and Something Extra 

The services that can be ordered at GPALabs do not differ much from those that are provided by their competitors. They include various types of academic writing, like essays, term and research papers, essays in particular subjects like Sociology, History, Psychology, and Philosophy, and even thesis and dissertation pieces. Interesting offers are speech writing, course work, and case study. gpalabs Despite the quality we’ve mentioned in the previous section, another drawback of GPALabs is that it does not provide proofreading, editing or outlining of the existing writing pieces. All the work here is claimed to be done by writers from scratch and that’s not very good. Writing services should provide more than just essay writing for the one who does not wish to do it themselves, so we’d say that GPALabs is not competitive to their rivals in terms of provided services. 

Financial Matters: What Payment Methods Are Available 

The GPALabs does not provide any other payment methods besides credit cards at the moment. This may be uncomfortable for people who do not want to input their card data on the website they never used before, but still, it is the only option.  When it comes to the payment, you have to know that the orders are put in the ‘writing’ process after you have paid for it. To receive the full essay, you have to pay for it in full, which made us wonder, ‘is GPALabs fake or not?’ if they demand all the money before the paper is ready. Still, we received the essay in full before the deadline, but as you already know, it was of the unacceptable quality. And what’s more dismal is that we could not get my money back despite the guarantee of money return that we’ll describe later in this review. 

The Price List: What Does It Look Like And Is It Reasonable? 

GPALabs prices are defined by the calculator on the website and depend on the following factors: 

  • Academic level. If you order an essay for the high school, it will be much cheaper than dissertation for getting a Ph.D. (but still, it would not be cheap);
  • The deadline. If your essay is urgent, it will cost more, so please don’t make an order in the last minute;
  • The complexity of the assignment. The regular college essay will be less expensive compared to the Thesis paper, for example. 

Take a look at the table to see the exact prices per page. One page is considered to be 275 words. gpalabs review As you can see, the prices are not even average on this website, so it is up to you to decide whether you wish to spend that much on the low-quality essay.

Deadlines & Delivery Peculiarities: What Should You Expect? 

The longest deadline you can put on your order is 1 month (available only for long assignments) and the shortest one is 4 hours. It’s strange, but it is available even for dissertations. But how can a dissertation be done in 4 hours? So, if you wondered, ‘is GPALabs reliable in terms of delivery dates?’, we wouldn’t say so unless you genuinely want to fail your dissertation or graduate paper.  If we take a look at the Delivery policy of the company, we will see that it says it is responsible for making the order complete until the deadline set by the customer, while the latter is responsible for providing correct email and other means of communication for you to be able to receive the product. In case of any issues with delivery, GPALabs advises contacting the Support Agents. 

Policies Regarding Revision and Refund: Are There Any? 

The separate page on the website is dedicated to the refund policy of the company. GPALabs states that they provide an exclusive money-back guarantee for different situations, which is not the case for its competitors. Let’s take a closer look at it.  The full refund is claimed to be granted in case when the writer has not started working on the order, a customer made two orders by mistake, or was charged twice for the same order. If it is the situation that happened to you, you have to turn to the Support Agents immediately, so they can resolve the issue and return the money in a few days. Also, if there was no suitable writer for your assignment, you can hope to get your money back. If your assignment was done late and you no longer need it, the full price you paid for it will be returned. However, if you added some more instructions while the writer has been working on the order and it caused the late delivery of your assignment, you will hardly receive any money.  Now we’d like to show what happens if you simply do not like the quality of the writing you have received.  gpalabs reviews To put it shortly, if you don’t like the work, you cannot just say so and have your money returned. Instead, you have to waste even more time to prove the work was inappropriate and after that, you might get 40% of your money back. Our experience says there is no way to return your money if you don’t like what GPALabs writers made for you, even if you try to explain the reason and provide evidence.  In regard with revision policy, there are a few requirements that need to be met to get your essay rewritten:

  • revision guidelines should not contradict the initial guidelines for the assignment;
  • the request for rewriting the essay should be sent through the revision button;
  • the revision cannot be received if more than 7 days have passed after the order was finished. 


Customer Support Agents: What Kind Of Help They Provide?

The Support Team representatives can be contacted via the phone calls or online chats. The problem is that you cannot reach out to them 24/7 as their working hours are Monday through Saturday from 00:00 am to 20:00 pm. As we needed our order to be made on Sunday, we could not contact anyone to help us with it. Therefore, we had to write an email listing all the questions we had and received a response the next day. Still, compared to other services, it was not very prompt and convenient.  Now let’s see what are the exact pros and cons of GPALabs and whether it is worth your money. The positive sides include:

  • design of the website and convenient user interface;
  • ability to request a revision;
  • sample request feature.

The negative sides of the service are:

  • unfriendly refund policy designed to not return the money;
  • limited working hours of the Support Agents;
  • high prices.


What is GPALabs?

GPALabs is an online writing platform that provides students of various academic levels with the preparation of their writing assignments. It was launched in 2008 and since then, it operates in the UK targeting audiences from the English-speaking countries.

Is GPALabs legit?

Given that taking someone else’s work for submission as your own writing piece is forbidden in the majority of higher institutions, you may end up being excluded from the college. Therefore, GPALabs activities are hardly legit. 

How much does GPALabs cost?

The prices vary by the deadline, academic level, and the complexity of the particular task. They start from $10 to $72 per page (275 words). 

Is GPALabs a scam?

Due to its refund and revision policies that look like they were created to fool the customers, GPALabs look a lot like a scammers’ website. Also, the company does not have offices to visit for the customers so you will not even be able to turn to anyone in case of urgent situations. 

Is GPALabs safe?

In terms of the payment, the GPALabs look safe as you are paying with the credit card through your bank payment system. In case of any issues please turn to the Support Agents to resolve your payment issues. 

Is GPALabs plagiarism-free?

The company proposes to use Turnitin to check the authenticity of the writing as it cannot provide the plagiarism checker as accurate as Turnitin. 

Are there GPALabs discounts?

GPALabs claims to provide discounts for its constant customers but no exact information regarding their amount was found on its website.

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