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23 January, 2023

Clever Strategies to Supercharge You When Stuck On Writing an Essay

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Clever Strategies to Supercharge You When Stuck On Writing an Essay

Millions of students get stuck with their essays on various occasions. Some get stranded completely and can’t even take the first step, and start saying, “I don’t want to write my essay because nothing seems to flow.” Others begin well lose steam along the way and raise alarms like, “I don’t think I will finish my essay on time.”

But why are essays so hard to start or finish on time? This post answers this question and offers actionable tips on how to force yourself to write. Keep reading to learn how to start and finish your essays on time.

Why Is It So Hard to Write an Essay?

Let’s start our discourse by examining why learners face starting or finishing challenges with their assignments. Getting to the root cause is essential because it helps us generate accurate solutions to those problems.

So, why are essays so hard to start or finish on time? Why do they make SOS alarms like “I can’t write essays” and “I can’t write my essay?” This section answers these questions and offers actionable tips to overcome them. Here is why beginning or ending an excellent essay challenges many college students.

Little practice

Many students stagnate with their essay assignments because they have little practice. Just like all other skills, writing requires practice to come to perfection. If you don’t take time to exercise your writing skills, the chances of getting stranded increase. So, make it a habit to exercise yourself in this area to boost your writing skills.

Lack of diligence

Writing a perfect essay is hard work requiring you to sacrifice some of your conveniences. You may need to reduce your sleeping and entertainment times to succeed. Many college scholars lack this diligence and thus end up stuck with the papers.

Lack of ideas

Sometimes, students fail to finish essay assignments on time and with the same passion they had initially. Failing to develop enough ideas to write about can abort your essay assignments. You may start well, only to discover that you have run out of meaningful words to support your thesis. Proper and sufficient research is this problem’s only cure.

Lack of courage and confidence

Lack of courage is another reason many students cry, “Why does it take me so long to write an essay?” This challenge usually stems from a lack of diligence and insufficient practice. Thus, students aren’t sure they will produce essays that fetch them good grades.

A student lacking confidence and courage can easily get intimidated by long word counts. They fear they might run out of ideas along the way. Thus, they never start writing; if they begin, they get grounded.

Disorganized essay structure

Other college learners face starting or continuity challenges because they lack clear outlines and planning. Failing to your plan and outline stage can run you into problems. You won’t know where to place your ideas and end up with disorganized and cluttered papers. Consequently, nothing inspires or interests you to keep writing, and you give up midway.

Additionally, approaching an essay assignment without a proper outline makes you rush the process. Most students lacking diligence usually approach their papers this way. They think taking shortcuts saves them time. However, they only discover that the time they waste on a stagnated paper is more than they would have spent planning and outlining.

Get to the Root

Now you know why you are having a hard time writing an essay. This section shifts our focus to specific causes behind cries like, “I don’t want to write this paper,” and similar ones. We get to the root of the problem because the exact causes vary among individuals.

Eventually, you will learn how to focus on writing an essay and how to finish an essay when discouragement strikes. You will be better positioned to slay the traditional giant many students face—procrastination.

  • You’ve been studying for a long time

You can encounter procrastination or stagnation if you have been studying for a long time, and likely, you feel tired, bored, and sleepy. Taking a break to relax your brain or a nap will help you start or move on.

  • You can’t generate great ideas

Lack of enough ideas to write about your chosen or assigned topic is another giant to slay. When it attacks, read more materials to get the relevant information to defend your thesis.

  • Linear writing

Most likely, you’ll face procrastination or stagnation if you are a linear person. Don’t limit yourself to writing from the introduction down to the conclusion. Sometimes, you should just write what you can and connect the dots later as long as you outline your work well.

  • You can’t concentrate

Lost or limited concentration is another reason you might face difficulties starting or finishing your essay on time. When distractions arise, remove them by switching off your TV or phone and finding a serene environment alone.

  • A personal issue

Personal issues can also interfere with your ability to begin or finish college papers. If you have personal struggles with relationships or friends, brush them off your mind when writing essays. Tune your mind to focus on your papers and deal with all other issues later.

  • External pressure

You may face procrastination or stagnation due to external pressure from colleagues, instructors, and parents. Don’t allow yourself to compose your papers under external pressure. Instead, discipline yourself to do your work without external supervision to enjoy doing it.

Don’t Let Perfection Stand in Your Way

Terms like “A+” or “excellent essays” are motivating. However, translating them into actual essays can intimidate some students and make them impose unrealistic perfectionist expectations on themselves. They forget that perfection is a process requiring time and practice. This approach seeks a perfect end without undergoing the process breeds discouragement.

For instance, a student can use unsatisfactory essay results as a harsh judgment. They end up really struggling to write an essay because they fear they might not hit the mark. Consequently, they say, “I can’t get myself to write my essay.”

We recommend avoiding this approach if you want to perfect your writing skills. Focus on the process Instead of fearing or beating yourself because you might not achieve perfection. You should pat yourself on the back and ask for necessary assistance. For instance, consult your instructors or classmates by telling them, “Please give me some insights on “how to make my essay better.”

Mental Strategies to Get You Moving

Are you stuck with your essay and saying, “I can’t finish my essay on time?” Is your head blank to such a level that you feel “I don’t want to write my paper?” Don’t worry if these questions describe your reality. This section shares practical insights on how to motivate yourself to write an essay from start to finish. It details calming down and placing your pre-frontal cortex in charge of a renewed surge.

  • Get moving

Walking around increases your feel-good endorphins, eases anxiety, and helps you mentally. This step is beneficial because it temporarily distances you from a stressful scene.

  • Try deep breathing exercises

You may also try breathing exercises. These workouts are for slowing your heartbeat, lowering blood pressure, increasing oxygenation, and helping you relax.

  • Meditate

Meditation is a great way of practicing purposeful attention to your body sensations, surroundings, and thoughts. It’s an excellent way of maximizing the present moment and calming your mind.

Get External Help

We know you can do all the above and still remain stuck on essay assignments. Maybe, you bumped into an emergency that can’t allow you to apply any or some of the strategies we shared. Now, what is the best way out of such a dilemma?

No worries if you feel you need external help. You can contact a reputable writing agency and say, “I have run into a disruptive emergency; please finish my essay for me.” If you haven’t started and are sure attempting to do so would land you poor grades, don’t shy from asking for assistance. Just state your case openly and say, “I need help writing an essay because rushing through it won’t benefit me.”

Only ensure that the agency you wish to help you does quality work. The writing company must also offer affordable writing services to move you forward.

Closing Remarks

Students often face challenges with their writing assignments at different levels. Some have difficulties starting due to writer’s block. Others begin their essays and stop on the way for various reasons. Fortunately, you can overcome all these obstacles whenever they arise. Therefore, we wrote this guide on how to write an essay when you don’t want to do it.

Please apply them when these difficulties come knocking on your door. If you feel you can’t start or continue on your own, our doors are open to assist you. Contact one of our writers and say, “Please help me write my paper.”

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