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Customessaymeister Review 2022: Use It or Skip It?


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Customessaymeister positions itself as an extremely reliable online ghostwriting platform that renders its services 24/7. Boasting more than 200 professional authors, it promises to cope with writing assignments of any type and complexity. No matter what field the customers need their essay to be composed in – the website covers all the needs and claims to deliver a ready-made paper within just 3 hours! The self-presentation of the service is quite tempting – no wonder that a lot of people have used to refer to this online agency in order to get their writing assignments done impeccably. But did they get what they actually expected? If to believe numerous Customessaymeister reviews, only some of the platform customers were satisfied with the quality of the papers the company’s authors ensured. However, we are not the ones who take everything on trust. So, be ready to dive deeper into the phenomenon of Customessaymeister and learn about the principles of its work. Read this in-depth Customessaymeister review to find out about all the flaws and advantages this service features, and decide if this online writing platform is the one worth your trust and money.


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Customessaymeister Review

Customessaymeister Website Design

Customessaymeister Review


The interface of the website cannot be called exquisite or elegant, but it is neat and clean. And, what is most important, it won’t bother you with the garish colors or tacky design elements. The palette implying white and dark blue padded with the bright orange accents is pleasant and neutral. 

The web page is quite informative with all the important data properly sorted and conveyed. The main menu is placed on the header of the website and includes several sections: About, For Students, For Professionals, Legal, and Blog. The registration and order buttons are placed in the top right corner of the homepage.

Overall, the website looks modern and stylish, as it has a lot of infographics and nicely built content modules.


Customessaymeister Review


Customessaymeister claims to cooperate with professional authors all over the world. While hiring them, the website experts make much effort to find decent researchers and writers. All the applicants are strictly checked by the HR team: they are interviewed, and their work samples are reviewed. Moreover, all the candidates should complete a test assignment to confirm their qualifications. 

In spite of such a serious approach to the selection of the authors, the quality of the papers Customessaymeister ensures leaves much to be desired. According to Customessaymeister reviews, the writers of the platform frequently fail to follow the instructions and prefer not to dive deeply into the assigned topic. It forces the customers to ask for revision and, as a result, lose time. However, even such measures rarely help to reach the desired quality. Even the fact of having more than 60 000 purely positive testimonials on the website doesn’t change the reality, as the reviews on the independent Interned resources are not so favorable. 

Scope of Writing Services

Customessaymeister Review


Boasting of more than 10 years of writing experience, the platform promises to cope with any type of assignment. No matter what complexity of the paper the customers need, essay or dissertation, Customessaymeister states its professionals will deliver everything done impeccably and on time. 

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To place the order, you should fill out the specially designed order form which takes only 5 minutes. Select the project type from the drop-down list, level of your assignment, number of pages, as well as a deadline. In case your assignment implies the inclusion of PowerPoint presentation, charts, or graphs, specify this information while placing the order. While you are completing the order form, the cost of your order will be displayed on the right. 


Customessaymeister Review


The Customessaymeister by all appropriate means engages the customers to register on the website, as the full-fledged users of the platform are awarded a range of benefits. For example, they can order extra pages, use the discount code, collect credits, and choose the writers by themselves.


Customessaymeister Review


In case you would like to provide some additional files, it is possible to attach them to your order. To finish the procedure, you will be suggested to connect your PayPal account or indicate the credentials of your credit card in order to take payment for the Customessaymeister services.

After you have placed your order, it will be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated with the aim to find the author whose expertise corresponds to the criteria of the assignment. The author should confirm the order, and this is when the research process starts. When all the materials are gathered, the writing process begins. Before the paper is delivered to you, it is checked by the quality team of the platform and scanned for plagiarism. In case you received your paper and are not completely satisfied with it, free revision can be requested.


Customessaymeister Review


Payment Means

As it has already been mentioned, Customessaymeister ensures a very limited array of payment methods that are accepted to pay for its services. The agency features only two payment gateways. One of them is that implies authorization with the help of Visa and Mastercard. PayPal gateway accepts all the popular credit and debit cards or PayPal checks. 

Despite the fact that the users of the platform have a small selection of the payment methods, the offered tools are more than enough not to feel limited and effect the payment without any problems.

Cost of the Services

Customessaymeister Review


Like all the typical online academic writing platforms, Customessaymeister calculates the cost of its services based on several criteria: type of the paper, its level, complexity, number of pages, and deadlines. For example, the price of one page of a high-school essay with an 8-hour deadline will cost you 32.95 USD, while for the college/university essay for the senior level you will have to pay 35.95 per page. If you postpone your deadline at least for a week, the price will comprise 16.95 USD per page and 20.95 USD per page accordingly. 

Since the prices of Customessaymeister are high enough, the quality of the papers completed by its authors should have been really impressive. However, it is not always so, unfortunately.

When it comes to discounts, they are offered to return customers. For example, if the total sum of your orders has comprised 500 USD, you will get a 5% off. In case the total value of your orders is 1000-2000 USD, you can be granted a 7% discount. A 10% discount is assigned when the total amount of your orders on Customessaymeister comprises over 2000 USD.


Customessaymeister Review


All the information about the assigned discounts can be found directly at the user’s profile. In case you were awarded a discount code, it can be applied while making your next order.

Delivery time and Deadlines

The deadlines of every assignment are set by the customers themselves. The tighter the deadline, the higher the price. In case your order is extremely complex and requires more time for research and essay creation, the platform admins promise to deliver this information to you as soon as possible right after your order has been evaluated. 

In such a case, you can be offered either to extend the assignment delivery period, or the price of your assignment can be recalculated as compensation for the delay. 

Realizing the importance of sticking up to the deadlines, the customers are highly recommended to place orders beforehand. In such a way, it would be possible to pay less and be less worried about the quality of your paper. You will probably agree that it is impossible to deliver a top-notch dissertation in just a couple of days. Mind that it is also necessary to have time for editing and proofreading. 

Revision and Money-Back Policy

If the customers are not satisfied with the delivered assignment, Customessaymeister promises to revise or rewrite the paper until it fully meets the initial requirements. In case you want to change the author who was assigned to you, you should send the corresponding request indicating the reason for your decision. 

If after all these measures you are still not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you need to contact the support center of Customessaymeister and describe your complaint in detail. In case the support team decides this particular order is entitled to compensation, you can get your money back. If these are just minor errors that have been made by the agency authors, you can either be offered a partial refund or another revision. 

Customer Support Service

Customessaymeister Review


Customessaymeister boasts of 24/7 customer support service. It can be contacted through live chat, by phone, or online support ticketing system. In order to send the support request using the website form, it is necessary to be logged. The service claims to provide the customers with the response just in a few minutes.

In addition to the customer support, the Customessaymeister features quite an extensive FAQ section. It is always recommended to check on it before contacting the customer support representative. 

Pros and Cons

Customessaymeister has both significant advantages and flaws. In order to sum the things up, check on the list of its pros and cons:


  • Nicely built interface
  • Decent array of services
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Description of the qualifications of the authors doesn’t always correspond to their real expertise
  • It is very hard to get a refund in case you are not satisfied with the platform’s services
  • A limited array of payment methods
  • High prices

To Sum Up

Like all the other academic writing agencies of this type, Customessaymeister tries to provide the highest level of services. However, it doesn’t always turn out to be professional enough to meet its customers’ requirements. The prices it features are really high, which makes it hard for the students to take advantage of the company’s services. Besides, the Customessaymeister refund policy is almost useless, as you should prove that the quality of the paper delivered by the writers is really poor. And taking into account the fact that the agency is always putting its own interests ahead of those of its customers, it wouldn’t be easy to defend your point.


What is Customessaymeister?

Customessaymeister positions itself as a reliable academic and professional writing service which is able to cope with all types of papers no matter their complexity. Established in December 2016, the platform cooperates with the writers from every corner of the world. The service boasts of a 24/7 customer support team and promises to meet its clients’ expectations to the full.

Is Customessaymeister legit?

Customessaymeister is completely legit. It is owned by Mediatech Limited registered in the U.S. The platform openly provides all its credentials and engages its customers to refer to its support team in case of any questions.

How much does Customessaymeister cost?

The price of the paper on Customessaymeister depends on several criteria, such as complexity of the assignment, the academic level, topic, number of pages, and deadlines. The website features an interactive calculator that displays the price of your order right after you filled out all the requested data in the order form. Despite the fact that the level of the Customessaymeister services is not always satisfactory, it features quite high prices that make it unaffordable for many students.

Is Customessaymeister scam?

In spite of the range of flaws it features, Customessaymeister is not a scam. It is legal and has all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Is Customessaymeister safe?

Customessaymeister tends to be a totally confidential company that doesn’t transfer the sensitive information of its users to any third parties. Besides, the platform features SSL encryption to prevent the leakage of private and payment details of the company’s members into the frauds’ hands.

Is Customessaymeister plagiarism-free?

Customessaymeister claims that all the papers performed by its writers are 100% plagiarism-free. The content of every assignment is written from scratch and is authentic. In case the customer finds at least 2 copied phrases that are not citations, the website admins promise to rewrite the whole paper or provide a refund. However, if the percentage of plagiarism constitutes less than 35%, it means that there are no grounds for a refund.  

Are there Customessaymeister discounts?

Customessaymeister offers discounts for returning customers. The amount of these discounts depends on the general value of the orders. The more you order, the higher the discount. Also, there are coupon codes offered on special occasions.

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