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2 January, 2023

College Majors to Choose in 2023: Best Prospective Jobs

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College Majors to Choose in 2023: Best Prospective Jobs

Achieving a college degree is one of the most essential tasks everyone should follow to have a better career and future. Even though many influencers state that going to college is not actual nowadays, the National Center for Education Statistics says the opposite.

Many students when in high school face the choice regarding the best college majors since this will influence their future. Some majors will create an easy way to get a job while other professions will no longer be in demand. Also, the amount of salary for some majors like computer majors in college will be way higher than, for example, for nursing majors in college.

So if you want to be in demand on the labor market and have great prospects and opportunities, this article about the best majors in college is right for you. Think about your future today and you will not regret it!

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right College Major?

The years you spend in college will define your future. If you pick up the easiest college majors and put a little effort into studying, it is not likely you will get a well-paid job and develop yourself as a professional in a certain field. So here is a list of factors you should pay attention to when deciding on the most popular college majors.

  • The situation in the labor market. In fact, those people who are experts in one field will always be in demand. However, there are certain jobs that are more popular, that have more vacancies, and that will be actual in the future. And there are also positions that will be soon replaced, so why would you choose for yourself the dumbest college majors that have no future?
  • The salary. Surely, this is not the last thing to consider when choosing the best college majors for the future. The hardest college majors like computer science or engineering will definitely be more paid than the easiest majors.
  • Future opportunities. If you want to be an efficient worker, you have to always work on yourself. And if the job you are doing is giving you a lot of chances to improve, thus you can become better. By pursuing the hardest degree to get, in the future, you will be able to follow the career ladder and seek new opportunities.
  • Abilities for self-improvement. Except for the fact that the job has to provide you with money and help you develop professionally, being able to improve yourself as a person is also an essential factor. That is why thinking about it ahead will help you in your future search for the perfect job.

What Are the Most Promising Major Degrees?

You already know how important it is to choose the right degree as it will greatly influence your life. And here comes the most interesting: we have prepared for you the list of the highest paying college majors to choose from in 2023. See them below.

Computer Science

It is not a secret that specialists who understand the language of computers are in-demand. Since the world is moving towards digitalization, students of these hardest majors will not be replaced any soon.

By achieving a major in computer science, you can totally forget about the unemployment situation because in that particular field experts are always needed. Also, for workers who speak with computers as with their friends, there are the best working conditions: they can work from the office or home; they have a lot of possibilities to improve; they can travel around the world.

But the best part about these hardest majors in college is the salary part. Computer science specialists get a median annual salary in the amount of $95,000.

Business Management

Even though almost everything can be done by computers, there are still areas that demand a person with strategic and analytical abilities. And this area is business management. Every company has to have business analysts, managers, CEOs, and other specialists who achieved business majors in college.

The number of vacancies in these not the most useless college majors is always huge. Also, the opportunities to develop within this area are more than enough. As for compensation, the median annual salary for a business management specialist is $74,000.


Medical majors in college will always be the most difficult college majors and the most in-demand professions. Depending on which nursing level you have, your responsibilities and your salary will differ. So this is the best way to come a long way and become a registered nurse.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare providers became even more important to society. And in fact, in recent years, there has been a shortage of nurses in the United States.

What is interesting about a nursing career is that you can do things that are not directly connected to providing patient care. There is a range of directions for nursing, for example, a nurse administrator or researcher. The median annual compensation for this not the easiest degree to get is around $75,000.


Every business needs accountants, as well as business analysts. Indeed, many accounting processes are already automated and don’t require human help, but the whole process can’t be replaced by technology only.

Achieving an accounting major in college is equal to achieving law majors in college. Every accountant is responsible for maintaining correct documentation, paying taxes, and conducting any financial transactions. Thus, they are also responsible before the law of the country they work in.

Nowadays, there is a popular practice to outsource accountants. This possibility opens the door to the world and new acquaintances. And the pleasant bonus to all written above is the amount of median annual salary which is $75.000.

Software Development

Every day we use software: for calling a taxi, ordering pizza, or simply checking the weather forecast. The world is becoming more and more digital and being a software developer is a very promising idea.

The software development field offers a lot of professions: project managers, quality assurance managers, designers, and developers. So even if you don’t find software development among fun college majors, you can look for professions most suitable for you within this area.

Almost every business should have software for providing secure and quality work. That is why software developers will always be in demand. And also the fact that the median annual salary for this area is around $110.000 can’t help but be happy.


If you have a perfect product but don’t know how to sell it to the right audience, you won’t succeed. That is why you need to have a professional marketer or a whole team that will build a marketing strategy.

Since there are a lot of competitors, the most needed professions in marketing are market research analysts and salesmen. Any business will not survive without these professionals.

By taking this not the easiest bachelor degree, it will be very simple for you to find a job in the future since e-commerce is growing rapidly. Like in any profession from this list, you can find a lot of opportunities in the marketing field. Also, your median annual compensation will equal $70.000.


Pharmacology major is definitely not the one that will come up when asking the question: “What is the easiest degree to get?”. If you are fond of science, pharmacology should be your choice number one.

Looking at the current situation in the labor market in this field, there is a shortage of qualified pharmacologists. So you can be sure that you will not have to spend a lot of time searching for a job if you achieve a degree in pharmacology.

Besides that, there are multiple fields that you can pursue within this area of medicine. And the median annual salary for this position will be around $130.000.

Human Resources

Human resources will always be a field that needs specialists because no business can survive without hiring new specialists. But this profession is more than just covering the positions. A person who achieved a human resources major should organize the work of teammates and motivate them.

If you are into communication with other people and solving conflicts then you can definitely apply for this one of the most stressful college majors.

The median annual salary for a specialist in the human resources area will be paid around $65.000.


The search for a perfect major among different college majors in college is very challenging. But you always have to pay attention to what this degree will bring you in the future. Don’t think “What is the easiest major?” Instead think: “What is the most promising major?” Whether you are into art majors in college or medicine degrees, make your choice wisely!

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