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How to avoid fraudulent writing services?

If you find yourself at, this means you’ve probably noticed the abundance of scam academic writing services, and came here for help. That’s the smart choice indeed! As the name implies, the aim of our review website is to rescue students from frauds and low-quality companies. After all, the custom academic writing industry is practically drowning in both these kinds of writing services. It isn’t that surprising actually, especially considering the fact that essay writing business is hugely popular with students nowadays. Money always attracts scammers, and every successful niche involuntarily spawns dishonest companies. Scam services became such a common problem today, that review websites like EssaysRescue are now the only way to find a reliable website fast. So, what are the main warning signs of a fraudulent writing service and where should you look to find them?

Red Flags to Look Out When Choosing a Writing Service

The only good thing about fraudulent writing companies is probably that they are easy to detect when you know where to look. Almost every dishonest service has a gimmick or two that will help you identify them. The problem is, the majority of students have neither time nor experience sufficient to scrutinize the website and tell whether it’s safe. That’s when EssaysRescue comes to the rescue with our professional and, most importantly, honest essay writing services reviews!

What is so special about, you ask? First of all, we know exactly what you want to learn about a particular service, and we do our best to give you all the necessary information. When reviewing a service, we spend hours researching it, making sure we know everything there is to know about this particular company. Plus, we also have a well-thought-out review system to cover all the topics in the most straightforward manner. This review system consists of four main aspects that make any academic writing service, and we carefully analyze each one. And lastly, we have enough experience of dealing with fraud services to know a scam when we see one. So, if there are any red flags whatsoever, we will always make sure to mention them.

What are these red flags we are talking about exactly? Well, they are warning signs you might encounter when looking for a good essay writing service. Some are pretty obvious, like misspellings and grammar mistakes right on their landing page. Others are more subtle, like the absence of a trademark. Let’s take EssaysRescue reviews as an example and analyze different warning signs according to our four main aspects of interest.

General Information

Let’s start with some alarming signs you can notice right away, just looking at the website. Spelling mistakes, broken grammar and overall poor quality of writing really are the most obvious signs of a low-quality company. Fraud or not, but if they can’t even write properly, there isn’t much chance you’ll receive a good paper. The same goes for poorly-made websites – if it looks shoddy, it was probably made in a hurry or by an amateur. Both are bad, so look out for shady looking websites. And as for the slightly less obvious alarming signs, you should always check the About Us page. If the company does not provide its registration number and billing address, that’s a huge red flag for you! Moreover, always check whether they have a copyright notice at the bottom of the website, as fraud services don’t need one.

Luckily for you, if a writing company shows any of these warning signs, we always mention it in our articles. Plus, every EssaysRescue review usually starts with some general information about the service we’re reviewing as well. We always try to find its real age and country of registration and warn you if they hide this information.

Prices & Discounts

The main red flag here is an unrealistically low price. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it, and yet thousands of students keep buying into ridiculously low prices and get scammed time after time. We understand full well why students seek cheap services and we know for sure that inexpensive but high-quality services exist. But here is the sad truth: you can’t pay $5 per page and expect decent quality. Note, that when you order from a writing company, your writer receives only part of the amount you pay. So, if you order 5 pages for $25, the writer gets $10 at best. If you believe this compensation is enough (no, it’s not), then be ready to get exactly what you paid for.

Another red flag is when a company does not accept PayPal and works only with credit cards. First of all, it’s generally not the best idea to disclose your credit card info on the Internet, especially when you don’t trust the service. Plus, if a service refuses to issue a refund, it’s much harder to get a credit card chargeback. That’s why PayPal is great: it secures your billing info and protects your online purchases at the same time.

Quality of Papers & Deadlines

When it comes to quality of your papers, the biggest concern is probably about plagiarism. Customer comments about mistakes or poor writing are not a good sign too, of course, but plagiarism is a much more serious issue that can get you expelled. That’s why we always make sure to check customer testimonials and comments for any mentions of high plagiarism rates. We also try to learn everything we can about their writers, as many low-quality companies hire cheap ESL writers and hide it.

One more warning sign is an unrealistic range of deadlines. That’s should be obvious, really: no service can deliver a high-quality well-written assignment in one hour. We are not talking about generic 1-page essays here, of course, those are not a problem for a professional writer. But if you can’t write a good 5-page research paper in one hour, why would you think a writer, even a professional one, could? That’s ridiculous! Never trust a service that promises the best quality in the shortest amount of time. They either don’t really care about the quality of their product or simply want to scam you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

You’ll hardly find an essay writing service that would allow you post negative testimonials on their website. That’s why we always thoroughly look for external comments and testimonials for our reviews. They might tell you, for instance, that the service lies about refund policies for poorly-written papers or missed deadlines, or whether they lie about guarantees. Unfortunately, there is no way you could know these things if not for the previous customers.

As you can see, EssaysRescue are pros when it comes to detecting frauds and low-quality companies. We do our best to protect you and your money with our honest reviews on academic writing services!

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